Boxing Day – December 26, 2019

Thu Dec 26

Did you know that boxing day originating in the UK? In the UK, Boxing Day is known as a shopping holiday, much like Black Friday in the United States.

Boxing Day Activities

  1. Donate time

    If you chose the organization you love an volunteer time there. Donate blood to the local blood bank. Make a donation online to your favorite charity or organization, the spirit of giving doesn’t have to be only in the material realm.

  2. Go out on a hike or go play sports

    Get out and enjoy nature, while all your compatriots are shopping away get some fresh air, enjoy time with your sports teammates or friends. So grab your baseball gloves, your skateboards, your hiking boots and those footballs and basketballs and get outside!

  3. Throw a Boxing Day party!

    Invite your friends and throw a party after Christmas! Don’t let the spirit die the next day. Make it either a purchased gift holiday or a re-gifting party for all those weird pairs of socks that Grandma gave you…

Why We Love Boxing Day

  1. Boxing Day is another great excuse to give gifts to people

    Everyone loves a gift. Show your family and friends how much you care about them and that it's not just limited to Christmas!

  2. Boxing day is an international day

    Boxing Day is observed only in the United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and some other Commonwealth nations. So join in our fellow nations and party it up this Boxing Day.

  3. Boxing day has a charity based bend

    For boxing day in the UK Wrenboys dress up and visit houses collecting money for charities and organizations. What other holidays have such a caring and outward facing bend. So for this Boxing day donate to your favorite one!

Boxing Day dates
2019December 26Thursday
2020December 26Saturday
2021December 26Sunday
2022December 26Monday
2023December 26Tuesday