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WedJun 12

Raggedy Ann and Andy Day – June 12, 2024

Raggedy Ann and Andy Day, celebrated on June 12, is a day that pays tribute to the two cartoon and book characters that became a phenomenon in the U.S. The journey of the characters started with the Raggedy Ann doll who was the favorite childhood companion of every young girl in the country. From there, the character was introduced into books and then cartoons. And of course, this is how Raggedy Andy came into being! Do you have some Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls or books stored up in your attic? Well, now is the perfect day to revive all the wonderful memories.

History of Raggedy Ann and Andy Day

Raggedy Ann and Andy are characters that are now an essential part of American culture. And the entire success of the franchise goes solely to the creator Johnny Gruelle. Gruelle, who was the son of a painter, worked as a newspaper cartoonist. In 1910, he won the first prize in a comic drawing contest by the “New York Herald.” From thereon, he continued to illustrate children’s stories and seemed to possess a love for creating content for kids. While there are many stories behind the origins of the raggedy doll, it is believed it all started when Gruelle’s daughter brought a faceless cloth doll from her grandmother’s attic. Gruelle decided to give the doll a face and drew some features on it. He also sewed a shoe button in place of a missing eye. From thereon, started the creation of the Raggedy Ann dolls that gained great popularity in the U.S. The features of the doll include red hair and a triangle nose.

Once the doll gained fandom, Gruelle started to use the character in a series of books he was writing and illustrating for children. The books included several other characters such as Ann’s brother Andy. Popularly known as Raggedy Andy, the character was introduced in 1920. The duo gained such popularity that over 1000 stories were written about them. The success of the books also led to the launch of the Raggedy Ann and Andy cartoons. The characters were then used on children’s clothes furnishing and other daily use objects.

Raggedy Ann and Andy Day timeline

The Artist

Gruelle draws a face on a rag doll.

Story Time

The first book of stories about Raggedy Ann is launched.

The Children’s Favorite

Raggedy Ann becomes a household name.

Reaching Heights

Sales of Raggedy Ann-related books exceed seven million copies.

Raggedy Ann and Andy Day FAQs

What is the value of a Raggedy Ann and Andy doll?

Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls can be worth $500 or more.

Where can I watch Raggedy Ann and Andy?

The 1940 cartoon classic can be streamed on Roku.

Is Raggedy Ann the same as Annabelle?

It is alleged that the haunted Annabelle doll is a Raggedy Ann.

Raggedy Ann and Andy Day Activities

  1. Hold an exhibition

    Do you have a lot of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, books, and other objects stored somewhere? If you do, hold an exhibition so people can enjoy your amazing collection.

  2. Read the books

    To celebrate the day, read through the Raggedy Ann and Andy books that we all cherished during our youth. You can also share these books with the kids in your house or your neighborhood.

  3. Watch the cartoon

    Give rise to some childhood nostalgia by binge-watching the “Raggedy Ann and Andy” cartoon series. You can also host a screening for friends who have memories linked to the characters.

5 Fun Facts About Raggedy Ann And Andy

  1. Marks on the earliest dolls

    The dolls made in 1915 have a mark on their back.

  2. Canine friends

    Raggedy Ann and Andy had a dog named Rags.

  3. Copies sold in 1938

    The Raggedy Ann book sold more than seven million copies.

  4. The cost of a 1915 Raggedy Ann

    The doll can be sold for $1000.

  5. Molly-'Es Doll Outfitters

    These were copies of the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls.

Why We Love Raggedy Ann and Andy Day

  1. It’s a walk down memory lane

    We love this day since it's a blast from the past as Raggedy Ann dolls were a favorite of children in every household. The day holds nostalgic value and gives rise to positive memories from once upon a time.

  2. It's historic

    The day is historic since it honors the two characters that are recognized by almost everyone across the U.S. The character gave rise to a new fad and generated income for thousands of workers involved in the production of the dolls, books, and other products for the franchise.

  3. It gives a history of the characters

    The day is essential since it gives a history of the two characters and discusses how the franchise became so famous. Stories such as these are inspirational for the youth who want to progress in the future.

Raggedy Ann and Andy Day dates

2024June 12Wednesday
2025June 12Thursday
2026June 12Friday
2027June 12Saturday
2028June 12Monday

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