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WedMar 26

Live Long and Prosper Day – March 26, 2025

One of the most well-wishing days, Live Long and Prosper Day is celebrated annually on March 26, which is the birthdate of its inspiration, Leonard Nimoy. Live Long and Prosper, or L.L.A.P., is a Vulcan blessing, which was devised by Leonard Nimoy who played the half-Vulcan Science Officer, Mr. Spock in the “Star Trek” series.

History of Live Long and Prosper Day

Live Long and Prosper Day is centered around doing whatever makes you feel healthier and more prosperous. It originated from the “Star Trek” series, which aired in the 1960s, by none other than the First Officer, Captain Spock.

Captain Spock was a half-Vulcan, half-human Science Officer aboard the Starship Enterprise on the television series. He developed the Vulcan salute representing Live Long and Prosper which first debuted in the season two episode “Amok Time.”

The Vulcan Salute is made by raising the hand with the palm facing out, extending the thumb, and parting the fingers between the middle and ring finger. It is based on a gesture used in a priestly blessing in the Jewish faith, and has become the universal sign for “Live long and prosper.” The appropriate reply for the salute would be “peace and long life”, though it is sometimes said first, with “live long and prosper” as the reply.

Leonard Nimoy was born in 1931 and was the brilliant actor that played Captain Spock for nearly five decades, garnering him numerous awards, a place among “TV Guide”’s 50 Best Characters, and millions of fans worldwide. He devised the Vulcan salute, after deciding that Vulcans were a hand-oriented people.

The salute became so popular that in June 2014, its emoji character was added to version seven of the Unicode Standard. The White House also referenced the Vulcan salutation in its statement on Leonard Nimoy’s death, and the following day, NASA astronaut Terry W. Virts posted a photo on his Twitter feed from the International Space Station showing the salutation as they passed over where Nimoy grew up.

Leonard Nimoy passed away in 2015, at the age of 84, and Matt McCarthy is responsible for creating Live Long and Prosper Day.

Live Long and Prosper Day timeline

The Series Begins

The first episode of the “Star Trek” series airs on September 8.

The Vulcan Salute

The Vulcan salute first appears on the “Star Trek” second season-opening episode, “Amok Time.”

A Jewish Sign

In his autobiography, Nimoy writes that the Vulcan salute is based on the Priestly Blessing performed by Jewish Kohanim.

A Modern Approach

The salute has an emoji character added to version seven of the Unicode Standard.

Live Long and Prosper Day FAQs

What do you say in response to “live long and prosper”?

The response to living long and prosper, as seen in the “Star Trek” series is, “Peace and long life”, however, the two may be interchanged depending on circumstances.

What is Live Long and Prosper Day?

Live Long and Prosper Day, also known as L.L.A.P. Day, is celebrated annually on Leonard Nimoy’s birthday March 26, and encourages you to contemplate the Vulcan blessing and see how it might apply to your life.

What is the Vulcan salute?

The Vulcan salute was coined by Leonard Nimoy, who was a half-Vulcan, and the First Officer aboard the Starship Enterprise. It was inspired by a priestly blessing in the Jewish faith, and represents “Live long and prosper.”

Live Long and Prosper Day Activities

  1. Eat healthier

    Changing your diet improves your health drastically, and ultimately makes you live longer. Make a dedication today to start eating healthier. You can start by adding fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet.

  2. Exercise more

    Another way to boost your overall health is by making exercise a part of your daily routine. There are many forms of exercise. So whether you’re running, lifting weights, or practicing yoga, make sure you stay active to boost your overall health.

  3. Practice a hobby

    Do you enjoy a good novel, or maybe even writing one? Today will be a perfect day to practice any of your hobbies. Practicing hobbies can leave us feeling fulfilled, and prosperous. So use the day, and do whatever brings your heart and mind joy.

5 Facts About “Star Trek” That Would Surprise You

  1. The original Number One was a woman

    In the original pilot, Majel Barrett was Kirk’s first officer, however, test audiences did not like the idea and felt she was too pushy.

  2. Eddie Murphy turned down a role

    Paramount offered Murphy a contract to star in a “Star Trek” movie, but the comedian wasn’t a fan of their ideas.

  3. Scotty created the Klingon language

    James Doohan made the grammar and vocabulary for the language, and linguist Mark Okrand finished it up.

  4. Zachary Quinto couldn’t do the Vulcan salute

    Quinto had to position his fingers the right way off-camera, and in longer scenes, his fingers were super-glued together.

  5. Spock’s skin was originally red

    While Spock’s skin has a slight green tint to it, the original plan was to give him red skin, but with the reign of black and white T.V.s, the plan couldn’t fly.

Why We Love Live Long and Prosper Day

  1. It’s an opportunity to get healthier

    The concept of Live Long and Prosper Day is to encourage people to get on healthier paths in their lives. This can be achieved by eating healthier, exercising, or doing anything that makes you feel fulfilled.

  2. It commemorates the “Star Trek” franchise

    The “Star Trek” franchise is one of the most popular and top-grossing franchises in the movie industry. It has created many fans and trends ever since its inception and this day commemorates one of the many good qualities of the series.

  3. It teaches a new language

    Live Long and Prosper Day is centered around the Vulcan salute, which was created by Leonard Nimoy or First Officer Captain Spock. Although Vulcan isn’t a real language, this day can pique our interest to learn other terms in the language, and even some other created languages of the show, such as Klingon.

Live Long and Prosper Day dates

2025March 26Wednesday
2026March 26Thursday
2027March 26Friday
2028March 26Sunday
2029March 26Monday

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