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Ramakrishna Jayanti – March 15, 2025

Ramakrishna Jayanti is celebrated in India on March 15, and we’re here to tell you how you can celebrate the day in the best possible way. Do you know that it has been 175 years since sage Ramakrishna was born? Ramakrishna Jayanti, Jayanti meaning ‘birth anniversary,’ celebrates the birth of the great sage, Ramakrishna. A staunch devotee of Goddess Kali, Ramakrishna was a religious leader and reformer. Even today, years after his death, the devotees gather in the Ramakrishna Math, a charitable trust founded by Ramakrishna’s student, Swami Vivekananda, to offer their prayers and donations.

History of Ramakrishna Jayanti

Ramakrishna was born in 1836 to Khudiram Chattopadhyay and Chandramani Devi in the village of Kamarpukur in West Bengal, India. It is believed that Ramakrishna’s father and mother had premonitions and spiritual experiences suggesting that God would descend to Earth in the form of their son. Ramakrishna joined school but soon discontinued as he felt that the method of education was not right. He believed that the education system was made so that the students learned less about spirituality and the important things in life and that it was merely a method that taught them to make money and survive in this world.

Ramakrishna had several trance experiences throughout his childhood. His first experience was when he was mesmerized by the sight of cranes flying in a dark blue sky covered with thunderclouds.

In 1855, Ramkrishna was appointed as the head priest of the Dakshineswar Kali Temple built by Rani Rashmoni, a wealthy aristocrat. Many years later, Ramakrishna had a huge following. One of his most popular disciples was William Hastie, a lecturer in the Scottish Church College. Hastie encouraged Narendranath Dutta and a few other students to visit Ramakrishna. Dutta was initially skeptical, but when he reached Ramakrishna’s Math, he was spellbound. He soon became a staunch follower of Ramakrishna, and later Dutta came to be known as Swami Vivekananda.

In 1885, Ramakrishna developed throat cancer, and by 1886, Ramkrishna took his last breath. Vivekananda led a group of disciples and formed a fellowship at Baranagar near the Ganges river. This was the initiation of Ramakrishna Math, and thus, March 15 was selected to be Ramakrishna Jayanti.

Ramakrishna Jayanti timeline

Ramakrishna is Born

Ramakrishna is born to Khudiram Chattopadhyay and Chandramani Devi in West Bengal.

Ramakrishna Becomes a Priest

Ramakrishna is appointed as the head priest of Dakshineswar Kali Temple.

Swami Vivekananda Becomes a Disciple

Narendranath Dutta also known as Swami Vivekananda meets Ramakrishna and becomes his disciple.

Ramakrishna Jayanti

Ramakrishna takes his last breath, and Ramakrishna Jayanti is created to mark his birth anniversary.

Ramakrishna Jayanti FAQs

Who was Sarada Devi?

Sarada Devi was Ramakrishna’s wife. She was a religious teacher and was known as Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi or the Holy Mother.

Why is Ramakrishna called Paramahamsa?

Many of Ramakrishna’s disciples believe that Ramakrishna was an avatar of God. Paramahamsa literally means “supreme swan” and is a title given to spiritual leaders in India.

Did Ramakrishna and Vivekananda see God?

Ramakrishna is said to have seen Goddess Kali multiple times. His follower Vivekananda has stated that he has seen Goddess Kali. Ramakrishna had asked Vivekananda to ask for money, but as soon as Vivekanda saw Kali, he forgot all about materialistic possessions.

Ramakrishna Jayanti Activities

  1. Learn about the teachings of Ramakrishna

    Ramakrishna was one the most influential spiritual leaders of the 19th century. One of his greatest teachings was that all spiritual roads have one destination. Use this day to learn more about this great mystic and his teachings.

  2. Share it on social media

    Let everyone know that it is Ramakrishna Jayanti. Make a post on the life and times of Ramakrishna and share it on your social media page. You can post related pictures and videos as well.

  3. Visit the Ramakrishna Math

    If you want to know more about this great spiritual leader and his teachings, you can visit the Ramakrishna Math in India. Spiritual guidance is provided at the institution. It would be a remarkable journey on a spiritual quest.

5 Important Facts About Ramakrishna's Teachings

  1. He preached about the "ultimate reality"

    Ramakrishna believed that the goal of human life is the realization of the ultimate reality.

  2. The ultimate reality is personal or impersonal

    Ramakrishna believed that the ultimate reality is one, but it can be either personal or impersonal.

  3. It has various paths

    Ramakrishna believed that the ultimate reality is one but can be recognized through different paths.

  4. Purity of mind is important

    Ramakrishna believed that purity of mind is an important condition to attain ultimate reality.

  5. Egoism is the cause of all sufferings

    Ramakrishna believed that egoism was the root cause of all suffering.

Why We Love Ramakrishna Jayanti

  1. It allows us to know about Ramakrishna and his teachings

    Ramakrishna's teachings spread all around the world. World-renowned spiritual leader Vivekananda was a faithful follower of Ramakrishna, and that proves how influential Ramakrishna's teachings were. This day allows us to look back and learn from the teachings of this spiritual guru, Ramakrishna.

  2. It allows us to learn more about history

    As we dive deep into the history of Ramakrishna, we find other amazing historical facts about the lives of spiritual gurus and contemporary society. This day is a great day to read more and expand our general knowledge.

  3. It allows us to let our spiritual side in

    We often get caught up with our busy lives and the associated stress. This day allows us to set aside the stress and gives us the opportunity for self-introspection and to understand the importance of spirituality in life.

Ramakrishna Jayanti dates

2025March 15Saturday
2026March 15Sunday
2027March 15Monday
2028March 15Wednesday
2029March 15Thursday

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