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Ram Navami Day – April 6, 2025

We are celebrating Ram Navami’s birthday on April 6 this year. It is an auspicious day for Hindus all over the world. The day is celebrated annually on the ninth day during the bright phase of the Hindu month of Chaitra. The day marks the birth of Lord Rama, and it is celebrated all over India. Ramayana is the life story of Ram and his beloved wife Sita. It is considered an epic with a message that is relevant for eternity. Join us in the celebrations, and let us explore the mythology behind the day.

History of Ram Navami Day

“Ramayana” is a world-renowned literature work. It is also one of the largest epics and contains 24,000 verses. The historical accuracy of the stories mentioned in the book is still under research. But the book is written between 500 B.C. and 100 B.C. It was originally written by the sage Valmiki in the Sanskrit language. It follows the perspective of Sita, Ram’s beloved wife. The original story does not give any godly attributes to Ram. There are numerous versions of the story which tell the events from a different perspective. Whatever the versions may be the story is immortalized by millions of people who find inspiration from the story.

Rama is a role model for any person who seeks the path of truth, love, and duty. But the versions of the “Ramayana” that followed showcased Ram as an avatar of Vishnu, one of the three deities in Hindu mythology.

We are not given an exact date of birth of Lord Ram. But the astrological signs provide a rough date, and some organizations have calculated based on just that. “Ramayana” is mostly considered a story of Ram winning his wife from the demon king Ravana after being kidnapped. But the full story is a journey through the life of Ram and Sita and about the sacrifices they have to make for their nation and people. The epic tells us about the plight of humans, even the strong ones.

Ram Navami Day timeline

5114 B.C.
Rama is Born

The Institute for Scientific Research on Vedas records the birth as January 10.

5076 B.C.
Hanuman Meets Sita

Their first meeting happens on September 12.

500 B.C. — 100 B.C.
The First “Ramayana”

Valmiki composes the epic poem “Ramayana.”

“Ramayana” to English

Ralph T. H. Griffith translates “Ramayana.”

Ram Navami Day FAQs

Is Ram Navami an auspicious day?

Ram Navami is an auspicious day for Hindus all over the world. Ram Navami Day marks the birth of Sri Ram, the central figure of the epic “Ramayana.” He is considered an incarnation of Vishnu, the supreme Hindu deity.

Is Hanuman still alive?

Hanuman, the monkey warrior and the most loyal devotee of Ram is considered an immortal in Hindu lores and devotees worship him as a symbol of strength, faith, and loyalty. Those who follow Hinduism consider Hanuman as still alive.

Is Rama a God?

Lord Rama is an incarnation of Vishnu, the ultimate Hindu god responsible for the preservation of all existence.

Ram Navami Day Activities

  1. Join in the prayers

    Ram Navami is an auspicious day for Hindus. Join them in the prayers for a prosperous and safe world.

  2. Exchange gifts

    Do you have someone who celebrates Ram Navami? Gift them something special.

  3. Provide to charity

    This is the day a special man was born. Provide to charity in the name of Lord Ram.

5 Lesser Known Facts About Ramayana

  1. Sleepless brother

    Laxman, Ram’s brother, didn’t sleep during the 14 years of exile to guard Rama and Sita.

  2. Stripes on a squirrel

    The white stripes on an Indian squirrel’s body are believed to be given by Lord Rama.

  3. Different versions of Ramayana

    There are numerous versions of “Ramayana” with very different narratives from the original.

  4. The vast epic

    The original “Ramayana” has 24,000 verses.

  5. Change in perspective

    The original “Ramayana” was a Sita-centric story and Ram was never a godly incarnation in it.

Why We Love Ram Navami Day

  1. It’s an auspicious day

    This is an auspicious day and we love auspicious days. We are excited about all the traditional activities that we will be taking part in on this day.

  2. It’s a time for celebration

    The Ram Navami is a time for celebration. We love to join in the prayers and fun activities that follow. The taste of sweets and other delicacies is a bonus.

  3. It’s a day to understand culture and mythology

    Hinduism is a complex way of life where multiple thoughts of philosophy and beliefs come together. We love to understand more about the mythologies, philosophies, and customs of Hinduism.

Ram Navami Day dates

2022April 10Sunday
2023March 30Thursday
2024April 17Wednesday
2025April 6Sunday
2026March 26Thursday

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