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Alice Springs Show Day – July 5, 2024

Alice Springs Show Day is celebrated on the first Friday and Saturday of every July, on July 5 and 6 this year. This event advocates agricultural, horticultural, viticultural development along with commercial, industrial, artistic, and more tourism prospects in Central Australia. The event aims at providing a fun entertainment and education experience for families.

History of Alice Springs Show Day

Alice Springs is a quaint town with a population of over 25,000 people and is located in the geographical center of Australia surrounded by deserts and also known as ‘Red Center.’ The Alice Springs Show is a traditional rural show that was envisioned by a group of locals to bring together people to celebrate and enjoy themselves in a family-friendly environment.

In 1960, the first Alice Springs Show was held at the Anzac Oval and has continued to grow exponentially in popularity with their offerings and attendees. Alice Springs Show is a regional public holiday and the general population takes time off from school and work. The Central Australian Show Society was also formed to foster the education and development of industrial, pastoral, agricultural, artistic, and commercial industries.

The Alice Springs Show is packed with competitions, displays, entertainment arenas, a farmyard for meet and greets with animals, fun rides, and much more. It also has business exhibitions, cooking and photography competitions, and outdoor sporting events. While you enjoy these activities, you can relish some fairy floss, doughnuts, strawberries and creams, and various other delicacies. In the end, there is a giant fireworks display, truly signing off on a sparkling note.

Over the years, the historical and cultural importance of Alice Springs has increased owing to the Alice Springs Show, as it puts on a grand display of their roots. People in large numbers flock to this annual event and celebrate in harmony.

Alice Springs Show Day timeline

August 1933
Alice Springs Former Name

The town known as “Stuart” gets a new name, Alice Springs, as it is known today.

The Idea for Alice Springs Show is Born

A group of individuals in Alice Springs plan to create a community event showcasing the history, vibrant culture, and talents of the region

Partnership for Fundraising Efforts

The Alice Springs Show partners with the Centralian Beef Breeders Association for fundraising efforts.

Event Location

The community event location shifts to the Northern Territory public reserve Blatherskite Park from Tregear Avenue

Alice Springs Show Day FAQs

Is Alice Springs Show Day still a public holiday?

Yes, Alice Springs Show Day is still a regional public holiday, and you can enjoy this day by celebrating the agricultural development of this town in the Northern Territory.

Is Alice Springs festival the only festival in the town?

For being a quaint town, Alice Springs surely has a lot of festivals throughout the year such as the Camel Cup, Desert Festival, and the Parrtjima Festival in Light to name a few.

What is Alice Springs known for?

Alice Springs is colored in history and has a thriving outback center. The town is also famous for its contemporary and traditional art and natural wonders, including the surrounding Larapinta Trail and the MacDonnell Ranges.

Alice Springs Show Day Activities

  1. Attend an Alice Spring Show event

    You can attend an event being held for Alice Spring Show These events take months of preparation Enjoy the high-energy performances by farmers, farm dogs, cattle, and horses. There are various competitions also that are held and you can take part in it and get all the feels of the event. You can even meet the various animals on the field and bond with them. In the end, you can witness the beautiful fireworks show.

  2. Donate to a cause

    If you cannot attend an event, you can still celebrate by donating a small amount to the Alice Springs Show Day. This will help them in their agricultural and horticultural pursuits and provide a quality life for the animals.

  3. Visit Alice Springs

    Nestled in the Northern Territory of Australia, Alice Springs is the third-largest town in that area. The town is now colloquially known as Alice. Plan a getaway trip to Alice and soak in everything the town has to offer.

5 Interesting Facts About Alice Springs

  1. Capital of the outback

    Alice Springs is the true heart, soul, center, and capital of the real Australian outback.

  2. Extreme temperatures

    While it is known that it is really hot during the summers, it is also below freezing during the winters in Alice Springs.

  3. It’s extremely artistic

    Alice Springs is known as the artistic capital of the Northern Territory and has more art galleries per population in the whole country.

  4. It’s really remote

    Alice Springs can get really remote owing to the massive size of Australia and is located in the middle

  5. Weekly meetups

    The locals meet up every Sunday at 11 A.M. in Konjo Park for a meet and greet session, barbeque, and some outdoor games

Why We Love Alice Springs Show Day

  1. Alice Springs is home to indigenous Australian art

    The town of Alice Springs is home to Indigenous Australian art. This day provides us with a deep insight into their excellent to know more about their history, culture, and native traditions.

  2. It’s a fun educational experience

    Alice Springs Show Day is filled with excitement, laughter, food, games, exhibits. However, through this experience, you get to educate yourself about rural traditions and culture in an extremely fun way.

  3. Encourages rural development

    Rural traditions and culture are deep-rooted in the spirit of Alice Springs. The Alice Springs Show Day promotes this very essence and encourages more and more people to know about it.

Alice Springs Show Day dates

2022July 1Friday
2023July 7Friday
2024July 5Friday
2025July 4Friday
2026July 3Friday

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