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SatMar 15

World Consumer Rights Day – March 15, 2025

World Consumer Rights Day, celebrated on March 15 every year, is a global event that aims to raise awareness about consumer rights and needs. Consumer rights mean that every person who buys various products, goods, and services, has the right to have information on the quality, purity, price, and standard of those products. Did you know that you have the right to file a complaint from anywhere, anytime as a consumer? Most people are not aware of their rights as consumers, so by celebrating this day, we make others aware of the right to demand protection and stay safe from fraudulent activities in the marketplace.

History of World Consumer Rights Day

The ultimate goal of World Consumer Rights Day, observed annually on March 15, is to ensure consumers have all the necessary information to make an informed decision. The history of this day is an interesting one. Consumers International created and organizes World Consumer Rights Day annually. Consumers International is a global federation of consumer organizations founded in 1960, and the organization was founded as an independent and influential voice for consumers.

World Consumer Rights Day has been celebrated since 1983, and the date of March 15 honors the speech made by U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy to the U.S. Congress on March 15, 1962. In this speech, he coined the four fundamental consumer rights — the right to safety, the right to be informed, the right to choose, and the right to be heard.

Since then, World Consumer Rights Day has grown in popularity and is celebrated every year with a specific theme. One of the most interesting themes, ‘Tackling Plastic Pollution,’ aimed to raise awareness of sustainable consumption and practices focusing on the manufacturing and usage of plastics and their impact on the environment. Knowing our rights as consumers is crucial because we can only identify whether we are getting fooled or cheated if we know our consumer rights. Most importantly, we can raise our voices and take legal action against any product or service purchase that goes against our rights. Talk about giving power to the people!

World Consumer Rights Day timeline

The Beginning of Consumers International

Elizabeth Schadee starts the International Organisation of Consumers Unions (I.O.C.U.), later becoming Consumers International, a global federation of consumer organizations.

President Kennedy Makes an Iconic Speech

President Kennedy formulates the four fundamental consumer rights.

The First World Consumer Rights Day

The first World Consumer Rights Day is celebrated.

Approval of General Guidelines

The United Nations approves the general guidelines for consumer protection.

World Consumer Rights Day FAQs

What are the duties of a consumer?

As a consumer, you need to be aware, be ethical, speak out, and respect the environment.

What are the basic rights of consumers?

The basic rights of consumers include the right to value for money, right to safety, right to information, right to choose, right to consumer education, and right to representation.

What is the Consumer Protection Act?

The Consumer Protection Act gives easy and fast compensation to consumer grievances. It encourages consumers to speak against flaws in goods and services.

How to Observe World Consumer Rights Day

  1. Join consumer rights events

    Every year, Consumers International, the membership organization for consumer groups worldwide, hosts various events, and you can join these events to learn more.

  2. Educate others about their consumer rights

    Not many people know about consumer rights, so you can observe this day by educating your friends, family, and co-workers about their rights as consumers.

  3. Share your consumer rights story

    Share your story on social media about when your consumer rights were violated and what you did about it. Who knows? Your story could inspire others to stand up for their rights!

5 Hidden Facts About Consumer Rights Everybody Needs To Know

  1. You don’t need a lawyer

    You do not need a lawyer to appear in a consumer court. You can represent the case yourself.

  2. You can know all the product information

    The consumer has the right to know about all the features of a product or service, including the quality, quantity, potency, purity, and prices of the goods they intend to purchase.

  3. Freedom to choose products

    Every consumer has the right to choose the product or services they want, and there should be freedom to choose alternative products.

  4. You can get compensation

    The consumer has the right to get compensation or seek redressal against unfair trade practices.

  5. Not every country protects online shoppers

    Only about 80 countries have agreed to include consumer protection principles in trade rules for online shopping.

Why World Consumer Rights Day is Important

  1. We need this day

    When unfair trade practices and greedy companies exploit consumers, World Consumer Rights Day is a much-needed day to raise awareness. It gives us the tools to be sharp and smart consumers.

  2. It’s a day for everyone

    Everybody in the world is a consumer, even the people who own the companies we buy from. So, it is kind of a day for everyone to learn more about their rights as consumers.

  3. It can bring change

    If all the people in the world act together and raise awareness about consumer rights, the world will change for the better when it comes to consumer rights.

World Consumer Rights Day dates

2025March 15Saturday
2026March 15Sunday
2027March 15Monday
2028March 15Wednesday
2029March 15Thursday

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