Pandemonium Day – July 14, 2021

WedJul 14

Ready to dive into all things unpredictable on Pandemonium Day this July 14? The word “pandemonium” first appeared in the 17th century, in author John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost, which re-tells the biblical story of Adam and Eve and their temptation by Satan. It’s a hybrid of the Greek word “pan,” which means “all,” and the Latin word “daemonium,” which means “demon.” In Paradise Lost, Pandemonium is the capital of Hell, where all the demons live. These days, however, it doesn’t have such scary implications — pandemonium stands for all things chaotic, disorganized, and unpredictable. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut where your life is too orderly, too scheduled out, too boring and predictable, this is a great day for you to throw the rule book out the window! Let’s be honest: we’ve all had the thought, “There’s something I’d really like to do, but it just seems too crazy for me.” The great thing about Pandemonium Day is it tells us to go ahead and do it anyway. So nix the itinerary, cancel your appointments, rid yourself of expectations and read on for the best ways to get wild and celebrate Pandemonium Day.

Pandemonium Day timeline

17th century
New Word

The word ‘pandemonium’ first appears.

First Usage

The word ‘pandemonium’ is used in the poem “Paradise Lost” by John Milton.

Pandemonium in History

A history book by Humphrey Jennings called “Pandaemonium, 1660–1886: The Coming of the Machine as Seen by Contemporary Observers” on the Industrial Revolution is published.

Release of Pandemonium

The Pet Shop Boys release their album, “Pandemonium.”

Pandemonium Day Activities

  1. Throw a Pandemonium Day party

    Invite your friends over for a party, and when they ask what to bring, say, “Whatever you want.” Serve food from totally different cuisines, make a playlist from every genre you can think of, don’t plan any activities and just see what happens. After all, nobody ever said “I wish that party had more rules.”

  2. Read Up on Chaos Theory

    If you want to get academic with your pandemonium, today’s a great day to brush up on the fascinating study of Chaos Theory. While most of science and mathematics deals with predictable outcomes, Chaos Theory exclusively applies to elements of nature that are impossible to predict or control (like the weather).

  3. Reorganize

    Is there some part of your life that desperately needs reorganizing? Your kitchen drawers? Your desk? Your closet? Create some pandemonium by laying everything out in no discernible order, and then come up with a new system to put everything in its proper place.

Why We Love Pandemonium Day

  1. We get to embrace the chaos in life

    Chaos often seems like a bad word, but it doesn’t have to be. Pandemonium Day is a day to throw up your hands and accept the chaos that is always trying to creep into the order of your day-to-day life. Turn off your alarm, don’t schedule any meetings or appointments, don’t plan anything—not even what you’re going to have for lunch. Just see what happens!

  2. It celebrates spontaneity

    Another great reason to embrace chaos is by being spontaneous and giving in to all of your impulses. Within reason, of course! We’re not telling you to break the law, but is there something you’ve always wanted to try that you thought was too “out there”? A cooking class, even though you can barely make scrambled eggs? Auditioning for a band, even though you only sing in the shower? Skydiving, even though you’re afraid of heights? Today’s the day to let those impulses carry you.

  3. We get to master chaos

    If you frequently feel overwhelmed by the pandemonium in your life, this is a great day to come up with methods to overcome it. For some people, yoga or meditation is a great way to look inward and create peace of mind that’s required to cope with any number of chaotic scenarios. For others, creating to-do lists and organization systems is much more effective when preparing for the unpredictable. Either way, take Pandemonium Day to say to yourself “chaos is inevitable, but I can handle it.”

Pandemonium Day dates

2021July 14Wednesday
2022July 14Thursday
2023July 14Friday
2024July 14Sunday
2025July 14Monday