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TueNov 5

National Chinese Takeout Day – November 5, 2024

National Chinese Takeout Day is celebrated annually on November 5. The day is dedicated to Chinese cuisine, which is very diverse, including all dishes, such as meals, and desserts. This is a holiday for all fans and lovers of Chinese cuisine. For those who have not yet had the chance to try Chinese cuisine, this day is a great opportunity to do so.

During the National Chinese Takeout Day, people hold various events that allow them to celebrate this day to the fullest. For example, some go to a Chinese restaurant to order their favorite dishes, while others enjoy their Chinese cuisines home-cooked.

History of National Chinese Takeout Day

The history of Chinese cuisine is characterized by both diversity and noticeable changes. Archaeologist and scholar Kwan Chi-Chang says that “the Chinese are particularly concerned about food” and “food is the center of many social interactions, or at least accompanies or symbolizes them.” He explains the basic principles of the organization, which date back to ancient times and give continuity to the food tradition. Ordinary food consists of grains, other starches, and vegetable, or meat dishes.

In early dynastic times, the most common crops were wheat, barley, rice, millet, foxtail, corn, and beans. The fruits and vegetables commonly eaten were chestnuts, pears, plums, melons, apricots, red berries, bamboo shoots, and mustard greens. Domestic animals were chickens, tangerine ducks, sheep, camels, and dogs. Seasonings included sugar, honey, salt, and soy sauce. In addition, beer and yellow wine were regularly consumed.

Chinese take-out appeared in North America in the mid-1800s. Due to the Gold Rush, there was a large influx of Chinese immigrants to California. Even though the Chinese take-out products were in large quantities, they became popular only in the 1950s. The Chinese restaurants had two menus, one for the Chinese and another for the Americans. Over time, the American menu became dominant and is what remains today in major Chinese restaurants.

Very little is known about the history of National Chinese Takeout Day. We do not know when, where, and how it started. But still, we can guess the reason for the creation of the holiday. Perhaps a certain group of people, knowing how much everyone loves Chinese cuisine, decided that it deserves a place in the list of culinary holidays that are celebrated every year.

National Chinese Takeout Day timeline

Distribution of American-Chinese Food

Chinese food is gaining popularity among bohemians, who sometimes eat food before it cools down and burns the roofs of their mouths.

The Great Chinese Famine

At this time, culinary traditions cease to develop.

Cultural Revolution Cuisine

Communist-style cuisine is becoming popular in Beijing.

The Oldest Noodles

The oldest noodle is found at Lajia near the upper reaches of the Yellow River in Qinghai and is made from foxtail and millet broom.

National Chinese Takeout Day FAQs

Which day is the most popular for Chinese cuisine?

Christmas eve and Christmas Day are the busiest days of the year for most American-Chinese restaurants. The combination of Christmas and Chinese cuisine is classic.

When did Chinese take-out become popular?

By 1980, Chinese food had become the most popular ethnic cuisine in the United States, helped by the resumption of Chinese immigration to America.

Why is Chinese take-out so popular?

Americans began to see neighboring Chinese restaurants as special places where they could be treated to food they don’t have to cook, and then they start to appreciate the tastes of exotic cuisine.

National Chinese Takeout Day Activities

  1. Visit a Chinese restaurant

    Undoubtedly, the best option to celebrate National Chinese Take-Out Day is to have dinner at a restaurant that serves delicious Chinese food. You can also order food and then eat it at home with your family or friends.

  2. Make Chinese food

    If you are too busy to visit a Chinese restaurant, you can arrange an alternative kind of celebration by cooking Chinese dishes at home. Browse your cookbook or search the internet for a delicious Chinese food recipe.

  3. Celebrate on social networks

    You can also celebrate National Chinese Take-Out Day on social networks. For example, post a story with a Chinese dish or from a Chinese restaurant, letting your friends and subscribers know that you are participating in the celebration. Tell them more about this holiday.

5 Facts About American-Chinese Food That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. An American chef invented the orange chicken

    Chef Andy Cao created orange chicken as a variation of another popular American-Chinese dish, General Tso’s chicken, in 1987 in Hawaii.

  2. General Tso was a real war hero

    The legend of General Tso, after whom Taiwanese chef Chang-Kuei named the dish, says that General Tso served during the civil war in China — the Taiping Uprising, between 1850 and 1864.

  3. Crab Rangoon originated in the U.S.

    The first known crab rangoon, fried confectionery shells filled with cream cheese and imitation crab, appeared on the menu of a bar and restaurant in San Francisco in the 1940s.

  4. Egg rolls instead of spring rolls

    Egg rolls have been adapted from traditional Chinese spring rolls to appeal more to Americans who love deep-fried food.

  5. Take-out containers were invented in Chicago

    The paper cartons, invented in 1894 by Chicago inventor Frederick Wicks Wilcox, were originally called “paper pails” and were based on the construction of wooden containers used to transport raw oysters.

Why We Love National Chinese Takeout Day

  1. It has a long history

    American-Chinese food began to spread in the 1900s. National Chinese Take-Out Day celebrates Chinese food, and the popularity it has gained over the years and continues to do so today.

  2. We love American-Chinese food

    Chinese take-out is everyone’s favorite dish during any holiday or season. And National Chinese Take-Out Day is the best day to celebrate our love for Chinese food.

  3. A day to try something new

    Authentic Chinese food is evolving every day. There are five main Chinese cuisines, each of which has unique flavors. In one kitchen, the dishes are presented with spices, and in the other, they have a sharp taste of garlic and onion. One kitchen focuses more on the art of cooking and the other on more satisfying recipes. So, celebrate National Chinese Take-Out Day by trying something new!

National Chinese Takeout Day dates

2024November 5Tuesday
2025November 5Wednesday
2026November 5Thursday
2027November 5Friday
2028November 5Sunday

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