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WedApr 16

National Reveal the Genius Within Day – April 16, 2025

National Reveal the Genius Within Day is celebrated on April 16 every year, in honor of Shokare Nakpodia. Nakpodia is the Creative Director of The MightyGroup and founder of DreamWeek. The day is celebrated on his birthday throughout the country, particularly in the city of San Antonio, Texas, home of DreamWeek. This day celebrates Nakpodia’s call for people to connect and share their ideas on issues that affect everyone. His determination to ensure that everyone was able to share their ideas and reveal their genius led to DreamWeek — a 12-day summit where people come together to discuss issues that concern humanity.

History of National Reveal the Genius Within Day

National Reveal the Genius Within Day is celebrated every year across the country. This day is celebrated in honor and appreciation of Shokare Nakpodia, the founder of DreamWeek, which is the biggest summit in San Antonio. DreamWeek is a summit that aims to bring people of all backgrounds together to share their ideas, and solutions, and express their opinions on the problems faced by humanity today.

The summit is 12 days long and comprises multiple events. Each of the events is designed to encourage people to participate in a free exchange of ideas. Real-world issues are discussed and people from all walks of life are encouraged to present their thoughts civilly. The events are of different kinds, from debates to symposiums and film screenings. The common thread in all the events is that they are intended to inspire civic discussions. DreamWeek aims to encourage people to communicate with each other on matters that are important to themselves and their communities. It addresses difficult issues by having conversations about them in a safe space.

In honor of Nakpodia’s call to communicate, National Reveal the Genius Within Day challenges people to reach out and communicate with their communities as well as people they do not know or have a conflict with. The day is an opportunity to meet new people and start conversations about important issues. This reveals their genius and the genius in other people through active communication.

National Reveal the Genius Within Day timeline

DreamWeek L.L.C. is Established by Shokare Nakpodia

Nakpodia conceives the idea of a summit for a free exchange of ideas and collective discussion in San Antonio.

The First DreamWeek Summit is Presented

The first DreamWeek summit takes two years to put together and presents 35 different events with 12 partner organizations.

Nakpodia Named Among People Making S.A. Great

In an article exploring the people whose work has transformed San Antonio, Nakpodia is named as a person who is making San Antonio great.

National Reveal the Genius Within Day

Lillian Guindy, a publisher, and editor at “Dahab Magazine” starts the National Reveal the Genius Within Day to appreciate Nakpodia’s work with DreamWeek.

National Reveal the Genius Within Day FAQs

Is DreamWeek inspired by Martin Luther King?

DreamWeek is inspired by M.L.K.’s vision and aims to carry this forward by discussing issues that M.L.K. spoke about.

When is DreamWeek?

DreamWeek is hosted every January in San Antonio.

Can you donate to DreamWeek?

You can make a donation or volunteer at the events at DreamWeek.

National Reveal the Genius Within Day Activities

  1. Discover your community

    An important part of National Reveal the Genius Within Day is to reach out to people in your community. Go exploring and talk to someone in your community.

  2. Make new connections

    DreamWeek and National Reveal the Genius Within Day are about making connections. Have conversations with people and build new relationships on this day.

  3. Share your experiences on social media

    Take photos of all the ways you have made new connections by reaching out to people and sharing this on social media. This way you can get more people talking on this day.

5 Facts About Shokare Nakpodia That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Not a native of San Antonio

    Nakpodia is not from Texas, or the U.S. — he was born in Lagos, Nigeria.

  2. He believes in the power of language

    He believes that words and the meanings we associate with them have a lot of power in resolving conflicts.

  3. He was a cab driver

    Nakpodia worked as a cab driver while working on his writing, but eventually ended up in media and design.

  4. He believes in peoples’ genius

    Nakpodia is of the firm belief that every person has a unique perspective and a lot to offer, and communication can reveal this genius.

  5. He studied the origin of words

    His interest in language led Nakpodia to study the origin of words in several languages, including Hebrew.

Why We Love National Reveal the Genius Within Day

  1. We love connecting with new people

    We think that reaching out and connecting with new people takes us to unexpected places. We love the idea of reaching out to someone new.

  2. We appreciate Shokare Nakpodia

    We think that Nakpodia is a visionary. We want to show our appreciation for his work by continuing it on his birthday.

  3. We want to foster conversation

    We want to create spaces for people to talk about difficult topics. We think that conversation is the best way to address issues that affect everyone.

National Reveal the Genius Within Day dates

2025April 16Wednesday
2026April 16Thursday
2027April 16Friday
2028April 16Sunday
2029April 16Monday

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