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TueNov 5

National Love Your Red Hair Day – November 5, 2024

National Love Your Red Hair Day on November 5 is a day dedicated to the beauty of men, women, girls, and boys – everyone with red hair. Whether you consider your hair strawberry blonde, deep burgundy, or ginger, this day is for you and your uniqueness. Being a redhead means you have been gifted with the world’s rarest hair color and this is the day to celebrate.

History of National Love Your Red Hair Day

Red hair occurs naturally in roughly one to two percent of the population, with a higher frequency of redheads found in Northern or Northwestern Europe. Redheads are commonly portrayed to have a fiery personality ruled by passion.

Whilst redheads have often been in the minority, the culture of celebrating their uniqueness has developed and matured in recent times. In 2005 a Redhead Day festival was launched in The Netherlands, which attracts visitors from over 80 different countries, all redheads, of course.

National Love Your Red Hair Day was started in August 2015 by Stephanie and Adrienne Vendetti, who are co-founders of the webpage ‘‘How to be a Redhead.’’ The pair noticed a rise in bullying of people with red hair, with days like ‘‘Kick a Ginger Day’’ being posted

about online. They decided to create their own day to counteract the negativity with something positive. Their aim was to create a day that empowered redheads to embrace and love their hair. Stephanie Vendetti said ‘‘most of all, it’s a reminder for women everywhere, redhead or not, to love their unique qualities.”

National Love Your Red Hair Day timeline


Comedians don red wigs to appear funnier to audiences.

Shine Bright Like a Redhead

Superstar Rihanna has her hairstylist Ursula Stephen dye her hair ‘‘Rihanna Red.’’

Batman Forever

The ‘‘Rock it like a Redhead Beauty Tour’’ stops in Nashville to celebrate the day.

Ginger Ninja

This year is the 5th year celebrating this notable day.

National Love Your Red Hair Day FAQs

What day is National Red Hair Day?

Red-haired people are fortunate enough to have two days of celebration. If you’ve got red hair, World Redhead Day is May 26 and National Love Your Red Hair Day is on November 5.

Where is the redhead festival?

In the Netherlands, Redhead Day (Roodharigendag) is the name of a Dutch summer festival that takes place during the first weekend of September in the city of Breda.

What is the rarest hair color?

The rarest natural hair color is red.

National Love Your Red Hair Day Activities

  1. Post photos online

    Show off your redness! Long, short, curly...who cares? Just show it all on social media and use #LoveYourRedHairDay so others can see.

  2. Get your red hair done

    Do you need a trim? Or you simply want to get your hair in a new style? Well, visit your local hairdresser and embrace your hair. Style it and bring out the redness in it.

  3. Meet with other redheads

    Gather your other red-haired friends and make a day of it. Hit the town and make people notice how beautiful redheads are.

5 Facts About National Love Your Red Hair Day

  1. Population red

    The Irish population is made up of ten percent redheads.

  2. Well red

    Lack of sunlight means redheads have a deliberate genetic adaptation to absorb more vitamin D.

  3. Saffron prince

    Prince Harry is one of the most famous redheads.

  4. Ginger Jamaicans

    Red hair can occur in any ethnicity.

  5. Recessive red

    Both parents must carry the redhead gene to produce a red-haired child.

Why We Love National Love Your Red Hair Day

  1. It changes history

    Redheads were historically thought to be savage and wild people which is a ridiculous assumption. This day negates all the negativity surrounding a natural occurrence and celebrates it instead.

  2. Unique is special

    Redheads have the most unique and rare natural hair color. That in turn makes them unique and rare.

  3. It’s just so bright.

    Redheads are definitely easier to spot in a crowd. We love how bright their hair is and how much they stand out from the crowd.

National Love Your Red Hair Day dates

2024November 5Tuesday
2025November 5Wednesday
2026November 5Thursday
2027November 5Friday
2028November 5Sunday

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