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WedMar 26

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day – March 26, 2025

There are many holidays throughout the year, but one of the holidays that gets us most excited at National Today is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, which is celebrated on March 26. Whether you wish to celebrate something profound like Use Only Recycled Paper Day or you want to give in to your randomness by paying homage to Eat Purple Food Day, the possibilities are endless. This day is literally what it stands for — making up a personalized holiday that is close to your heart. Today, it has become easier to establish your own holiday by submitting a suggestion but, in the days of yore, the task required much more stamina. Did you know it took almost a century for Thanksgiving to be declared as a national holiday? Sarah Hale, who started the process, sent numerous letters to get a National Thanks day back in the 1800s, but her efforts did not come to fruition until 1941.

If you’re wanting to make your own holiday, read our guide on how to do it. 

History of Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

We hope you are planning your version of Make Up Your Own Holiday Day filled with amusement and excitement. After all, our tiring day-to-day lives, which require us to stay in a constant hustle and bustle, need that extra spice to liven things up. This was the idea that the owners of Wellcat Holidays, Thomas and Ruth Roy, had when they created this holiday. 

The Roys are credited with creating about 80 holidays, some of which range from Answer Your Cat’s Question Day (January 22) to More Herbs, Less Salt Day (August 29) — the days come in all shades of eccentric! Having created so many special days, the Roys decided that it would be more fun to let the public decide what they want to celebrate, especially given how different everyone’s likes and dislikes can be. Thus, Make Up Your Own Holiday Day was born on March 26. 

The Roys’ holidays have been documented and recognized by the Chase’s Calendar of Events. First published back in 1958 by the Chase brothers, Bill and Harrison Chase, the calendar provides a comprehensive list of official and unofficial holidays, including Easter and the National Nothing Day (January 16). Moreover, you will also be able to find presidential proclamations and anniversaries in the calendar. 

Unlike cultural, religious, ethnic, or historical holidays that are recognized by governments around the world, Make Up Your Own Holiday Day is an unofficial day. This means that businesses will remain open. But these hurdles shouldn’t deter you from celebrating the day. All you need is an idea of what you want to celebrate and gather family and friends to throw a party (or just throw a party for yourself!). A cause for celebration was the main point that the Roys were trying to impart through Make Up Your Own Holiday Day.

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day timeline

Special Days Meant Economic Boosts

Special days are created by card companies, like Hallmark, to give a boost to their trade.

Early 2000s
First Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

While there is no set recorded year for when the first Make Up Your Own Holiday Day was created, people start celebrating it in the early 2000s.

Changing Publications for Chase’s Calendar

Chase’s Calendar of Events changes publication houses, with the latest ones being McGraw-Hill and Bernan Press.

March, 2021
International Ideas Month for Change

Like Make Up Your Own Holiday Day in March celebrates the idea of celebrating all possibilities of life, it is also the month where important cultural changes and legislations are celebrated.

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day FAQs

Why is a ‘holiday’ called a ‘holiday’? 

The word, holiday, comes from Old English where it was spelled as ‘haligdæg’. The ‘halig’ refers to ‘holy’ while ‘dæg’ meant ‘day’. It was used to refer to religious holy days where laborers and official institutions were given a day off to commemorate an important day. This tradition continues even today with official religious holidays like Christmas, Diwali, or Eid. 


Apart from April Fools, what is another example of a made-up holiday that is widely celebrated?

In 1966, Kwanzaa was invented by Maulana Karenga. A week-long celebration from December 26 to January 1, Kwanzaa’s main aim is to bring the African-American culture to light and celebrate it. Kwanzaa isn’t registered with Congress, and people simply come together to commemorate it on their own terms. 


What are some ways to officiate a holiday? 

To make your holiday official, you can visit the local governmental authorities with the details of your research and so forth. Once a bill is passed in the parliament approving the holiday, you can get on with the celebrations. Another way would be important figures deeming a day a special one, for example, the president can declare a holiday if the circumstances call for it.

How To Celebrate Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

  1. Make a list of what’s important in your life

    We are all a set of complicated humans, each different from one another. Our individualities are, therefore, part of our identities. By listing and honoring our eccentricities, we will come to appreciate ourselves more and, by extension, appreciate our lives more.

  2. Join others on their special day on March 26

    What better way to celebrate the occasion by joining others in their versions of the day? Connect with others, strengthen the spirit of solidarity, and multiply happiness by being there for others in happy times (or sad ones).

  3. Submit a suggestion for your holiday at Chase’s Calendar

    Do you wish other people celebrated something that you feel deserves the spotlight? Simply submit the details of your made-up holiday to Chase’s Calendar. You can also submit petitions to your local legislator/authority if you wish to include the whole country in the celebrations.

5 Facts About April Fools That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. April Fools is a made-up unofficial holiday

    Coming only a few days after Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, the first April Fools has very old roots, the earliest date being the 1500s.

  2. April Fools was first considered New Year’s Day

    France used to follow the Julian Calendar before the Gregorian Calendar was officially legislated and, because of this, some people found it difficult to follow the new format, so they still celebrated April 1st as New Year’s Day, often being ridiculed by others for their ‘old’ ways.

  3. Mother Nature celebrates April Fools

    It is believed that, in changing the weather during April, Mother Nature has a joyful time in messing with humans.

  4. April Fools spread in the U.K.

    During the 18th century, the April Fools phenomenon spread to the U.K., with people marking it a two-day affair, during which the unsuspecting were not only sent on silly errands but also pranked by getting “kick me” papers pinned on their backs.

  5. Modern times see a continued pranking tradition

    Did you know that our beloved Google also celebrates the day by hosting several pranks — one of which includes allowing people to play Pac-Man on Google Maps!

Why We Love Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

  1. It’s a celebration of all our individualities

    Every one of us has our fair share of quirks and favorites. There’s unity and individuality in putting up the banners and welcoming March 26. And yes, we do see the irony in this, but who cares when there’s a party to be had?

  2. It’s a celebration. Period.

    During difficult times, all of us look for ways to distract ourselves for a bit and take in a breath of fresh air. Make Up Your Own Holiday Day allows us to make a celebration of even something as simple and silly as a spoon — Drink Everything With A Spoon Day. Trust us, it will help break the dark monotony.

  3. It’s a celebration of the overlooked but important things in life

    Have you ever felt something is an extremely crucial matter, but it doesn’t get the limelight it deserves? Now’s your chance to wave that banner and allow your voice to be heard. March 26 doesn’t just need to be a silly day — it can also very much be a meaningful day for topics you deem important.

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day dates

2025March 26Wednesday
2026March 26Thursday
2027March 26Friday
2028March 26Sunday
2029March 26Monday

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