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FriJul 5

Comic Sans Day – July 5, 2024

Comic Sans Day is celebrated on the first Friday of July every year. This year it is celebrated on July 5. This day is celebrated across the world as a way to laugh about and appreciate this overused and universally hated font. It was started as a way to laugh about the notoriety of Comic Sans, which is a font released by Microsoft Windows and popularized because it is easy to read. Schools used the font excessively, as did everyone else. Soon after it was released people believed it was overused and used in inappropriate spaces, and the font became entrenched in popular culture as the font was mocked.

History of Comic Sans Day

Comic Sans Day is celebrated every year on the first Friday of July. This annual celebration of the Comic Sans typeface was started by the Dutch D.J.s on radio stations across the Netherlands designated the day to celebrate and laugh about this universally mocked font. They encouraged people to send their emails and use stickers with the Comic Sans font.

Comic Sans M.S., commonly known as Comic Sans, is a typeface that was developed by font designer Vincent Connare while he was working at the Microsoft Corporation. The font was designed to be a kid-friendly font that could be read easily. Connare created the font for the old Office Assistant guides on Microsoft Word called Bob, who would later be replaced by Clippet, commonly known as Clippy.

The original font used by the helpful assistant Bob was Times New Roman, but Connare believed that the font was too formal for such a cartoonish figure. He adapted the fonts he found in comics available in his office and produced a sans serif font that could easily be read by everyone.

The readability of Comic Sans led to its instant popularity, which quickly became overused. A casual and easily legible font, Comic Sans was used in schools as children found it easy to read, which helped with information retention. Within four years of its release, the font was used regularly by a wide variety of people, and everyone started to believe the font was overused.
People all over the world began to disapprove of the widespread use of the font, and the font itself began to inspire contempt and ridicule.

Comic Sans Day timeline

Connare Invents Comic Sans

Vincent Connare, a typeface designer, develops Comic Sans to support M.S.Office Assistant Bob.

Designers Suggest Banning Comic Sans

Fed up with the overuse of the font, designers Dave and Holly Combs start a campaign to ban Comic Sans.

Dutch D.J.s Start Comic Sans Day

In a nod to the typeface, Dutch D.J.s decide to celebrate the much-maligned font by designating the first Friday of July Comic Sans Day.

Comic Sans Pro is Developed

An improved and expanded version of Comic Sans called Comic Sans Pro is developed by Monotype Imaging.

Comic Sans Day FAQs

Is Comic Sans professional?

Comic Sans is not professional and was never meant to be used professionally.

Is Comic Sans free for commercial use?

Comic Sans is not free for commercial use and needs to be licensed.

Is Comic Sans a Google Font?

Comic Sans is no longer listed as a usable font on Google Docs.

Comic Sans Day Activities

  1. Write emails in the font

    Change the font of your emails to Comic Sans for this day. Make sure you let everyone know you’re celebrating Comic Sans Day.

  2. Share your celebrations online

    Get on social media and share your love for Comic Sans. Use the hashtag #ComicSansDay and share your fun with others like you.

  3. Get more people involved

    Speak to your boss and see if you can get your organization to join in the fun. Your business can change its website fonts for a day.

5 Facts About Comic Sans That You Probably Didn’t Know

  1. It’s helpful for dyslexic readers

    People with dyslexia find Comic Sans an easy font to read, which helps with their disability.

  2. The font has the largest anti-font petition

    No other font has inspired as many dislikes as Comic Sans, with thousands of people petitioning to ban it.

  3. The creator has only used it once

    Typeface designer Connare has only used Comic Sans once in his life.

  4. People don't believe Comic Sans

    There’s a slightly higher chance that people won’t believe something if it's styled in Comic Sans.

  5. It makes it hard to retain information

    Comic Sans is too easy to read, which makes it harder for people to remember what they’ve read.

Why We Love Comic Sans Day

  1. We love Comic Sans

    We think that the font gets a bad rap. We love taking a day to celebrate it.

  2. We want to support dyslexic people

    Comic Sans is very useful for people with dyslexia. We want to support them by making regular information easier to read.

  3. We like the silliness

    Celebrating Comic Sans is a great day to be silly. We love how fun the celebrations are and pranking people with an avalanche of Comic Sans.

Comic Sans Day dates

2022July 1Friday
2023July 7Friday
2024July 5Friday
2025July 4Friday
2026July 3Friday

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