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Everything You Think Is Wrong Day
SatMar 15

Everything You Think Is Wrong Day – March 15, 2025

Everything You Think Is Wrong Day is celebrated on March 15. It is a unique and unofficial holiday that aims to make people realize that they are not always right. Did you know that bad decisions come from mental fatigue? Yes, however, according to the creator of this day, you shouldn’t make decisions on this day because nothing goes right today!

History of Everything You Think Is Wrong Day

Everything You Think Is Wrong Day is an interesting day that is observed on March 15 every year. This day is a gentle reminder that we are all imperfect and prompts us to accept these facts and spend time correcting them.

Unfortunately, the history and origin of Everything You Think Is Wrong Day is unknown. Maybe, the creator of this day was so humble that they didn’t document it and just wanted everyone to focus on the message that it delivers. However, this day is proof that making mistakes is not the end, and everything can be fixed.

Everything around us is a complex set of processes interlinked with each other. We can either take it seriously or accept things, better ourselves and move on — the choice is ours and this day proves it.

Some might think that this day is for weak people as accepting mistakes is falsely seen as a sign of weakness, and some might even think it is scary to admit mistakes. However, in reality, only those who admit their mistakes and ignorance and make an attempt to fix things are the ones that are truly strong and successful.

Another interesting fact is that there is a day called Everything You Do Is Right Day that occurs on the next day (March 16) of the Everything You Think Is Wrong Day, so there is nothing to feel wrong or dumb about! The whole point of it is to take life easy and to get better.

Everything You Think Is Wrong Day timeline

Napoleon Invades Russia

French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte invades Russia and endures a catastrophic defeat.

Captain Smith Crashes Titanic

Captain Edward Smith crashes the Titanic into an iceberg leading to the loss of hundreds of lives and money.

Japan Miscalculates the U.S. War

Japan miscalculates the consequences of starting a war with the U.S. and it costs Japan 75% of its overseas trade.

A Hunter Starts the Biggest Forest Fire

A hunter accidentally starts the biggest fire in Californian history — it destroys more than 2,300 homes.

Everything You Think Is Wrong Day FAQs

Is there an Everything You Do Is Right Day?

Yes, there is an Everything You Do Is Right Day celebrated on March 16 to correct all the wrongs of Everything You Think Is Wrong Day on March 15.

Is it possible for someone to always be right?

No, not everyone can always be right. Everybody makes mistakes but what matters is correcting them.

How do I stop thinking I am always right?

Accept that mistakes are part of everyone’s lives and make the right effort to justify your actions and correct any mistakes.

How to Celebrate Everything You Think Is Wrong Day

  1. Correct your mistakes

    On this Everything You Think Is Wrong Day, you can think about what you can still correct in your life and act accordingly. You can also spend this day thinking about things that are worth reflecting on.

  2. Learn something new

    This is the perfect day you’ve been waiting for to organize yourself and learn something new like new skills, a book, or something nice.

  3. Share on social media

    Take to your social media accounts to let others know about the day. It may encourage them to reflect on and correct their mistakes too.

5 Important Facts About Decision-Making

  1. Good sleep = better decisions

    Sleeping better helps you make better decisions as it makes your mind relaxed and calm.

  2. The unconscious mind is powerful

    Your unconscious mind has the power to perform crucial computations, even in times of rest, and can help you make better decisions.

  3. Makes choices early in the day

    Several studies suggest that it's more difficult to make choices at the end of the day.

  4. Information overload is real

    Information overload or the inability to process more than a certain amount of info in our brain is a very real phenomenon!

  5. Small groups make better decisions

    Smaller groups are more likely to make the right choice than groups with more people.

Why We Love Everything You Think Is Wrong Day

  1. This day makes us better

    This is a nice day to accept our mistakes, work on our mistakes and correct them. This way, we can grow and get better.

  2. It teaches us about life

    This day teaches us that no one is perfect, including ourselves, and everyone makes mistakes. However, the most important thing is to take responsibility and make a genuine effort to fix things.

  3. It makes us strong

    Studies have shown that people who accept their mistakes and treat others with more respect are mentally stronger.

Everything You Think Is Wrong Day dates

2025March 15Saturday
2026March 15Sunday
2027March 15Monday
2028March 15Wednesday
2029March 15Thursday

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