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Quacker Day – February 4, 2025

Quacker Day on February 4 honors a pop culture icon and her Quacker Factory clothing line. A true inspiration for everyone, Jeanne Bice’s business started small and boomed into a multi-million dollar company. Her infectious personality won the hearts of many, with die-hard fans who proudly call themselves ‘Quackers.’ Today is their day.

History of Quacker Day

Enthusiasts of Quacker Factory are celebrated on National Quacker Day. The signature clothing line for women was the brainchild of Jeanne Bice. Her clothes were unique and had the ‘sparkle and shine’ that would spread joy everywhere.

In 1981, the recently widowed Bice went into business with newly divorced Maryanne Diedrich — with whom she had previously owned a gift shop called The Silent Woman — to launch Quacker Factory. What started out small took off, and on February 4, 1995, Bice’s line debuted on the “QVC” cable shopping network. An instant hit with viewers, her entire collection sold out while still on the air. The audience couldn’t get enough of her. Her signature ‘sparkle and shine’ designs were one-of-a-kind and quirky. This was when Quacker Factory became hugely popular, even attracting a cult following, and Bice appeared on “QVC” several times over the years. She also appeared on “The Soup” often and was presented a Soup Award by longtime host Joel McHale.

Faithful customers loved the beautiful designs offered by Quacker Factory and would instantly bond with other people wearing clothing from Bice’s line. They started to feel like they belonged to a sisterhood, forming friendships, and hosting get-togethers. They labeled themselves ‘Quackers’ and would greet each other by quacking — a tradition still alive till today. In 2010, Bice founded National Quacker Day to be celebrated on February 4, the anniversary of her first appearance on “QVC.”

Quacker Day timeline

The Magic Begins

Jeanne Bice starts her clothing line, Quacker Factory, with business partner Maryanne Diedrich.

Love at First Sight

Bice appears on “QVC,” the cable shopping channel, and viewers fall in love with her.

Quack Quack!

Jeanne designates February 4 as National Quacker Day.

The End of an Era

On June 10, Jeanne Bice passes away at age 71, but the Quackers forever live on.

Quacker Day FAQs

Where is Quacker Factory made?

Quacker Factory’s clothing is primarily manufactured in Hong Kong and Macau.

Is Quacker Factory on “QVC”?

Quacker Factory collections can be found at “QVC,” adding color and sparkle to wardrobes.

What did Jeanne Bice from “QVC” die from?

She died of complications caused by uterine cancer.

Quacker Day Activities

  1. Check out Quacker Factory

    Head over to Quacker Factory’s website. There, you can shop for the coolest clothes you will ever find!

  2. Cover yourself in bling

    Even if you don’t own any clothing from Quacker Factory, cover yourself in bling! Bice’s philosophy was to sparkle and shine, so that’s the dress code for the day.

  3. Connect with Quackers

    The Quackers community is friendly and fun. Get to know them online, or see if you can attend one of the many Quacker get-togethers.

5 Interesting Facts About Quacker Factory

  1. The “QVC” family

    Quacker Factory has been part of “QVC” for more than 20 years.

  2. Her line of ‘happy’ clothing

    Where minimalism and high-fashion dominate the market, Quacker Factory brings special designs of ‘happy’ clothing to women in the U.S. and the U.K.

  3. Bice’s heartwarming persona

    She was well-known for always having stories to share and wearing customized clothing and accessories decorated with appliques and sequins.

  4. She loved her customers

    Bice had a strong connection with her customers and was quoted as saying, "My Quackers may come as customers, but they stay as friends."

  5. Bice truly cared

    The reason for the success of Quacker Factory was not only due to Bice’s candid personality but also her genuine desire to inspire her customers and connect with them so that they look and feel their best.

Why We Love Quacker Day

  1. Bice is an inspiration

    From her winning personality to her quirky clothing designs, to the strong community of Quackers, everything about Bice is wholesome. She is an inspiration to millions of people in America, particularly women.

  2. Quacker Factory is pop-culturally relevant

    Bice, Quacker Factory, and the Quackers are a significant part of modern pop culture. We love it!

  3. More than just a brand

    Quacker Factory is not just a clothing line. It is a concept women identify with. Its presence is so strong that it led to the creation of the sisterhood of Quackers, which this day honors as well.

Quacker Day dates

2025February 4Tuesday
2026February 4Wednesday
2027February 4Thursday
2028February 4Friday
2029February 4Sunday

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