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ThuDec 26

National Whiners Day – December 26, 2024

Whiners have whined their way into getting their own holiday on National Whiner’s Day, December 26. We all know someone whose incessant whining puts Moaning Myrtle’s to shame. But on this day, everyone is encouraged to complain about anything that is bothering them, which is understandable, as Christmas can be quite hectic and mentally exhausting. But while you are allowed to grumble about that Christmas gift you didn’t receive or negative remarks from an annoying relative, it’s more important to focus on being grateful for all that you have and to appreciate the good things in life. 

History of National Whiners Day

Too tired? Overate too much? Dreading going back to work? Return aisle queues too long? Oh, we can whine on and on. It’s so easy to get caught up in complaining about everything that goes wrong or things we don’t get. And while we are at full liberty to do that, instead of focusing on the negatives and have-nots, National Whiner’s Day encourages chronic complainers to look on the bright side of things. 

This is exactly what Rev. Kevin Zaborney hoped for when he created National Whiner’s Day in 1986. Designated on December 26, he wanted folks to be grateful for what they have instead of being unhappy about what they don’t have. We get it, everybody wants to blow some steam after Christmas is over, but marking the end of the most wonderful time of the year with constant whining is the opposite of everything the season stands for. 

Zaborney started this day after observing many people whine non-stop the day after Christmas. He also founded National Hugging Day, as there were more problems and whining going around and fewer comforting bear hugs! 

Less fortunate people than us will gratefully accept things or circumstances that we whine about. Overeaten? Some are struggling to put food on the table. Relatives overstaying? Some yearn for a family. Didn’t get a gift of your choice? Some didn’t get any presents at all. You may whine today, but count your blessings and be thankful as well. 

The ‘Most Famous Whiner’ is also announced each year. Nominations are accepted until December 15. The Most Famous Whiner of 2010 was Lindsey Lohan and the title was passed to Donald Trump in 2015.

National Whiners Day timeline

Holiday Creation

Kevin Zaborney starts the National Whiner’s Day celebration.

And The Award Goes To...

Lindsay Lohan is announced as the Most Famous Whiner of the year.

Yeezy Wheezy

Kanye West is crowned Most Famous Whiner of the year.

Make America Whine Again

Donald Trump wins the Most Famous Whiner of the year title.

Chocolate Crisis

Toblerone is declared Most Famous Whiner of the year.

National Whiners Day FAQs

What's another word for ‘whining’?

Synonyms for ‘whining’ are ‘complaining’, ‘fussing’, ‘griping’, ‘grumbling’, and ‘squawking’.


Why is whining so annoying?

Studies show that whining triggers stress responses in those in close proximity to whiners. 


Is whining a learned behavior?

There have been studies proving that whining is not a conscious strategy but instead a learned behavior by children, who often learn it from parents or as a means of getting attention when parents do not respond.

National Whiners Day Activities

  1. Whine about whining

    Whine about the dishes, leftover fruitcake, the pile of work awaiting you when your work resumes, and then about how you are whining about how hard your life is.

  2. Watch whiners at it

    Head over to the mall or any department store and you’ll be sure to witness a whiner get-together — complaining about receipts, products, and how husbands always get the wrong gift.

  3. Be thankful!

    Done with your whining? Great! Now be grateful, chop-chop!

5 Facts About Whining

  1. A form of expression

    People sometimes whine in order to feel a connection with those around them.

  2. It is actually relaxing

    Whining is a form of releasing stress and quite comforting actually.

  3. Chronic whining

    Whining can become a long-term habit as, for some people, it can be a means of coping or getting their way.

  4. No shirt, no shoes, no whiners

    Many offices have a ‘No Whine’ policy.

  5. Accompanying emotions

    Whining brings with it feelings of sadness and anger in certain situations.

Why We Love National Whiners Day

  1. Changing an attitude of entitlement to one of gratitude.

    The idea behind this holiday is brilliant! A day to let out all your whining and then changing your attitude to focus on being grateful.

  2. Learning to tackle problems

    It is healthy to vent, but having something positive to focus on balances things out. Otherwise, you are simply whining for the sake of whining.

  3. The grass is greener on your side

    The whole point of the day is to be thankful for all that you have instead of what you don’t. Such positive reinforcement spreads good vibes at the end of the day.

National Whiners Day dates

2024December 26Thursday
2025December 26Friday
2026December 26Saturday
2027December 26Sunday
2028December 26Tuesday

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