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Canadian Environment Week – June 2-8, 2025

During Canadian Environment Week, observed from June 2 to June 8 this year, our eco-system is taking the front seat. This week celebrates Canada’s environmental achievements, as well as placing the spotlight on our natural and precious resources, possible issues, preservation, and conservation techniques. It was established by the Canadian Commons.

History of Canadian Environment Week

This week Canada is placing its focus on one of the most important issues we are dealing with in humankind — the issue of climate change, conservation, and preservation. It is Canadian Environment Week, and although this holiday is particular to Canadians, it is encouraged worldwide.

Environmental movements such as conservation and environmental politics have been a priority ever since the Romantic Era. These movements are all about addressing environmental issues and encouraging sustainability practices. We are encouraged to protect the environment and our ecosystem through small individual habitual changes and public policies and enforcements.

Early awareness of issues concerning the environment began in the early 19th century in response to smoke pollution during the Industrial Revolution. Britain’s Alkali Act was passed, becoming the first large-scale, modern environmental law, and it regulated the air pollution caused by the production of soda ash.

Conservation practices as we now know them began in India at the Madras Board of Revenue, headed by botanist Alexander Gibson. He headed the management of state forests by adopting forest conservation programs. This ultimately led to establishing the first permanent and large-scale forest conservation program in the world which was soon adopted by other colonies and the United States.

Environmental protection societies began to appear in the late 19th century, most of which were concerned with air pollution. By the 20th century efforts to save wildlife became common, as well as causes against the destruction of forests and other natural resources.

Canadian Environment Week was created in 1971 by the Canadian Commons to make Canadians aware and concerned about climate and pollution issues facing the environment. It is intentionally observed on the week of June 5, coinciding with Clean Air Day on June 2 and World Environment Day on June 5.

Canadian Environment Week timeline

The Environment Matters

Conservation movements and the formation of environmental protection societies begin.

Canada Sets An Example

The Canadian Commons establish Canadian Environment Week.

The World Catches On

World Environment Day is established by the United Nations.

The Observances Sync

Canadian Environment Week is moved to the same week as World Environment Day.

Canadian Environment Week FAQs

Is there an American Environment Week?

There is no specific week dedicated to environmental issues in America. However, we celebrate World Environment Day along with the rest of the world, as well as several other days in the year dedicated to various environmental causes.

What is the theme for World Environment Day 2022?

The theme for this year’s World Environment Day is Only One Earth, which highlights the need for sustainable harmony to create transformative changes towards cleaner, greener lifestyles.

Who is hosting this year’s World Environment Day?

World Environment Day is officially organized by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) but is hosted by different countries each year. In 2022, the government of Sweden will host the World Environment Day program in partnership with UNEP.

How to Observe Canadian Environment Week

  1. Practice sustainability

    Seemingly small actions like switching the lights off and turning the volume down contribute to an overall healthier ecosystem. This week, in particular, remind yourself to take small, actionable steps towards a better environment and hold yourself accountable. You can research simple conservation techniques that go a long way to cleaning out the ecosystem and practice them.

  2. Attend an event

    Within this week and all through the year, like-minded organizations hold events to discuss environmental issues and possible solutions. Learn more about renewable energy and the role you play by choosing an event you would like to go for. Remember, this week also marks the celebration of World Environment Day, so there is no limit on the amount of knowledge that could be gained all through the week.

  3. Celebrate the environment

    The environment is getting all the spotlight this week, and the least we could do is appreciate the wonderful works of nature around us. Celebrate the environment by taking a nature hike, visiting a conservation park or botanical garden, or even joining an organization dedicated to the cause. Whatever brings you a step closer to nature is what you should prioritize throughout this week.

5 Interesting Facts About The Environment

  1. We don’t have many forests left

    Less than 4% of American forests are remaining, with 100 acres of rainforests being cut down every minute.

  2. Alluminum goes a long way

    Aluminum can be recycled forever, and recycling one can save enough energy to run a T.V. for three hours.

  3. Plastic hurts animals

    About one million sea animals are killed every year due to plastic garbage.

  4. Americans take the lead

    Americans are the world's most trash-producing nation, contributing 30% of the world’s waste.

  5. There is a floating patch of garbage

    The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a giant vortex containing 100 million tons of garbage, stretching from the West Coast of North America to Japan along the Pacific Ocean.

Why Canadian Environment Week is Important

  1. It’s about the environment

    Any opportunity to talk about the environment is one we accept willingly and discuss openly. This week is all about creating a balanced, healthy environment for all of humankind, and is a cause we love to encourage.

  2. It encourages intentional living

    This week probes us all to be a little more intentional with our daily activities, by reminding us that they all contribute to our overall ecosystem. This encourages us to be more cautious about even the smallest decisions we make every day.

  3. It raises awareness

    Canadian Environment Week raises awareness of the public on matters concerning our environment and ecosystem. It unifies us all to a single cause and promotes our actions towards a more sustainable earth.

Canadian Environment Week dates

2022May 30Monday
2023June 5Monday
2024June 3Monday
2025June 2Monday
2026June 1Monday

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