Ruby Rose Turner

Ruby Rose Turner, who was born on October 16, 2005, started her career by dancing competitively and soon entered the world of acting and social media influencing, instantly appealing to millions of adoring young pre-teen and teen fans. She found huge success on the reality T.V. competition “Dancing With the Stars” as a guest performer and in the Disney Channel T.V. show “Coop and Cami Ask the World” as the female lead character. Celebrate this teen sensation’s birthday here with us!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Ruby Rose Turner



Birth date:

October 16, 2005



Zodiac Sign:



5' 4"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$500 thousand

Ruby's Social Media:


Ruby Rose Turner is an immensely successful Gen Z actress and dancer. With her bubbly personality and extraordinary talent, she appeals to thousands of young fans. Her wholesome personality and public image have made her a favorite of her fans’ parents, too! She is a Libra and that’s no surprise given how perfectly she balances all her performance commitments! Her parents are Bailey and Brynn. She has three siblings: sister Nadia and brothers Alfie and Alec.

Turner began her career as a dancer. At age seven, despite not being able to speak any Spanish, she starred in the Spanish-language Univision network show “Sabado Gigante.” She said that not being able to speak Spanish wasn’t a problem, as dance was the language everyone on the show understood. She competed in and won multiple dance competitions, earning the National Champion title several times. After her appearance on “Sabado Gigante,” she appeared on the reality T.V. show “Dancing With the Stars” to promote the 2014 film adaptation of “Annie.” Three years later, she appeared on the show again in a tribute performance to dance superstar siblings Julianne and Derek Hough. She has collaborated with top choreographers such as Tricia Miranda who has worked with rap superstars like Nicki Minaj and Missy Elliot.

Her appearance on the T.V. show caught the attention of T.V. producers. In 2016, she joined the cast of the sitcom “Black-ish” as an extra. That same year, she began appearing in the massively successful sequel “Fuller House” as Phyllis. In 2018, she began appearing as the co-lead in the popular Disney Channel T.V. series “Coop and Cami Ask the World” alongside actor Dakota Lotus. In 2021, she continued her T.V. career by voicing the character of Sara in the English adaptation of the Netflix anime series “Eden.”

Career timeline

Turner Makes Her Dancing Debut

The child prodigy appears on Univision’s dancing show “Sabado Gigante.”

She Joins Mainstream Dance Television

The dancer appears in an episode of “Dancing With the Stars” to promote the film “Annie.”

She is Cast in a Sitcom

The actress appears as an extra on the ABC show “Black-ish.”

She Appears in “Fuller House”

Turner joins the cast of the sequel to the original 1980s sitcom as the daughter of comedian Joey Gladston.

She Becomes a Disney Sensation

She stars as Cameron ‘Cami’ Wright in the children’s comedy series “Coop and Cami Ask the World.”

She Goes Sci-Fi With Netflix

Turner lends her voice to the character of Sara (a human) in the English version of the Netflix anime series about a world ruled by robots.

Why We Love Ruby Rose Turner

  1. She loves animals

    She’s obsessed with her pets. She has a dog named Peanut and a cat named Reese’s Pieces.

  2. She’s dedicated to her faith

    She comes from a Christian family. She says she is very invested in her spirituality.

  3. She’s helping other young performers

    She’s teamed up with Disney Channel Voices. This is to give other young singers, dancers, and actors the opportunity to showcase their talents.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Turner’s sister inspired her to dance

    Her sister Nadia is also a dancer and ignited Turner’s passion for dancing.

  2. She loves comics

    The dancer adores comic books and movies, and even attended the premiere of “Ant-Man and the Wasp.”

  3. She dated another Instagram star

    The actress was previously romantically involved with fellow teen influencer Ashton Rowland but has since decided to focus on her career.

  4. She is a social media millionaire

    She has almost two million followers on Instagram and over four million on TikTok.

  5. She loves pineapple on pizza

    Turner has taken a hard stance on the controversial food in favor of it.

Ruby Rose Turner FAQs

Are Nadia and Ruby Rose twins?

No, her sister Nadia is one year older than she.

What does Ruby Rose like?

She loves the color pink, singer Meghan Trainor, and the Disney Channel show “Hannah Montana.”

Is Ruby Rose in “Zombies 2?”

No, but she attended its premiere in 2020.

Ruby Rose Turner’s birthday dates

2024October 16Wednesday
2025October 16Thursday
2026October 16Friday
2027October 16Saturday
2028October 16Monday

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