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SatMar 15

World Essential Workers Day – March 15, 2025

World Essential Workers Day is celebrated each year across the world on March 15. The day is observed to express gratitude to all essential workers whose contributions often go unrecognized. Essential workers are crucial to any economy. They take care of all essential functions. We are surrounded by essential workers and in almost every critical situation, essential workers are the first responders. Essential workers consist of police forces, healthcare workers, workers in the sanitary department, and more. Without them, our lives would pretty much come to a standstill. We wish a happy World Essential Workers Day to every essential worker.

History of World Essential Workers Day

World Essential Workers Day originated in 2021. It is the brainchild of a young, nine-year-old girl, Ja’Nay Ratcliff from central Texas, who has proven that you can do anything only if you set your mind to it. She had a conversation with the mayor of Killeen where she requested that all essential workers be honored on a designated day. Ratcliff wanted to honor essential workers, such as fire department and police department personnel, who risk their lives in critical situations putting their own safety in jeopardy.

Ratcliff was especially moved by the sacrifices of essential workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. The mayor agreed with Ratcliff’s suggestion and honored essential workers during a State of the City Address.

Ratcliff was inspired by her mother, Shawnya Golden, who is a social worker. Golden, too, has been involved in the upliftment of essential workers and enthusiastically supported her daughter in the fight to establish World Essential Workers Day. Her mother is especially appreciative of the fact that someone so young would be sympathetic to such an important cause. Apart from being a kind person, Ratcliff is also a talented writer. She has already written three books at the age of nine! Ratcliff hopes to write more books and continue doing good deeds for other people throughout her life. World Essential Workers Day is a true lesson in kindness and charity.

World Essential Workers Day timeline

805 A.D.
The First Hospital in the World

The first hospital in world history is built in Baghdad, Iraq.

The First Police Force in the World

King Louis XIV of France forms the first police force in the world.

The First Modern Police Force

The London Marine Police Force is the first police force to not be controlled by any government.

The First Fire Department in the World

Edinburgh Fire Engine Establishment is the first fire department in the world.

World Essential Workers Day FAQs

Who are essential workers?

Essential workers consist of policemen, firemen, healthcare workers, agricultural workers, and more. They are the ones who provide any essential service.

How can I thank an essential worker?

Thank an essential worker by saying thank you. Write a heartfelt note, or even give them a token of your appreciation.

Are essential workers necessary?

Our society will collapse without essential workers. They provide us with services that are crucial for us to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.

World Essential Workers Day Activities

  1. Thank essential workers

    Don’t forget to thank essential workers on World Essential Workers Day. Write them a card, well-wish on social media, or drop by at your nearest public service centers to express your appreciation.

  2. Donate to charities

    Police forces, fire departments, and hospitals often run many charity programs for the welfare of the underprivileged. Celebrate World Essential Workers Day by donating to these charities and urging your friends to do the same.

  3. Spread the word

    Not many people are aware of World Essential Workers Day. Why not celebrate the day by posting about it on social media and encouraging more people to do their bit in expressing gratitude to essential workers?

5 Interesting Facts About Essential Workers

  1. Women make up the majority in healthcare

    76% of essential workers in healthcare are women.

  2. Men and the energy sector

    96% of essential workers in the energy sector are men.

  3. Most don’t have a college degree

    Nearly 70% of essential workers are not college graduates.

  4. Union contracts are rare among essential workers

    Only one in eight essential workers is covered by union contracts.

  5. Union workers earn more

    Those covered by union contracts earn nearly 13% more than those who aren’t.

Why We Love World Essential Workers Day

  1. A day to express gratitude

    How often have you felt gratitude for essential workers but have been unable to convey your thanks? World Essential Workers Day is the day to do just that. There are events dedicated to honoring essential workers.

  2. They are indispensable

    It is impossible to imagine our lives without essential workers. They help us during the most critical situations and make sure that all our needs are met. World Essential Workers Day celebrates their indispensable roles in our lives.

  3. Encourages us to be kind

    Celebrations such as World Essential Workers Day inspire us. They teach us to be kind and put forward others’ needs before ours. It also encourages us to pursue professions that help all of humanity.

World Essential Workers Day dates

2025March 15Saturday
2026March 15Sunday
2027March 15Monday
2028March 15Wednesday
2029March 15Thursday

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