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SunNov 10

Sesame Street Day – November 10, 2024

This November 10th is Sesame Street Day! Did you know that Sesame Street is the most widely viewed kids’ show in the world? Though initially meant to simply be fun and educational, the show has evolved into an international cultural phenomenon. Let’s use this day to spell out our love for this unforgettable program!

History of Sesame Street Day

The seed of the idea that would become Sesame Street was first planted in talks between the television producer Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett, the vice president of the Carnegie Foundation. During these conversations, Cooney spoke about her desire to leverage the ability of television shows to capture and keep children’s attention with the promotion of positive social values. 

Following a period of extensive creative and scientific development, the show we all now know and love would begin to take shape. It was decided that Sesame Street would rely greatly on research processes in order to better inform various aspects of the program, spanning across the introduction of new characters, plotlines, and production design. This strategy would prove to be not only innovative, but wildly successful as well; Sesame Street would premiere on November 10th, 1969 as an immediate sensation.  

The show would dominate the cultural terrain of children’s television in the ensuing decades. As its audience grew, so did its capacity and willingness to address increasingly complicated social, emotional, and ethical issues. Though not without some instances of controversy, Sesame Street has remained a pillar of constructive, educational programming with a unique ability to appeal to children and adults alike. However, as the general media landscape has experienced exponential growth in the 21st century, the show has in turn found itself faced with stiffer competition by other children’s television productions. 

As a result, Sesame Street no longer commands the same authority as in past decades, and it has even faced its fair share of financial troubles. Still, it is hard to imagine a world where children (and grown-ups) everywhere don’t carry fond memories of days spent learning and laughing with the whole gang on Sesame Street. 

Sesame Street Day timeline

November 10, 1969
Welcome to Sesame Street

The show premieres with its first episode.

Sesame Street Live!

Sesame Street launches a live touring show, giving children the opportunity to meet their favorite television friends.

A Whole New World

Elmo is given his own segment - 'Elmo’s World.'

A New Record

With 101 Emmy Awards, Sesame Street earns a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for the Most Emmy Wins by a Television Series.

A Half-Century

2019 marks fifty years of Sesame Street!

Sesame Street Day FAQs

What is the number at the beginning of Sesame Street?

Sesame Street is the imaginary street located in New York City – 123 Sesame Street is the fictional address of the famous brownstone that is instantly recognizable to viewers everywhere!

Why was Sesame Street cancelled?

Sesame Street actually was not cancelled! Due to a lack of sufficient funding, though, it was forced to move networks from PBS to HBO in 2015 to ensure continued production. 

Who invented Sesame Street?

The show was created by Joan Ganz Cooney; popular puppeteer Jim Henson, known for his work on The Muppets, was responsible for the creation of many of the show’s well-known characters. 

How old is Elmo?

Since his debut in 1980, Elmo has managed to avoid aging beyond his mere three and a half years!

Sesame Street Day Activities

  1. Sport Sesame Street gear

    There are tons of Sesame Street-related goods to choose from. T-shirts are never a bad option! Hats are also a pretty easy way to show your appreciation. Although, if it's not one of the big furry varieties, you're kind of slacking—just saying.

  2. Watch the show!

    With nearly 5,000 episodes produced, even selecting favorite deep cuts would be a tough task. Luckily, with a show as consistently well-made as Sesame Street, you can’t go wrong by picking a random episode!

  3. Have a Sesame Street karaoke party

    Grab your friends, warm up your vocals, and get ready to rock out Sesame Street-style. Everyone has a favorite song, and re-visiting some of the greatest hits (“Rubber Duckie,” “C is for Cookie,” and “I Love Trash” all spring to mind) is a great way to spend the day.

Why We Love Sesame Street Day

  1. We get to remember our favorite characters

    The idea of Sesame Street and its iconic characters are inseparable. Thinking of mornings and afternoons spent with Bert and Ernie, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, and the whole family of other lovable muppets brings back plenty of happy memories for almost everyone.

  2. It's the perfect justification for a bubble bath

    It's pretty much mandatory to take a bubble bath on Sesame Street Day. How else would you do the rubber duckie song any justice? Alright, bubbles or a rubber duck aren't necessary, but they help. And, after a hard day’s work, it feels great to soak in a hot tub. There's something about a shower that seems so business-like. See, Ernie had the right idea all along!

  3. Sesame Street is almost universal

    Sesame Street has been broadcast in more than 120 different countries. Having spent decades entertaining and educating children around the globe, the show emerges as a uniting theme across people from cultures everywhere.

Sesame Street Day dates

2024November 10Sunday
2025November 10Monday
2026November 10Tuesday
2027November 10Wednesday
2028November 10Friday

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