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Golden Globe Awards – January 9, 2025

An event to recognize brilliance in both American and international film and television, the Golden Globe Awards in January is one of the major Hollywood awards for the entertainment industry. This year, it takes place on January 9. Actors, directors, cast, and crew have vied for this golden statuette and the prestige that comes with it since 1944, although these awards have been somewhat embattled of late. Recognition by their peers is still a much-cherished act, and the Golden Globes deliver the rewards.

History of Golden Globe Awards

A group of Los Angeles-based foreign journalists came up with the idea for the Golden Globes to help the distribution of cinema to non-U.S. markets. They initially created the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association in 1943. By then, the Academy Awards were well-established and the organization realized what a good idea it would be to have a similar award ceremony, to honor film contributions from American and foreign cinema.

The first Golden Globe awards — in January 1944 — were held at the 20th Century-Fox studios and only gave out scrolls in place of awards. The idea for the current statuette — a golden globe surrounded by a film strip — came the following year from the president of the organization, Marina Cisternas. Six years later, the group split into two, only to reunite five years later, becoming the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). Award ceremonies continued to be held in various venues across the U.S., with new award categories added.

By 1963, the Golden Globes featured individuals to specially hand out the awards, in addition to the host or presenter. Introduced as ‘Miss Golden Globe’, (later renamed ‘Golden Globe Ambassador’), these persons were often the daughters, (and sometimes the sons) of celebrities. Over the years, the awards were broadcast globally, reaching 167 countries worldwide and airing live across all U.S. time zones.

While questions of credibility have dogged these awards — voter fraud, allegations of awards-for-attendance, and more — the current generation’s adoration for all things entertainment raised Golden Globe status to bigger and better heights. According to TV ratings, this ceremony has consistently been one of television’s most-watched events.

In the wake of new challenges against the HFPA, they eschewed live streaming for the 2022 awards ceremony, releasing the list of Golden Globe winners via their social media.

Golden Globe Awards timeline

Only for Films

The Golden Globes includes television as a category for 'Golden Globe in Television Achievement,' with three permanent award categories — ‘Best T.V. Series,’ ‘Best T.V. Actor, and ‘Best TV Actress.’


The organizing committee cancels the 65th Golden Globe Awards due to the threat of picketing writers from the then-striking Writers Guild of America, announcing the winners via an hour-long press conference.

From Host-less to Host-a-palooza

The Golden Globes goes from being one of the two major Hollywood award ceremonies without a host to live shows with solo presenters; they kick off this trend with English comedian and actor Ricky Gervais.

A Golden Globe Statuette Upgrade

Winners get a sleek new design — the new statuettes are taller, leaner, and more golden than their predecessors, with a bronze replacing the marble base.

Golden Globe Awards FAQs

Are the Golden Globes better than the Oscars?

The Oscars are widely considered the most prestigious Hollywood award show, although the Golden Globes have held their own in the most distinguished category.

Do you get money for winning a Golden Globe?

Golden Globe Award winners get an immense amount of prestige and fame (plus that statuette) for their work, but no actual prize money is given.

What's the difference between an Emmy and a Golden Globe?

The Emmy Awards honor people across the television industry, while the Golden Globe Awards recognize foreign and domestic films and television.

Golden Globe Awards Activities

  1. Host your own viewing party

    Dress like the stars and celebrate the award season with a special viewing party, complete with fancy food and drink. You can have current (or past) Golden Globe Award ceremonies playing on your T.V. screen.

  2. Play at being the Golden Globe jury

    You can pick your fun categories (e.g., ‘Best Expressions on Screen’ award, ‘Pulled our Heartstrings’ award) and choose winners among them. A little pre-Golden Globe award show to showcase your picks and kick start your viewing party is just the right amount of celebration you need in January.

  3. Enjoy some Golden Globe nostalgia

    Revisit past Golden Globe Award highlights online — watch some amazing (and not so amazing) hosting gigs by famous people, check out the funniest award speeches, and admire some of the braver fashion choices over the years. Any online entertainment site (and personal blogs too) have a wealth of throwback pictures and media for you to enjoy.

5 History-Making Golden Globe Awards

  1. The youngest Golden Globe winner

    Nine-year-old Rick Schroder won the Golden Globe for 'Best New Male Star of the Year' in 1980, the first and youngest person to ever do so.

  2. Three winners for one award

    For the first and only time, the 1989 Golden Globe Awards saw a tie between three actresses for the ‘Best Actress in a Motion Picture’ — Jodie Foster, Shirley MacLaine, and Sigourney Weaver.

  3. The most Golden Globe Awards

    Across the competitive and honorary categories, Barbara Streisand and Meryl Streep lead, with 11 and 7 wins respectively, although Streep has been nominated a total of 33 times.

  4. Sandra Oh makes history — twice

    She won her second award in 2019, making her the only woman of Asian descent to win multiple Golden Globes — this while she made history that same year by being the first Asian to host the award ceremony.

  5. Making history one more time

    M.J. Rodriguez won Best Actress in a Drama Series at the 2022 Golden Globes, making her the first black transgender woman to do so.

Why We Love Golden Globe Awards

  1. We have fun star gazing

    What they're wearing, who they bring to the ceremonies, and what they say in acceptance speeches — every single thing about the Golden Globe Awards holds a lot of fun for us, and we hate missing even a moment of it.

  2. We love seeing people get their due

    Deserving stars who give their all to shows get some well-earned recognition, and we are here for it.

  3. It's a glamorous stand-up show

    They've begun featuring hosts that love showing off their comedic talent, and often, acceptance speeches lean toward the funny (and inspiring) too.

Golden Globe Awards dates

2022January 10Monday
2023January 11Wednesday
2024January 7Sunday
2025January 9Thursday
2026January 9Friday

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