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WedOct 2

National Produce Misting Day – October 2, 2024

National Produce Misting Day is observed each year on October 2 across the U.S.A. National Produce Misting Day is the day to recognize the innovation of keeping fruits and vegetables fresh. Misting innovations make sure that produce remains crisp, hydrated, and nutrient-dense. We all love fresh produce and nothing tastes as nice as farm-fresh fruits and vegetables. While not all of us have the privilege to eat directly from farms, well-misted produce is the only way to ensure that what we eat is always fresh and healthy. Eating fresh produce is also the simplest way to ensure that your body is getting the best of nutrients.

History of National Produce Misting Day

Today we cannot imagine a supermarket without misting systems. But before automatic misting systems were a thing, grocers had to throw away produce that would get stale or rotten easily. This was especially common during the summer months. Those in the business strongly discouraged the wastage of food, especially. The first example of misting was grocers soaking burlap potato sacks in water. These sacks were laid over the stocks overnight. The wet sacks kept the fruits and vegetables from drying out and keep their fresh taste. This technique also kept cheeses fresh and moist. However, the task was tiring and labor-intensive.

Eventually, there was a need to build an automatic misting system. In 1979, the first automatic misting system was developed. This timely invention essentially revolutionized the grocery world and how we consume food. Since misting is no longer a rigorous task, it’s easy to find fruits and vegetables with extended shelf life. Longer lives of fresh produce also meant that the transportation of it became easy and the consumer could now have more varieties of produce to buy at the grocery store.

Before the existence of automatic misting systems, exotic food was shipped in refrigerated trucks. This kept the food fresh for a while, but long journeys over time reduced their shelf life and the produce would appear dry and unappealing. Today, customers no longer have to visit a specific location (like the farm) to buy their favorite food — they can simply find it at a grocery store or order them online. Simple technology, such as misting, ensures that we get to eat delicious and nutritious food every day.

National Produce Misting Day timeline

10,000 B.C.
Man Starts Farming

First evidence of human farming emerges.

2,500 BC
Animals In Farming

Animals are engaged in farming to draw plows.

Artificial Fertilizer

Superphosphate is the first artificial fertilizer.

G.M.O. Crops

Tobacco is the first genetically engineered crop.

National Produce Misting Day FAQs

Why is produce misted?

Fresh fruits and vegetables absorb moisture to stay fresh. Produce is misted to ensure the longevity of shelf life.

What is National Produce Misting Day?

National Produce Misting Day on October 2 recognizes the innovation of keeping fruits and vegetables fresh.

What does misting system mean?

Misting systems are most commonly defined as a series of special mist nozzles placed in a line around the perimeter of an area. When misting systems are placed inside an enclosed area (such as a greenhouse), the billions of droplets that are produced will initially provide cooling as the droplets evaporate.

National Produce Misting Day Activities

  1. Visit your grocer

    Visit your grocer on National Produce Misting Day to thank the person who’s in charge of misting. After all, they are the reason for the delicious and nutritious food that you eat every day.

  2. Mist your produce

    While you may not have an automatic misting system at home, you can still celebrate National Produce Misting Day by misting the fruits and vegetables that grow in your backyard. It’s important to take care of your home-grown fruits and vegetables, because when they’re fully grown, you may use them for a healthy meal!

  3. Prepare a recipe with fresh produce

    On National Produce Misting Day, celebrate the day by making your favorite recipe with fresh produce. Toss up a delicious salad to appreciate how important misting is for keeping fruits and vegetables fresh.

5 Facts About Vegetables That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Carrot plants can grow very tall

    They may grow to a length of one meter.

  2. Beetroot dye was used as a cosmetic.

    It was a common coloring agent for hair and lips.

  3. We don’t cook cucumbers

    They are the only vegetable always eaten raw.

  4. Some vegetables have an immune system

    Mushrooms can protect themselves against infections.

  5. Potatoes have been to space

    They are the first crops to be cultivated in space.

Why We Love National Produce Misting Day

  1. We love fresh food

    Anyone who loves the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables will also appreciate National Produce Misting Day. We wouldn’t have fresh produce to eat daily without the remarkable invention of misting systems.

  2. For the love of exotic foods

    Exotic foods are now easily available in our cities thanks to advanced misting systems. If you love your exotic fruits and vegetables, you have a reason to also love National Produce Misting Day.

  3. Celebration of food

    At the very core of it, National Produce Misting Day is a celebration of food and eating. Food is an inescapable part of human connection and survival and misting systems help us eat fresh food with our loved ones every single day.

National Produce Misting Day dates

2024October 2Wednesday
2025October 2Thursday
2026October 2Friday
2027October 2Saturday
2028October 2Monday

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