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WedApr 16

WORLD VOICE DAY – April 16, 2025

World Voice Day, which takes place on April 16, is devoted to celebrating the phenomenon of the human voice and raising awareness on issues affecting the health of the voice. The holiday aims to demonstrate how vital the human voice is in people’s daily interactions. The voice is critical to effective and healthy human communication. World Voice Day helps bring global awareness to the need to prevent voice problems, rehabilitate troubled voices, train artistic voices, and research the function and application of the human voice. One main goal of World Voice Day is to encourage all owners and users of voices to learn how to take care of their voices, as well as how to seek help where necessary, and to support research on the voice.


The human voice has existed for as long as humans ourselves have been in existence. A comprehensive history of the origins and use of the human voice for millennia of human history may prove arduous, if not outright possible. However, the biological construct theories of the human voice are a good explanation of how the voice works, and for this discussion, we think that would be more than enough.

The human voice consists of sounds produced by a human being through the vocal tract. Some of the action resulting from this includes talking, singing, laughing, crying, screaming, shouting, and humming, among other things. The voice frequency of human beings plays a specifically important role in the production of suns, in which specific vocal folds or cords make up the primary source of the sound. Other mechanisms of human sound production from the same body region usually involve the production of “unvoiced consonants,” clicks, whistling, and whispering.

The mechanism for generating or producing a sound frequency from the human voice is divided into the lungs, the voice box (vocal folds within the larynx), and the articulators. For the sound production equation to work, the lungs must produce enough airflow and pressure to create vibrations in the vocal folds through its pump action. The vocal folds then work with this air pressure from the lungs to develop audible pulses that make up the larynx’s sound source. The laryngeal muscles adjust the length and the tension of the vocal folds to determine specific pitch and tone. The articulators are the parts of the vocal tract above the larynx, which comprise the tongue, palate, cheek, and lips. They filter the sound produced from the larynx and, to certain extents, can strengthen or weaken laryngeal airflow as a sound source by interacting with it.


First Ever Known Opera

The first known opera, Jacopo Peri’s “Dafne,” is performed.

Doug E. Fresh is Born

Bajan-American hip-hop artiste and beatboxing pioneer Doug E Fresh is born.

“The Voice” is Launched

The reality T.V. music show “The Voice,” airs for the first time in April.

Longest Vocal Pitch Ever

In 2016, Turkish singer Alpaslan Durmus set the world record for the longest vocal pitch by holding a note for one minute and 52 seconds.


What is World Voice Day?

World Voice Day, observed on April 16 every year, is an international holiday devoted to celebrating the human voice.

Do birds have voices?

Yes. Birds have two voice boxes called syrinxes so that some birds can make more than one sound at a time.

How does the voice make sounds?

For the sound production equation to work, the lungs must produce enough airflow and pressure to create vibrations in the vocal folds through its pump action. The vocal folds then work with this air pressure from the lungs to create audible pulses that make up the larynx’s sound source.

How to Observe WORLD VOICE DAY

  1. Lend your voice to a voiceover

    For World Voice Day, you could lend your voice to a voiceover. If you’ve ever been told that you have a fantastic voice, here’s your chance to cash in on it.

  2. Record yourself singing

    You can record a video of yourself singing, whether or not you really can. Upload it online just for fun.

  3. Attend an opera

    Here’s an opportunity to attend an opera, which is usually a high-society activity, but there you get to see the human voice being used at its best. It’s also an opportunity to dress up!

5 Interesting Facts About The Human Voice

  1. Vocal cords are full of mucous membrane

    The human vocal cords are composed of two infolds of the mucous membrane.

  2. Voice breaks result from the larynx thickening

    When a boy’s voice breaks or deepens, it results from the larynx thickening.

  3. Tim Storms has an incredibly low voice

    Singer Tim Storms is said to have such a low voice that he can sing the lowest possible notes that are audible only to elephants.

  4. First record of the longest sustained note

    The first time anyone set a record for the longest sustained vocal note was in 2009.

  5. Male human voice can cover 600 feet

    The male human voice is said to be capable of a vocal range of 600 feet when out in the open air.

Why WORLD VOICE DAY is Important

  1. Our voices help us communicate better

    Having a voice is one of the easiest ways to communicate. We can do this through speaking, shouting, crying, etc.

  2. Our voices help create music

    Our voices significantly contribute to music even though there are musical instruments. Voices enhance melodies.

  3. Our voices express our personality

    Our personalities are best portrayed through our voices. How do you express yourself?


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