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ThuJul 4

Alice in Wonderland Day – July 4, 2024

We are all set and ready to celebrate the world of imagination and madness on Alice in Wonderland Day on July 4. The amazing fictional world, created by Lewis Carroll in 1865, is the telling of a young girl who faces worldly obstacles at a tender age. More than a century later, the book continues to enjoy popularity amongst the masses not only for its original story and characters but also because of the subsequent movies that have been made of it. People also enjoy other adaptations like theater performances as well as the numerous types of Alice in Wonderland merchandise available today. Apart from all the superb details related to the story, did you know that the titular character is based on a real-life person? 

History of Alice in Wonderland Day

July 4 is a special day for Britishers and fans of fantasy as the world-renowned story of “Alice in Wonderland” is celebrated and honored. Lewis Carroll, whose original name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, was born in Cheshire, England. He was the third child and the eldest son. Just like his siblings, he suffered from a stammer, but he did not allow that to hinder him in life. In his early years, Carroll received his education at home. His aptitude for reading led him to read books like “The Pilgrim’s Progress.” He, later on, went to a rugby school, and from there, he enrolled at the prestigious University of Oxford. His ease with academics secured him first-class honors in the subject of Mathematics Moderations. Carroll studied and taught at the university for a few years after. 

Caroll’s interest in reading saw him writing poetry and literature from an early age. His works enjoyed moderate success and popularity when they were published in magazines like “Miscmasch,” the “Whitby Gazette,” and the “Oxford Critic.” In 1856, Henry Liddell arrived as the Dean of Christ Church. Liddell had brought his family with him, which included his three daughters Alice, Lorina, and Edith. The family would go on to become important figures in Carroll’s life. As the friendship between the family and the writer grew, the latter would take the children on several rowing trips down the river Thames. Carroll, who by then was well-known in the literature world, entertained the little girls by telling them a story based on a girl named Alice. The girls loved the story so much that during each trip, they would ask Carroll to narrate it to them. In 1864, Carroll gifted “Alice in Wonderland” to Alice Liddell as a Christmas present. The next year, he self-published the book. He also added Lorina and Edith as the characters of Lory and Eaglet. During the next few years, Carroll would add more characters into the book like the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat. 

Alice in Wonderland Day timeline

The Liddell Siblings Hear the Story

The Liddell girls, Alice, Lorina, and Edith, hear “Alice in Wonderland” for the first time from Lewis Carroll himself.

Carroll Publishes the Book

Lewis Carroll self-publishes the book, “Alice in Wonderland,” and it instantly becomes a hit among kids.

Sequel to the Book is Published

The sequel to “Alice in Wonderland” is published and it is called “Through the Looking Glass.”

21st Century
“Alice in Wonderland”’s Continued Fame

“Alice in Wonderland” is loved and enjoyed by many as several on-screen adaptations are released and merchandise is sold.

Alice in Wonderland Day FAQs

What day is Alice in Wonderland Day?

July 4 is Alice in Wonderland Day. 

What does the rabbit hole represent in “Alice in Wonderland”?

The rabbit hole represents entry into a new world. The phrase has become so popular that it is regularly used as a metaphor by people to either refer to going to a new place or being bombarded with one problem after the other. 

Why was “Alice in Wonderland” banned?

“Alice in Wonderland” was banned in some countries because many people objected to the animal characters using human language. These people felt that animals using human language placed them on the same level as humans. 

Alice in Wonderland Day Activities

  1. Read “Alice in Wonderland”

    Take the book from your shelf (if you have it) or look it up online. Let your imagination run wild as you read through Carroll’s absorbing narration. If you haven’t ever read the book, then that’s okay because you can use this day to finally read and enjoy the literary wonder that has been loved through the centuries.

  2. Watch an adaptation

    Given its extensive history, the book has been adapted on stage and on big and small screens. You can choose from an array of options. Watch the movies online, or if there’s a theater adaptation near you, you can go experience this fantasy world in person.

  3. Let your madness through

    One thing the book is especially noted for is the carefree attitude of the characters. Allow your imagination to go wild today and create your own wonderland.

5 Facts About Lewis Carroll That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Carroll was an ardent mathematician

    Lewis Carroll was an extremely gifted mathematician and he went on to publish 11 books on the subject.

  2. He was the DoDo

    Lewis Carroll is famous for putting real-life characters in his works and the DoDo bird in “Alice in Wonderland” represents him.

  3. Carroll thought to be the Ripper

    The writer was believed to be Jack the Ripper, the infamous killer from the 1800s.

  4. He was extremely productive

    Lewis Carroll was quite disciplined in his daily life, so much so that his productivity levels saw him write 20 words per minute and 12 pages almost every three hours.

  5. He was not into traveling

    Lewis Carroll was not much interested in traveling abroad, but one of the few trips he made was to Russia.

Why We Love Alice in Wonderland Day

  1. It’s a celebration of books

    If you want to expand your mind, reading books is the way to go. Books will not only help you learn lessons and open your mind to new horizons, but they will also become your friends that you can always turn to when you need to escape the world.

  2. It’s a celebration of life’s adventures

    Alice’s adventures expose the readers to the limitless possibilities that life has to offer. Her vulnerability, dependence, bravery, and determination are a reminder of her humanity in the seemingly fictional world. These qualities lead her to overcome the obstacles in the end.

  3. It’s a celebration of imagination

    The unabated usage of imagination in “Alice in Wonderland” is what makes the book great. As children, we enjoyed it for its exciting events, but as adults, we can relive our childhood by indulging in this world.

Alice in Wonderland Day dates

2024July 4Thursday
2025July 4Friday
2026July 4Saturday
2027July 4Sunday
2028July 4Tuesday

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