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WedMar 26

Air Max Day – March 26, 2025

Air Max Day is celebrated on March 26 with a design that made it one of the most iconic sneakers in history. Nike is well-known now, and a lot of its fame is a result of perfect branding. In the Spring of 1972, Nike’s infamous “Swoosh” logo further fortified its brand recognition. The name is an onomatopoeia of the sound when something rapidly passes by you, which makes it the perfect fit for Air Max sneakers which are designed for running.

History of Air Max Day

Blue Ribbon Sports was founded by track-and-field coach at the University of Oregon, Bill Bowerman, and his former student, Phil Knight. Their first retail store opened in 1966 and the Nike brand shoe was launched in 1972. As they expanded, they renamed their company Nike officially in 1978. The growth of the company continued through the decade as it acquired more companies. It wasn’t long until the “Swoosh” brand became synonymous with quality.

As the company grew, so did its styles of sneaks. The Air Max 1 was released on March 26, 1987, and it revitalized the brand just when it was plateauing. It was the first sneaker that featured the Air Max cushioning and had a visible window. It was created by sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield, inspired by art and music of the day, and its design and effectiveness attributed to the shoe’s success.

The original sneaker did well enough to call for a sequel in the form of the Air Max Light, also known as the Air Max II. It was released in 1989 and it was a lightweight version of the original. It still featured a similar aesthetic, yet over time it got overshadowed by flashier silhouettes and designs in the Air Max catalog, like Air Max 95 “Neon” and the Air Max 97 “Silver Bullet”. As it happens, its underratedness made it a prized possession for hardcore sneakerheads.

The popularity of Air Max continued into the 21st century and it was given its own day in 2014 because of its longevity and worldwide appeal. It’s one of Nike’s most successful lines of footwear for over three decades and it’s celebrated with releases of new Air Max sneakers and limited edition styles. It’s a day when fans come together to share their love for the one-of-a-kind shoe.

Air Max Day timeline

To the Max

Air Max Day is celebrated with the release of limited-edition sneakers and new releases.


The popularity of the first sneaker inspires a legacy of Air Max sneakers.

March 26, 1987
A New Track

The first Air Max was released and people loved the visible window design and air technology.

The Birth of Nike

Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight founded Blue Ribbon Sports which would become Nike, Inc. as it expanded.

Air Max Day FAQs

Is there a Nike Day 2020?

Nike Air Max Day occurs annually on March 26, when Nike announces their new Air Max collection.

What is the new Nike Air Max?

This year, Nike announced the release of their new Air Max 2090 collection.

What is the best Nike Air Max?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but some sneaker enthusiasts claim the best of the best is the original Air Max 1.

Air Max Day Activities

  1. Get some new kicks

    Air Max Day is the perfect time to check out the collection of Air Max sneakers. Nike typically releases new styles, offering people the classics as well as limited edition versions to check out. No matter what your style is, there’s sure to be a shoe for you.

  2. Share in the love

    Meet up with other sneaker fans either online or in-store to discuss your love of the Air Max line. Even if you’re not a fanatic, you can learn a lot from someone who is. Sneaker culture is its own world that has strong ties to culture, music, and history. You can also view the submissions from individuals who create their own Air Maxes for the competition “On Air.”

  3. Off to the races

    The design of the Air Max is so striking that it might be easy to forget what the shoe’s purpose is. Grab your favorite Air Max and go out to a racing track and test them out. As you race along, consider how the sneakers affect your performance. Comfortability, breathability, lightness, then compare and contrast with your other shoes and see which ones hold up.

Five Surprising Facts About Air Max Day

  1. Air and space

    An aerospace engineer named Frank Rudy pitched the air-bag innovation to Nike.

  2. Hip-hop culture

    The design was inspired by the shifting art and music that was becoming more street-based in the 1980s.

  3. The art design

    The design was inspired by the art gallery Le Centres George Pompidou which has an inside out design.

  4. Kids rule

    Some of the Air Max Day sneaker releases are kids-only designs.

  5. Blowing hot air

    Nike Air actually uses Nitrogen.

Why We Love Air Max Day

  1. Pop culture meets artistry

    Like any fine piece of art, the Air Max deserves to be respected. A talented team of people came together to create something that went beyond just looking cool. The shoe was inspired by the music scene, relied on science, and broke new ground by basing the idea off of a Parisian art gallery. It’s the Mona Lisa of shoes.

  2. Nostalgia for a bygone era

    The Air Max isn’t just a shoe, it’s a part of history. Without this particular brick, streetwear culture and the music scene would look much different. We might be accustomed to bold looks today, but Nike took a major risk at the time by offering a shoe that was outside of the mainstream. Today, fashion is constantly breaking the rules and writing new ones, and the Air Max was on the front lines.

  3. They never settle

    Once something works, it’s expected to stick to the program, but Nike didn’t believe in that philosophy. They were constantly pushing the envelope with designs like Big Window, Forefoot Air, Full-length Air, and Tuned Air designs to give their customers quality and substance. It’s a reminder that we should never be complacent in anything that we do.

Air Max Day dates

2025March 26Wednesday
2026March 26Thursday
2027March 26Friday
2028March 26Sunday
2029March 26Monday

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