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International Redefining Wealth Day – March 15, 2025

International Redefining Wealth Day is celebrated on March 15. The day asks people to question what wealth means. Should your existence revolve around having money or having well-being? And is it possible for you to earn more out of life without amassing material wealth? It’s about achieving your life’s purpose, finding fulfillment in the little things, and chasing goals instead of money. A fresh take on your relationship with money starts with acknowledging that there’s more to life than material possessions. Looking at things from the perspective of opportunity and abundance is more rewarding.

History of International Redefining Wealth Day

The day was introduced by Patrice Washington who is the award-winning author of “Redefine Wealth For Yourself,” and host of “The Redefining Wealth Podcast.” Washington has appeared on shows like “Dr. Oz,” “The Steve Harvey Show,” and he has also acted as a financial advisor to Steve Harvey’s radio and television shows since 2014, and featured in several publications such as “Essence Magazine,” “New York Post,” and “Cosmopolitan.”

Through her teachings on the six pillars of wealth — fit, people, faith, space, work, and money, Washington shows women and men that leading a disciplined but satisfying life is better than becoming a hostage to pursuing money. As an accomplished personal finance expert and transformational speaker, Washington’s work has impacted the lives of millions, giving them the tools to prosper in their careers, homes, and personal finances. Washington’s unique philosophy sets her apart from so many other financial gurus, and she freely admits to this making her an outlier within her profession. Washington has indicated that the day is a call to those more interested in finding their life’s purpose and gaining wisdom for living a fulfilling life. It is the reason she conceptualized Redefining Wealth Day so as to help like-minded people develop individual goals and visions rather than forcing themselves to live a life of deprivation to become rich. This way, people can become the best version of themselves and focus on relationships that matter.

International Redefining Wealth Day is about setting up your life to support yourself and believing in something greater than material success while attracting the prosperity you desire and living your life’s purpose.

International Redefining Wealth Day timeline

The Roaring Twenties

Technological progress leads to mass production and marketing techniques, resulting in an economic boom.

1945 — 1970
The Prolonged Economic Stability

The post-World War II era shows substantial economic growth and broadly distributed economic prosperity.

The U.S. Economy Rebounds

The U.S. enters the most extended period of sustained economic growth since World War II.

The Financial Crisis

U.S. GDP falls by 4.3%, the deepest recession since World War II.

International Redefining Wealth Day FAQs

How do you define true wealth?

Wealth is peace of mind, well-being, and living a life of purpose.

What are the four types of wealth?

The four types of wealth are money, status, freedom, and health.

How can you achieve physical wealth?

You can achieve physical wealth by learning from the past, reassessing your priorities in life, and starting with small, gradual changes to your lifestyle.

International Redefining Wealth Day Activities

  1. Think of what you want

    Other than money, what else do you want out of life? Think about achievements and relationships, not zeroes in your bank account.

  2. Reconsider your relationships

    Perhaps there are people you could stand to cut out of your life, or you could gain from if you got closer to them. Take the time to consider the value of your relationships and whether they’ll help you or hurt you in pursuing a purpose-driven life.

  3. Make a plan

    Once you’ve settled on what you want, it’s time to figure out how to achieve it. Plan for the long-term — but remember that it's a journey. Take it slow, day by day. Enjoy the process.

5 Quick Facts About Wealth In The Modern World

  1. The gap between rich and poor folks

    The wealthiest 0.1% rake in 196 times as much as the bottom 90% in the U.S.

  2. People don’t have retirement savings

    One in four Americans does not have retirement savings.

  3. Millions struggle with basic expenses

    About 34% of all adults in the U.S. — around 83 million people — find it challenging to cover the costs of rent, food, mortgages, student loans, medical care, and car payments.

  4. The unequal wealth distribution

    Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Warren Buffett collectively own as much wealth as the bottom half of all American households combined.

  5. The economic struggle by the masses

    The wealth of the bottom half of families — over 60 million families — accounts for only 1% of total U.S. household wealth.

Why We Love International Redefining Wealth Day

  1. It will lead to mental health

    The never-ending rat race and pursuit of money strain your mental health. Redefining wealth in terms of well-being is the healthier, less stressful option.

  2. Purpose is sustainable

    You lead a more rewarding and sustainable life by building your life around purpose and not money. You’re more likely to remain committed to your goals, and you’ll feel more satisfied when you achieve them.

  3. Breaking free from consumerism

    You want money because you want to buy and own things, but does that make you feel fulfilled? Redefining wealth also redefines our relationship with material possessions and helps us break free of consumerism that rules almost every aspect of modern living.

International Redefining Wealth Day dates

2025March 15Saturday
2026March 15Sunday
2027March 15Monday
2028March 15Wednesday
2029March 15Thursday

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