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National Landon Day – March 26, 2025

National Landon Day, on March 26, celebrates all the boys named Landon. With its earliest mention in the early 11th century as ‘Langadune,’ the surname Landon is among the oldest in use today. The old English words ‘lang’ (meaning ‘long’) and ‘dn’ (meaning ‘hill’) are the roots of its name. It is now a common first name that has been adopted for males. Known for their caring nature, people named Landon also have an effortlessly cool name with interesting origins to brag about.

History of National Landon Day

The surname Landon is of English origin and was originally used as a place name. It has since become popular as a surname in its own right. Landon is one of the oldest surnames still in use today, having been documented for the first time as ‘Langadune’ in the early 11th century. Its origin can be traced back to the old English terms ‘lang’ (which meant ‘long’) and ‘dn’ (which meant ‘hill’), which together form its derivation. It would have been used to denote a settlement that was located on or near a ‘long hill’ (like a ridge), and the surname would have been given to someone who originally came from such a place but later relocated somewhere else (his hometown would have served as a form of identification).

This is how the names of specific locations became popular for use as surnames. There are three different towns in the English counties of Staffordshire, Worcestershire, and Shropshire that all go by the name of Longdon.

In 1936, Landon had a brief period of considerable popularity. It turns out that the year 1936 was a presidential election year when Alf Landon was the Republican contender who campaigned against Franklin D. Roosevelt but eventually lost the election. As a result, between 1935 and 1937, several Republican newborns were given the name Landon.

National Landon Day timeline

Presidential Election

Landon, a Republican presidential candidate, runs against Roosevelt.


The name resurfaces once more and has stayed on the charts of popular names ever since.

Top 100

The name achieves the feat of being a top 100 name.

Texas Shows Love

Texas shows a love for the name with 805 baby boys being named Landon.

National Landon Day FAQs

Is Landon easy to pronounce?

Landon is not an easy name to pronounce, making it quite difficult for children but it is not a very hard name to pronounce either.

What are the nicknames for Landon?

Landon is not a very easy name to turn into a nickname but you can come up with a unique name for them instead.

Are there any alternative spellings of the name?

An alternative spelling will be Landen.

National Landon Day Activities

  1. Play a word game

    You can play a word game like scrabble and add the name Landon. On scrabble, Landon will get you a score of seven.

  2. Find a Landon

    If you do not know anybody named Landon, today is a good day to find one and befriend them. It could be in your university, college, neighborhood, or even the local grocery store. Landons are really good friends to have.

  3. Treat a Landon

    If you do know a person named Landon, you can treat them to a nice lunch or dinner. You can do something else that is extra nice for them today. After all, they are to be celebrated today.

5 Anagrams Taken From The Name Landon

  1. Nodal

    This word is associated with a lymph node or other structure that contains a tiny mass of differentiated tissue.

  2. Donna

    One of the cool anagrams taken from Landon is Donna which is another name often used for females.

  3. Anon

    This is a four-letter word derived from Landon and is short for anonymous.

  4. Loan

    You can get this four-letter word from Landon and it has several different meanings.

  5. Old

    This word used to convey that something has aged among other things is an anagram that can be derived from Landon.

Why We Love National Landon Day

  1. It has a cool factor

    The name has an undeniable cool factor. It is a name that will score you high points on the cool meter.

  2. It has an interesting history

    The name has an interesting history. It was formerly a surname that became the first name and is still used today.

  3. It’s a unique name

    Landon is unique as a name. The name can be double as a first name and a surname. It has a rich history you can tell people about.

National Landon Day dates

2025March 26Wednesday
2026March 26Thursday
2027March 26Friday
2028March 26Sunday
2029March 26Monday

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