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National Israel Day – February 4, 2025

We commemorate National Israel Day on February 4 to recognize all people with the name Israel. Israel, often known as Yisrael or Yisroel, is a biblical surname. It is a Hebrew name that means “God’s Fighter.” This is a biblical nickname given to Jacob after he wrestled with an angel. Jews began to use the name. It also refers to the Assyrians’ destruction of the ancient Kingdom of Israel in 721 B.C. It now refers to the modern-day state of Israel. In today’s Britain, especially in Wales, it is customary to acquire a Biblical name.

History of National Israel Day

The name Israel was originally recorded by a bishop of Caucasian Albania in the late 7th century. He undertook a failed mission to convert Alp Iluetuer, the ruler of the North Caucasian Huns, to Christianity in 682. The name Israel is most commonly associated with the country. Its beginnings can be traced back to King David’s reign circa 1000 B.C. King Solomon, his son, is credited with constructing the first holy temple in ancient Jerusalem. The country was divided into two kingdoms around 931 B.C. namely; Israel in the north and Judah in the south.

The Assyrians invaded and destroyed Israel’s northern kingdom in 722 B.C. The Babylonians captured Jerusalem in 568 B.C. and destroyed the first temple, which was replaced in around 516 B.C. by a second temple. The Ottoman Empire governed what is now Israel, as well as much of the Middle East, from 1517 to 1917.

Based on the first documented use of the name in the written record, which was in ancient Egypt, the name Israel has been the name of an ethnic group in the Levant for at least 3,200 years. On the Merneptah Stele, popularly known as the “Israel Stele,” there is a hieroglyphic inscription. The inscription “Israel is laid desolate, its offspring is no more,” was discovered, which dates from the late 13th century B.C.

National Israel Day timeline

722 B.C.
The Destruction

Israel's northern kingdom is destroyed.

7th Century
The First Recording of the Name

The name Israel is originally recorded by a bishop of Caucasian Albania.

13th Century
An Inscription About Israel

The inscription, "Israel is laid desolate, its offspring is no more," is discovered and dates back to this century.

The Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire governs what is now Israel.

National Israel Day FAQs

What does the “Qur’an” say about Israel?

According to the “Qur’an,” the Land of Israel is the Jewish people’s homeland.

Is there a prophet named Israel?

No, there isn’t.

What is Israel's nickname?

Izzy is a nickname for Israel.

National Israel Day Activities

  1. Read about Israel’s history

    You share a name with the country, Israel. Look into this nation's origins and its unique heritage.

  2. Prepare an Israeli dish

    It might seem cliche to make a traditional Israeli dish because of your name, but who cares? At the end of the day, you get to enjoy a deliciously home-cooked meal.

  3. Share on social media

    Post a picture in honor of National Israel Day. For your caption, ask other Israels to comment so you can find your namesake.

5 Facts About The Name Israel

  1. 57,000 census records

    For the last name Israel, there are 57,000 census records available.

  2. Ben-Gurion names the country Israel

    For the modern-day country of Israel, Ben-Gurion proposed the name Israel.

  3. 44,209 Israels in America

    There are 44,209 people named Israel in the U.S.

  4. The state with the most Israels

    California is the American state with the most people named Israel.

  5. 3,101 different last names

    For people with the first name Israel, there are 3,103 different last names.

Why We Love National Israel Day

  1. It is religiously significant

    The name Israel is associated with religious significance. Its meaning gives reassurance and encouragement to religious Christians.

  2. Israel has a long history

    The name Israel has a long history. From its use in biblical times, dating as far back as 931 B.C., to its use as the name of a nation.

  3. Names create friendship

    Names create friendship. Meeting a stranger with the same name as you draw you to them. It creates a bond of familiarity.

National Israel Day dates

2025February 4Tuesday
2026February 4Wednesday
2027February 4Thursday
2028February 4Friday
2029February 4Sunday

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