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WedJul 31

Shredded Wheat Day – July 31, 2024

Shredded Wheat Day is marked every July 31 and we intend to get the best out of it by having a healthy breakfast cereal. Shredded wheat is one of the oldest cereals in the world. It’s made from whole wheat and baked into pillow-shaped biscuits. Some manufacturers have developed different varieties of shredded wheat that include blueberry, raspberry, cherry, and cranberry flavors. Did you know that shredded wheat is rich in vitamins and contains a high amount of fiber that helps to prevent heart diseases and type-2 diabetes?

History of Shredded Wheat Day

Shredded wheat has been around for over a century. It was invented by Henry D. Perky in Denver, Colorado. He came up with the idea in 1892 when, on the advice of his doctor, Perky began to eat whole, boiled wheat, and vegetables as a dietary cure for the diarrhea he experienced in 1890. He continued to consume the boiled wheat until he observed another diarrhea patient blending whole wheat with milk in 1892. The event inspired Perky to take his boiled wheat product to his machinist friend, William H. Ford, who helped to build a machine that shredded boiled wheat and weaved it into pillow-shaped biscuits.

Perky didn’t give as much importance to the biscuits as he did the machine. He began to sell the biscuits to vegetarian restaurants to create awareness until the popularity of the biscuits eclipsed that of the machine. In 1893, Perky established a shredded wheat-producing company, The Boston Shredded Cereal Food Company, alongside his Cereal Machine Company. Due to energy expenses, the company was moved to Niagara Falls, New York, where hydroelectric power was more affordable.

A series of acquisitions occurred after Perky’s death in the early 20th century. In 1928, the company was acquired by the National Biscuit Company, and in 1993, Nabisco sold the shredded wheat brand to Kraft-General Foods. Since then, the shredded wheat brand has been marketed by Post, a subsidiary of Kraft Foods.

The earliest-known celebration of shredded wheat took place on the centenary of the cereal’s invention in 1992. Although no official day was declared to celebrate the whole grain in succeeding years, the occasion held in Niagara Falls may have heralded the observation of Shredded Wheat Day.

Shredded Wheat Day timeline

The Invention of Shredded Wheat

Shredded wheat is invented by Henry D. Perky.

The Relocation

Perky moves his company from Boston to Niagara Falls, New York.

Perky's Company is Sold

The Shredded Wheat Company is sold to the National Biscuit Company.

Shredded Wheat’s Centenary

The centenary celebration of the invention of shredded wheat takes place in Niagara Falls, New York.

Shredded Wheat Day FAQs

Will shredded wheat help me poop?

When one suffers from constipation, eating foods with a high fiber content helps to empty the stomach. Shredded wheat is a high fiber food and so, can relieve constipation.

Can you make shredded wheat at home?

Of course, you can. Simply look for a recipe online and use what cooking skills you have to make your own version of this favorite cereal.

Was shredded wheat the first cereal?

Although it dates back to the 19th century, shredded wheat was not the first cereal. About four other cereals already existed before 1892, the year shredded wheat was invented.

Shredded Wheat Day Activities

  1. Make your own local shredded wheat

    Find a recipe and make your own homemade version of shredded wheat. What a treat!

  2. Enjoy a bowl of cereal

    What better way to celebrate than to have shredded wheat for breakfast? If you’re already a regular consumer of shredded wheat, why not try a different variety?

  3. Share the benefits of shredded wheat

    Start by listing the rich nutrients that the cereal provides. Continue to tell people how each of these benefits the body.

5 Facts About Breakfast Cereals That May Interest You

  1. Invented in the 19th Century

    Cereals were invented in the 1800s to tackle unhealthy eating habits.

  2. Granola was invented in the U.S.

    Granola was invented by Dr. James C. Jackson in 1863.

  3. The third-most sold item in stores

    Cereals are one of the most popular items sold in grocery stores after milk and carbonated beverages.

  4. They’re consumed more in Europe

    England and Ireland are among the top consumers of cereals, followed by Australia and the U.S.

  5. Millions of pounds of sugar are used

    Over 800 million pounds of sugar are used by the cereal industry annually.

Why We Love Shredded Wheat Day

  1. Shredded wheat is healthy

    There’s no need to diet if you eat healthy foods such as shredded wheat. It’s also cheaper than having to pay for dietary prescriptions.

  2. It’s completely natural

    For those wary of consuming carcinogens, shredded wheat is made of 100% natural ingredients with no added sugar or salt. It’s also free of chemical additives.

  3. It’s multipurpose

    Shredded wheat can be eaten in different ways. It can be enjoyed with milk, mixed with fresh fruits, or nuts.

Shredded Wheat Day dates

2024July 31Wednesday
2025July 31Thursday
2026July 31Friday
2027July 31Saturday
2028July 31Monday

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