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Foursquare Day – April 16, 2025

Foursquare Day is observed on April 16 and is the birth anniversary of the popular geolocation app, Foursquare. This is perhaps one of the most unique holidays you have ever come across. The idea behind creating this holiday is also one of a kind. Four square (4×4) is 16, meaning 4/16 or April 16. And that is how this day was born. Today, this day is observed in over 100 cities worldwide with much enthusiasm. We are excited to celebrate this app that makes it easier for us to share our location and also pick up on our friend’s location.

History of Foursquare Day

Foursquare Day, widely known as “4sqDay,” has its origins in Tampa, Florida. Nathan Bonilla-Warford thought up the name of this day. An optometrist by profession, Warford is also a lover of days and numbers. He came up with the idea of a holiday on April 16 (4×4 = 16) on “Get Satisfaction,” an online community platform. Later, he mentioned it in detail in one of his blogs. But wait! He did not stop there. On March 22, 2009, he discussed his thoughts on Foursquare Day with leading project manager, Jessica Barnett, who helped him promote his idea. On March 26, Foursquare made an official announcement regarding the celebration of this day on Twitter.

In honor of this holiday, a group of Foursquare users from Tampa joined Warford in organizing an event to spread the word and make the holiday popular. On the first holiday, the app witnessed 550,000 check-ins and 20,000 sign-ups from new users. Today, this holiday is observed in several places in different ways. Besides regular check-ins, interested people also host parties and lectures.

For some time, the team of Foursquare Day kept track of all celebrations through a map with icons. However, the popularity of the holiday grew by leaps and bounds and the team could not keep up and removed the icons. Foursquare provides swag packs for various events, including goodies like stickers, buttons, shirts, etc. to encourage people and endorse their business. The team does not interfere in the planning of these events. They allow the community members freedom to curate events and parties as per their preference and convenience.

Foursquare Day timeline

The Foursquare app is Launched

The app launches as an exploration platform focused on local businesses.

The Holiday is Officiated

A social media fan, Nathan Bonilla-Warford floats the idea of the holiday in Foursquare’s online forum.

A Significant Milestone

Foursquare divides its platform into two segments — social network and discovery & review platform.

Top Rating

Foursquare City Guide is rated the best app for travel trips.

Foursquare Day FAQs

How does Foursquare work?

Foursquare is a local search and discovery app that helps your friends know where you are and vice-versa. It also lets you gather information on local trends, events, and businesses. You can use the platform to endorse your business too!

Is Foursquare still popular?

Definitely; its user base is 50+ million strong! The app now has two divisions: Foursquare, which recommends places for check-in, and Swarm, a location-based city guide and life-logging app

Do I have to pay to use Foursquare?

Like most other social networking sites, Foursquare is free to use.

Foursquare Day Activities

  1. Install the app

    If you are not among the 50+ million users of Foursquare, maybe it is time you give it a try. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

  2. Attend a Foursquare event or party

    Several events and parties are organized to celebrate Foursquare Day. You might bump into new and exciting people if you attend one.

  3. Spread the hashtag

    You can use social media to tell people about the app. Uploading social media posts with ‘#4sqDay’ has been a long-standing trend.

5 Interesting Facts About Foursquare Day

  1. There was a website with that name

    Did you know that there is a website called “”?

  2. It’s more like a game

    Unlike other social networking sites, Foursquare is gamified, and its users must compete to connect and view each other’s whereabouts.

  3. It is more popular among the guys

    Studies show that the app is more popular among its male audience.

  4. It’s loved by developers

    Over 125,000 developers around the globe leverage Foursquare’s location-based information.

  5. It has some fun rewards

    As amusing as it sounds, Foursquare rewards users with the most check-ins in 30 days with a Mayor badge and title.

Why We Love Foursquare Day

  1. It expands your network

    It is an excellent opportunity to meet and connect with people who use and love Foursquare. It is also a way of making new friends!

  2. It promotes accessibility

    The app’s location platform makes our data visible to leading brands, helping them engage with and measure consumers. This allows for more personalized advertisements on your social media apps.

  3. It’s a useful source of information

    Foursquare has various sources of information. This allows the app to act as a useful business guide for users.

Foursquare Day dates

2025April 16Wednesday
2026April 16Thursday
2027April 16Friday
2028April 16Sunday
2029April 16Monday

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