​National Frappe Day – October 7, 2020

Wed Oct 7

Frappes are a favorite for all ages and all ranges of taste. From Cupcake Creme to Peanut Butter Cup and everything in between, frappes are undoubtedly an American staple in the coffee consuming world. Thus, it only seems fair to dedicate an entire day to this epic drink. October 7 is National Frappe Day, and you better bet there will be millions of people celebrating with you.

​National Frappe Day timeline


​McDonalds brings bottled frappes to retail stores

​No longer do you have to go to McDonalds to get your beloved frappe; you can now pick it up at a grocery store near you. ​


​Starbucks gets the rights to the "frappucino"​

​Starbucks purchased The Coffee Connection and gained the rights to the frappucino.


​The frappe was created

​Rumor has it that the frappe was created in Greece during the Thessaloniki International Fair.

​National Frappe Day Activities

  1. Treat a friend to a frappe

    Why not give someone else the joy of a frappe this National Frappe Day? Hop on over to a cafe near you and pick one up for your friend.

  2. Try a crazy flavor

    If you're the one who always opts for a Mocha Frappe, branch out this holiday and try something unusual. You never know what flavor could end up making its way into your routine.

  3. Make your own

    Though it may not be as good as one you can get at a cafe, try making your own frappe! Play around with the ingredients and create a concoction that could surprise you.

​4 Fancy Starbucks Frappucinos

  1. ​Oh my — it's pie

    ​Now you can get your favorite cherry pie in frappucino form. And yes, it comes complete with an actual pie crust on top instead of a lid. ​

  2. ​​A lotta panna cotta

    ​Elevate your frappucino game by trying the Summer Berry Panna Cotta flavor that gives you actual panna cotta pudding in the bottom, then layers of berries on top. ​

  3. ​Jelly jam

    ​Jelly in a frappucino? Sure, why not. The Mango Jelly frappucino from Starbucks gives you peach jelly mixed with mangos, peaches, strawberries, and oranges. Tropical delight.

  4. ​​Throw a pretzel on it

    ​And how about some popcorn while you're at it? The Pop-zel Coffee Frappucino is one of the rare coffee-based flavors and rounds out its taste with a pop of popcorn and pretzel syrups. ​

Why We Love ​National Frappe Day

  1. Frappes are a great mood booster

    Feeling a big down? No problem. Pop over to McDonalds or Starbucks (or whatever frappe-serving spot is your favorite) to order yourself one of these tasty treats. Part dessert, part drink, once you've got one of these babies in your hands, you will forget you were ever having a bad day.

  2. They never get boring

    Because the different types of frappes are seemingly infinite (and continuing to grow all the time), you will never get bored or burned out on this drink. There will always be a new flavor for you to try.

  3. They are easy to find

    Since frappes are an incredibly popular drink, you'll have no problem finding one nearby. McDonalds and Starbucks are the most well-known for frappes, but those certainly aren't your only options. You won't have to search very far or wide for this delicious drink.

​National Frappe Day dates
2020October 7Wednesday
2021October 7Thursday
2022October 7Friday
2023October 7Saturday
2024October 7Monday