Sesame Street Day – November 10, 2019

Sun Nov 10

This November 10 is Sesame Street Day! Did you know that Sesame Street hasaired in more than 120 countries and is the most widely viewed kids’ show in the world? It’s tackled any and everything from social commentary to illness to depression. It’s given us fantastic characters, like Oscar the Grouch, Cookie Monster, or Big Bird. We couldn’t imagine life without it, in fact. Creator Joan Ganz Cooney just wanted to create a program for preschoolers that was fun and educational—but she created something much bigger. (And let’s be honest, you can’t bring muppets into the mix and not expect greatness.)

Sesame Street Day Activities

  1. Sport Sesame Street Gear

    There are tons of Sesame Street-related goods to choose from. T-shirts are never a bad option—you'll get some extra street cred if you make your own, but no pressure. Hats are also a pretty easy way to show your appreciation. Although, if it's not one of the big furry varieties, you're kind of slacking—just saying.

  2. Read up on Sesame Street lore

    Like all great shows, there are lots of juicy behind the scenes tidbits. Did you know Snuffleupaguswas originally created to be Big Birds imaginary friend? And not the cute cuddly type either; it probably would've been scary enough to make kids cry. But you'll also come across facts that are just good fun, like the Count's birthday. Apparently he was born on October 9thin the year 1, 830 653 B.C. Try counting the years from then until now, ha, ha, ha!

  3. Have a Sesame Street karaoke party

    Grab your friends, warm up your vocals, and get ready to rock out Sesame Streetstyle. Everyone has a favorite song, so it should be an interesting match up. We call “Rubber Duckie”, but there's still the theme song and a bunch of other good ones. You don't have to sing in the character's voice...okay, you absolutely have to. It would be weird hearing “C is for Cookie” in anything but Cookie Monster's voice.

Why We Love Sesame Street Day

  1. We get to spend time with our favorite characters

    You can't think of Sesame Streetand not mention the characters. Some of us are more Bert and Bernie people, while others are strictly Snuffleupagus. But there's someone out there for everybody. Scratch that: there are a couple of bodies out there for everyone. Who says you have to play favorites? We're perfectly fine cuddling up to Tickle Me Elmo alongside a Grover pillow, and we stand by that.

  2. It makes our inner child squeal with delight

    You haven't lived until you've counted along with The an adult. It's like stepping into a time machine and being transported back to sweet childhood. Everything's fresh and new, and the theme song signals a new adventure. Maybe that's what we love most about this: it reminds us to stay excited and curious. But if we're being honest, imitating the characters is just as much fun now as it was back then (by “then” we mean a few minutes ago).

  3. It's the perfect justification for a bubble bath

    It's pretty much mandatory to take a bubble bath on Sesame Street Day. How else would you do the rubber duckie song any justice? Alright, bubbles or a rubber duck aren't necessary, but they help. And, after a hard day’s work,it feels great to soak in a hot tub. There's something about a shower that seems so business-like. See, Ernie had the right idea all along!

Sesame Street Day dates
2019November 10Sunday
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