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Colón Day in Panama – November 5, 2024

Colón Day in Panama, celebrated on November 5 every year, is one of the many festivities held in Panama to commemorate the month of independence. A national celebration known as Colón Day celebrates Colombian forces for their support of Panama’s separation and is named after the city of Colon in that nation. During these three days of festivities, there are a ton of concerts, festivals, big parades, and fireworks displays.

History of Colón Day in Panama

Colón Day in Panama is an occasion to commemorate that tragic day in 1903 when the residents of Colon City had successfully mediated with the Colombian army. Colombia asked its forces to invade Panama after it declared independence. On November 5, 1903, the Colon residents were successful in convincing the Colombian troops stationed there to forgo attacking Panama City. Without this activity, the Colombian military might have increased its military superiority and crushed the independence movement.

The history of Panama’s independence from Colombia is related to the commemoration of Colón Day. The U.S. assisted Panama in separating from Colombia, but Colombia did not want to acknowledge Panama’s independence. On November 3, 1903, Panama formally declared independence, but the conflict continued. Colombia’s government gave the Army the command to advance on Panama City. The Panamanians had to hold their stand in Colon, a crucial location near the Caribbean Sea, on November 3, 1903. The government of Panama made a gallant effort to dissuade the Army of Colombia from taking part during the time that Panama and Colombia got divided. This day is seen as a turning moment in Panamanian history because of fruitful debates.

Colón Day is also a variation of Columbus Day celebrated in Panama. Columbus only visited Navy Bay, the island where Colon is situated; he did not discover the city itself. The prospectors gave the metropolis the name ‘Colon’ in honor of Christopher Columbus, Cristobal Colón, because of the California gold rush.

Colón Day in Panama timeline

The Initial Spanish Contact

During his exploration of Panama, Rodrigo de Bastidas meets locals.

Spain Captures Panama

The Spanish establish control over Panama and names it New Granada.

Panama Gains Independence

Panama wins its freedom from Spain but later joins a confederacy that includes Colombia.

Panama Unites With Colombia

After the confederacy disintegrates, Panama and Colombia unite to form a single nation.

Colón Day in Panama FAQs

Is Colón worth visiting?

While it’s not the most popular city in the country, it has incredible sights and experiences to offer. However, if it’s a cruise ship taking you to Colón, you will likely have just a day to explore the region and its beauties.

What is a typical breakfast in Panama?

Panama breakfasts frequently feature deep-fried corn tortillas stuffed with eggs and other delectable ingredients, such as fried meat. Don’t despair if your heart can’t take it; it’s simple to find fresh fruit, eggs, and toast across the nation. The majority of eateries also serve breakfast in the American way.

Do narcotics have legal status in Panama?

In Panama, having any amount of drugs, including marijuana, is a severe offense. Being around someone using drugs alone is enough to warrant an arrest. The maximum sentence for drug offenses is 15 years in prison, and simply appearing before a judge for punishment might take up to two years.

Colón Day in Panama Activities

  1. Visit Panama

    You should consider going to Panama, especially in November. There are numerous historical events and occasions to remember heroic achievements.

  2. Participate in the parades and festivals

    There are numerous fireworks displays, parades, concerts, and festivals. You are welcome to participate in these celebrations and take full advantage of the local delights.

  3. Explore the native cuisines

    If you love coffee, the Boquete region is where the best coffee is grown, thanks to unique microclimates, making it an ideal place to travel to and enjoy. You should try ‘Sancocho,’ a beloved dish served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Panama and is enjoyed in many other Latin American nations.

5 Interesting Facts About Panama

  1. There’s a rainforest in the city

    Panama City is the only capital in the world whose boundaries include a rainforest.

  2. It celebrates independence twice

    The first Independence Day was in 1821 from Spain, and the second was in 1903 from Colombia.

  3. The Panama hats

    The Panama Hat comes from Ecuador in South America, not from Panama.

  4. Panama’s currency

    Panama was the first nation in Latin America to adopt the U.S. dollar as its own.

  5. The Panama Canal

    The Panama Canal is a trench dug across the entire country.

Why We Love Colón Day in Panama

  1. They are basketball lovers

    The most popular sport in the country is baseball, just like in the U.S. They are obsessed with it. One of the best things to do in Panama is to attend a live baseball game.

  2. Its a nation of two seasons

    Only two main seasons exist in Panama. The dry season, which begins in December and lasts through the end of April, is summer for the locals. The remaining seasons are the winter, which lasts from April to December, and the wet season, also known as the green season.

  3. It has the Panama Canal

    The Panama Canal is arguably one of the most impressive engineering achievements humankind has ever accomplished. Its sheer scale paints a stunning picture of human endurance, tenacity, and achievement.

Colón Day in Panama dates

2024November 5Tuesday
2025November 5Wednesday
2026November 5Thursday
2027November 5Friday
2028November 5Sunday

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