Racha Taki

Racha Taki is a Lebanese actress who was born in Beirut, Lebanon, on October 18, 1985. She is the daughter of veteran Syrian actress Sabah Al Jazairi, and the niece of famous comedian Samia Al Jazairi. Taki is a well-known figure among Middle Eastern celebrities, both due to her family background and her role in one of the most popular T.V. series in the Arab world, “Bab Al Hara,” also known as “The Neighborhood’s Gate.” She starred in the series from 2006 to 2009. We invite you to celebrate her special day together with us.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Rasha Rabah Al Taqi


Racha Taki

Birth date:

October 18, 1985



Zodiac Sign:


Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$800 thousand

Rasha's Social Media:


Racha Rabah Al Taqi was born on October 18, 1985, in Beirut, Lebanon. Her mother is the veteran Syrian actress, Sabah Al Jazairi, who married her father, Rabah Al-Taqi. She has two siblings, Taraf and Karam. Her family is well-known as a family of celebrities, with her aunt being the famous comedian, Amia Al Jazairi.

Taki’s debut on the big screen began in 2004 when she starred in a local T.V. series. From 2005 to 2007, she has taken part in at least eight other Middle Eastern T.V. series. Her most notable role to this day was as the wife of Issam in one of the most popular dramas in the Arab world, “Bab Al Hara” or “The Neighborhood’s Gate.” The series depicted a neighborhood’s day-to-day activities during French colonialism in Damascus, Syria, in the 1930s when the locals yearned for independence.

In 2009, the actress married Amer Al Majzoub, a successful Emirati real estate and property advisor from Dubai. The couple was blessed with two children, with their youngest born in 2012. Although there has been no new record of Taki’s recent works after her marriage, she remained active on Instagram where she frequently shares photos of her daily life with friends and family.

Career timeline

Her Debut

Taki makes her debut in a T.V. series.

A Rising Career

She stars in two more Middle Eastern T.V. series.

Issam’s Wife

She lands a role in “Bab Al Hara” as the wife of Issam, her most well-known role to this day.

A New Life Together

Taki marries Amer Al Majzoub.

Why We Love Racha Taki

  1. She is beautiful and talented

    Having a talent for acting and being good-looking runs in the family. Since childhood, Taki has been surrounded by her actress mother and aunt, and she picked up and practiced the skill as she got older.

  2. She is a good singer

    Acting is not her only talent. She also participated in the popular singing competition show, “The Voice” in Syria.

  3. She is a loving mother and wife

    She shares a close bond with her family. She celebrates every single day she spends with her husband and children. She often shares her joy with her followers on social media.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She is Cinderella’s daughter

    Her mother, Sabah Jazairi, is dubbed “The Cinderella of the Syrian Screen.”

  2. She speaks two languages

    She is known to speak fluent Arabic and English.

  3. “Bab Al Hara” is a long-running show

    “Bab Al Hara” ran for 342 episodes and spanned 12 seasons.

  4. Her heritage

    She has Syrian blood from her mother and Lebanese ancestry from her father.

  5. Her mother becomes her mother-in-law

    In “Bab Al Hara,” her mother plays the role of her mother-in-law.

Racha Taki FAQs

How does Racha Taki make money?

Her primary source of income comes from her profession as a T.V. actress.

Who are Racha Taki’s children?

According to the posts she shares on Instagram, her children are named Hamoudi and Jude.

Is Racha Taki popular on the internet?

The actress has over 287,000 followers on Instagram.

Racha Taki’s birthday dates

2024October 18Friday
2025October 18Saturday
2026October 18Sunday
2027October 18Monday
2028October 18Wednesday

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