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Schools Library Media Center Week – March 16-22, 2025

Schools Library Media Center Week is celebrated in the third full week of March each year and takes place from March 16 to 22 this year. You might remember your school library evolving into a new and exciting space: the school library media center. Here, students learn skills that prepare them for the complexities of living and working in the modern world. Information is available in several formats, combining print and electronic materials and activities coordinated with classroom assignments.

History of Schools Library Media Center Week

A school library media center is a learning center in a publicly or privately funded school or school district whose mission is to deliver instruction, collaborate on learning methods, and offer resources to support and expand the curriculum. Today, school library media centers are crucial in preparing students for the future. It is here that kids learn how to locate, analyze, evaluate, and articulate ideas and information. They pick up abilities required to work and live in an information-based world. The school library media center is automated, uses all forms of media, and gathers information via the internet as well as books.

Several centers have activities that are directly incorporated into the curriculum, in addition to operating as independent study centers. Materials are chosen with the primary goal of enriching and supporting the school’s educational program, but also to promote the experience of reading and learning, as well as the lifelong use of libraries. With the founding of the American Library Association (ALA) by a group of librarians spearheaded by Melvil Dewey in 1876, the modern American library movement kicked into gear.

In most schools, the media center is the largest academic area, and it should attract both students and staff. It is frequently the most public space in the community and can host school meetings, P.T.O. meetings, and even board meetings. It should be a place that the community is proud to call its own.

Schools Library Media Center Week timeline

ALA is Founded

The American Library Association is founded.

The ‘Certain Report’

The first school library evaluation effort is published as the ‘Certain Report.’

Classroom Collections

Over 40% of schools have a classroom book collection.

Sputnik Influences School Libraries

School libraries gain more popularity with the launch of Sputnik.

Schools Library Media Center Week FAQs

Why are libraries important for children?

Every child has access to countless possibilities through libraries while studying and discovering new things. They are necessary for reading, learning, developing one’s identity, and participating in a culture that values knowledge and the ability to find and use information.

What qualities make a good school librarian?

An exceptional librarian is dedicated to encouraging children to read, helping teachers emphasize reading, and advising parents on how to help their children read.

How to encourage students to read books in the library?

Here are several ways to encourage students to try reading for pleasure and facilitate independent reading habits: Start a book club, team up with your local library, reenact stories from favorite books, and make time for independent reading.

How to Observe Schools Library Media Center Week

  1. Donate books

    Donate books to school libraries in your area. Contribute to the development of children by giving them a chance to learn.

  2. Encourage kids to read

    If you have kids or young people around you, encourage them to read. Help them experience the joys of reading and learning.

  3. Volunteer at a school library

    Ask around for volunteer opportunities at school libraries to help children get the learning help they need. It can be a rewarding way to give back to society.

5 Interesting Facts About Libraries

  1. Proximity

    Most early libraries had apartments above them.

  2. World’s largest library

    The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world.

  3. Lending library

    In 1731, Benjamin Franklin ran a lending library.

  4. Bridging the gap

    Vermont has a library that extends across the U.S. border into Canada.

  5. Therapy dog

    A Yale University library allowed students to spend a few minutes with a therapy dog.

Why Schools Library Media Center Week is Important

  1. It prepares students for life

    Having the ability to access, analyze, use, and produce information in a variety of media is crucial for higher education institutions, employers, and civic society. School librarians offer information, digital and media literacy, and digital citizenship to prepare pupils for future life stages.

  2. The school library is a safe space

    Students who feel comfortable and nurtured at school are better engaged in their studies and perform better. School libraries provide welcoming learning environments, manage resources that support children's health and well-being, and encourage students to read for pleasure.

  3. New technology elevates learning and teaching methods

    When librarians implement new educational technologies, students learn how to safely and productively utilize tools and resources that enhance inquiry, cooperation, and creativity. Teachers can also use the resources supplied by the school library to improve their classroom teaching methods.

Schools Library Media Center Week dates

2022March 20Sunday
2023March 19Sunday
2024March 17Sunday
2025March 16Sunday
2026March 15Sunday

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