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WedOct 2

World Farm Animals Day – October 2, 2024

World Farm Animals Day, which falls on October 2 every year, has great significance as it sheds light and brings awareness regarding the abuse and maltreatment of animals. It makes us remember that millions of innocent animals have lost their lives at large factory farms. This day also aims to introduce regulations to fight for the equality of all animals, regardless of their life cycles, so quality meat and related products can be obtained from healthy and well-treated animals.

History of World Farm Animals Day

World Farm Animals Day is also known as the ‘World Day for Farmed Animals’ and is celebrated on the birthday of the legendary spiritual leader and human rights activist, Mahatma Gandhi. He said he believed all living things needed to be treated equally and with respect and dignity, including animals of all kinds.

This day was founded as a part of an international Farm Animal Rights Movement campaign in 1983. The day raises awareness regarding the prolonged suffering that the farm animals have been subjected to and also about their brutal slaughter. For the thousands of people who observe this day, the main goal is to encourage others to work on creating a compassionate world where animals are not treated as mere products. Over the centuries, billions of farm animals have been killed for food in massive factory farms and slaughterhouses worldwide.

It is not all doom and gloom; there is light at the end of the tunnel for these farm animals. A farming scheme approved by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or R.S.P.C.A., was created and implemented around a quarter of a century ago. It is a good solution for farmers who strive for higher animal welfare standards and also for shoppers who want to support such welfare farming.

Today, with movements like vegetarianism and veganism, animals and their rights are regularly put at the forefront. Today, such conversations and actions concerning animal welfare and good treatment occur more frequently.

World Farm Animals Day timeline

The R.S.P.C.A. is Born

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is established in London to rescue and rehabilitate animals of all kinds across England and Wales.

Old MacDonald

The Sam Patterson Trio records the song ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm,’ loosely based on Thomas D'Urfey’s song ‘In the Fields in Frost and Snow’ for an opera called “The Kingdom of the Birds or Wonders of the Sun.”

Temple Grandin Makes Slaughtering Humane

Temple Grandin, a scientist and animal behaviorist, invents a conveyor-restrainer system to make large beef slaughtering plants humane.

Making a Difference Starts Here

World Farm Animals Day is established to bring awareness to the excruciating pain and suffering of animals slaughtered for food.

Equal Farming for All

The not-for-profit RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme is launched.

World Farm Animals Day FAQs

What are the top five most common farm animals?

The most common farm animals include goats, cows, chickens, rabbits, and pigs.

Which livestock is most profitable?

Generally, beef cattle are the most profitable and accessible livestock to raise for profit. Beef cattle only require good pasture, supplemental hay during the winter, clean water, regular vaccinations, and plenty of space to roam.

What is wrong with factory farming?

Factory farming can be very harmful to the animals as well as the environment. For example, waste from such mega-farms can pollute the water, land, and air in surrounding communities.

How to Observe World Farm Animals Day

  1. Donate

    Many charities are geared toward improving the lives of animals from all walks of life. Try and locate one near you that works towards helping farm animals. You can also make remote and online donations to help them.

  2. Visit an animal sanctuary

    Find an animal sanctuary and take your kids for a visit. There, you can learn about and help to take care of animals. Your kids can even pet and brush the animals.

  3. Go vegetarian or vegan

    If you wish to show your devotion to animal rights, try going vegetarian or even vegan. This way, you won’t carry around the guilt of eating meat from unregulated and poorly managed farms. Cutting out meat and other animal products will give you peace of mind as well.

5 Little Known Facts About Farm Animals

  1. Cows will outnumber people soon

    With over 94 million cows in the U.S., there is approximately one cow for every three people.

  2. Chickens communicate well

    Chickens can communicate using over 200 different noises.

  3. Pigs can’t sweat

    Since pigs lack sweat glands, they must roll in mud to stay cool and avoid sunburn.

  4. Donkeys have excellent vantage points

    A donkey's eyes are positioned to see all four of its feet regardless of how it is standing.

  5. Cows are social

    Cows are highly social creatures and form bonds with one another.

Why World Farm Animals Day is Important

  1. It encourages kind treatment of animals

    Through celebrations and gatherings where animals and their rights are highlighted, people learn to react positively towards animals. Unlike pets, farm animals are some of the worst treated creatures on the planet and need our support.

  2. It transforms the farming industry

    In an act to help improve the lives of farm animals, people and organizations are constantly working on ways to improve their standards of living through technological innovation and drawing up new regulations for farmers.

  3. It changes perspective

    When people watch documentaries and television shows about the inhumane treatment of animals of all kinds, they are faced with a truth that prods them to become kind and sensitive towards animal suffering.

World Farm Animals Day dates

2024October 2Wednesday
2025October 2Thursday
2026October 2Friday
2027October 2Saturday
2028October 2Monday

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