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National LED Light Day – October 7, 2024

National LED Light Day, held on October 7, was first recognized by Bridgelux, which founded the day in 2016. The aim of the occasion was to celebrate the great discovery and creation of LED lights, and how they are used in everyday life. However, over time, the day also began to highlight the numerous advantages LED lights can have on the environment — which is now facing a tragic energy crisis. Want to contribute to the positive future of mother Earth? Celebrate the day with great fervor and spread awareness about all the advantages of LED lights.

History of National LED Light Day

Like every great invention, LED lights took a long time to be invented and then marketed to the world. This is because mankind tends to reject any innovation that they are unable to understand, and it may take them a decade or so to realize just how essential the invention is. The first LED light was created by Russian inventor Oleg Losev in 1927, but nothing was done about the research until much later. Though Oleg had distributed his discovery in Soviet, German, and British scientific journals, his research went unnoticed until the mid-90s. In 1939, Zoltan Bay and Gyorgy Szigeti created the first-ever type of LED and patented the device.

The LED in its real form was finally created in the late 1950s and, by the 1960s, only the red-colored light was available. This was the time when William Shockley filed a patent for an infrared LED, and Nick Holonyak created the first practical visible-spectrum LED. This was just the start. In 1968 Hewlett Packard began to use LEDs in calculators. Furthermore, more experiments were made with LED colors, and M. George Craford, invented the first-ever yellow LED in 1972. However, it wasn’t until 2006 that a white LED was created by Shuji Nakamura. This discovery led him to win a Millennium Technology Prize. It also changed our lives since the white LED can now be spotted in kitchens across the world. By 2019, homes all over the world had switched to LED lighting.

National LED Light Day timeline

The Creator

General Electric scientist Nick Holonyak Jr., invents LED technology.

Going Blue

Jacques Pankove creates blue LEDs

The Experiments

LEDs are used in vehicle brake lights, signal lights, and traffic lights.

The Nobel Lot

Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano, and Shuji Nakamura receive the Nobel Prize in Physics for the development of blue light-emitting diodes.

National LED Light Day FAQs

How many days do LED lights last?

These lights can last up to 50,000 hours and can last for 17 years if used for eight hours a day.

Is it bad to have LED lights on all day?

Yes, LED lights can be left on for long periods, but are more suited to use as a night light.

What LED light color is best for the day?

According to research, blue light is good for the day as it improves alertness and performance.

How to Observe National LED Light Day

  1. Light up your home

    On the occasion, light up your home with different colored LED lights and grab some attention! What better way is there to stand out?

  2. Promote the advantages of LED lights

    Use this day to promote the advantages of LED lights and how they can have a positive impact on the economy and the environment.

  3. Host a webinar

    Host a webinar to connect directly with people, answer their questions regarding LED lights, and spread information.

5 Fun Facts You Need To Know About LED Lights

  1. Fixing the energy crisis

    They save 90% of the energy that is consumed by the other light sources.

  2. The number of hours LED lights work

    LED lights work for 50,000 hours.

  3. They are good for the environment

    LED lights reduce carbon emissions.

  4. LED for fresh food displays

    LED lights breed fewer bacteria as compared to fluorescent lights.

  5. They banish bugs

    LEDs don't attract bugs.

Why National LED Light Day is Important

  1. Reveals the advantages of LEDs

    The day discusses the advantages of LEDs and why we need to start using them if we want the world to become a better place.

  2. Spreads information

    On this National Day, people are educated about the history of LEDs, how they came into being, and why they are important.

  3. Encourages people to switch to LEDs

    The day lists down the advantages of these lights and encourages people to make a shift for the betterment of the globe.

National LED Light Day dates

2024October 7Monday
2025October 7Tuesday
2026October 7Wednesday
2027October 7Thursday
2028October 7Saturday

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