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National Faith Day – January 9, 2025

National Faith Day is celebrated across the world on January 9. It is a common Christian name for girls and has been popular for many years. The meaning of faith is a deep and steadfast belief. Women who are named Faith are loved by everyone for being devoted, steadfast, and loyal. They are a joy to all who know them. Those named Faith are especially known for their gentle nature and graceful ways. On National Faith Day, we celebrate every Faith that we have the privilege to know!

History of National Faith Day

Faith is an English name derived from the word ‘faith’ and is usually given to a girl child. It became popular when the Puritans began using it as a virtuous name in the 17th century. The name is also the English translation of the Greek name of St. Faith, a Christian child martyr who was tortured to death along with her sisters Hope and Charity. She is known as Pistis in Greek and Fides in Latin.

Faith, Hope, and Charity have emerged as virtuous names for girls and are commonly used together by parents of triplets or three daughters. In the U.S., 40 sets of twins named Faith and Hope were recorded in 2009. Whereas in 2011, there were 33 sets of twin girls named Faith and Hope in the country. The most famous combination, however, goes to the American triplets Faith, Hope, and Charity Cardwell, who were born in 1899 in Texas and went on to become the world’s longest-lived triplets. Their lives were recognized by the Guinness World Records.

Faith has been a consistently popular name for girls in the United States, finding a spot among the top 1,000 names since 1880. Since 1921, it has featured in the top 500 names list. In 2011, Faith was the 71st most popular name for girls in the U.S. It is a name that hasn’t shrunk in popularity despite the passage of time. Other cultures (other than Christianity) also give names in reference to religious faith. One such example is the name Iman, used by Muslims for both boys and girls, which denotes faith in Islam.

National Faith Day timeline

Corey Taylor

The American heavy metal band Slipknot member’s nickname is Faith.

The Music Album

English rock band The Cure releases “Faith,” a studio album.

The Song

Celine Dion’s hit song, ‘Faith,’ is released.

The “Battlestar Galactica” Appearance

An episode of the science fiction show “Battlestar Galactica” features a character named Faith.

National Faith Day FAQs

Is Faith a rare name?

In 2020, one out of every 892 baby girls and one out of every 366,286 baby boys born were named Faith.

Is Faith a biblical name?

While the name Faith is inspired by the “Bible,” it is a virtue name of English origin.

What are the nicknames for someone named Faith?

Some common nicknames for people named Faith are Fa, Fai, Fath, Fathie, Faye, and Fifi.

National Faith Day Activities

  1. Wish the Faith in your life

    The best way to celebrate the occasion is by wishing every Faith you know a very happy National Faith Day. Pen a personalized message thanking them for their wonderful presence in your life.

  2. Instill people’s faith in goodness

    You could donate to a charity, volunteer with a nonprofit, or do something nice for a person in need. Reinstate people’s faith in the power of goodness in the world.

  3. Spread the word

    Not everyone knows about National Faith Day but you can definitely do something to change that. Tell people about the occasion on your social media accounts and invite your friends to celebrate the Faiths in their life.

5 Interesting Facts About The Name Faith

  1. It is derived from Latin

    The name Faith comes from the word ‘fides,’ meaning trust.

  2. It’s favored in the U.K.

    Faith is the 73rd most common girl name in the U.K.

  3. It is often used in name combinations

    The name Faith is often a part of double-barrelled name combinations such as Faith-Louise, Amelia-Faith, or Ava-Faith.

  4. It also has variations

    The name Faith has several variations such as Faithe, Fay, Faye, and Fidelia.

  5. It even has masculine versions

    Some of the male variants of the name Faith are Fidel, Fedele, and Fidelio.

Why We Love National Faith Day

  1. A celebration of virtue

    Faith is a virtue name, and parents who give this name to their children wish that they embody this positive attribute. Since the virtue of faith holds deep spiritual and religious significance, girls and women named after it should be recognized.

  2. A day of appreciation

    National Faith Day is a day dedicated to all who are named Faith. It offers a great opportunity to celebrate the achievements of the Faiths around us.

  3. A big part of popular culture

    The name Faith has time and again appeared in pop culture. It is often attributed to fictional characters and there are songs by the same name too. National Faith Day is a nod to the name’s far-ranging influence.

National Faith Day dates

2025January 9Thursday
2026January 9Friday
2027January 9Saturday
2028January 9Sunday
2029January 9Tuesday

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