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FriJan 31

Eat Brussel Sprouts Day – January 31, 2025

Eat Brussel Sprouts Day is celebrated every year on January 31. These green superfoods come with a plethora of health benefits and can put you on the path to a healthier lifestyle. They are produced mainly in the United States and Europe. There are so many Brussels sprouts recipes out there for you to play around with and try today.

History of Eat Brussel Sprouts Day

Brussels sprouts belong to the Gemmifera group of cabbages, which are grown for their edible buds. Brussels sprouts were first found in the northern European region during the 5th century. The first written reference to Brussels sprouts dates to 1587 and during the 16th century, they were extremely popular in the southern Netherlands and eventually northern Europe.

Then, in the late 18th century, French settlers brought Brussels sprouts to Louisiana, marking the beginning of the production of this crop. In the early 1900s, Brussels sprouts became an established commercial crop in California. The U.S. now produces around 32,000 tons of Brussels sprouts. Apart from the U.S., even Europe produces a whopping amount of Brussels sprouts, around 82,000 tons, in the Netherlands alone.

While Brussels sprouts have many benefits, a lot of people find them extremely bitter and steer clear of them. This is because of the TAS2R38 gene, which was found in 1930 and controls whether we taste the chemical P.T.C. This is the chemical that is responsible for the taste of bitterness. This chemical is not present in our human diet, however, it exists in sprouts and some other foods. People with the gene tend to find these sprouts bitter and cannot develop a taste for them.

Nevertheless, if you don’t find them very bitter, you should try and incorporate them into your diet to lead a better, healthier lifestyle

Eat Brussel Sprouts Day timeline

16th Century
Brussels Sprouts Get Their Name

Brussels sprouts are named as such when they are cultivated in the city, Brussels.

Colorful Purple Sprouts

Colorful purple sprouts are developed as a result of a purple cabbage and normal Brussels sprout hybrid.

Brussels Sprouts Record

Linus Urbanect makes a meal of 31 Brussels sprouts in 60 seconds.

A Merry Christmas

Brussels sprouts supply enough power to light up a Christmas tree on London’s Southbank.

Eat Brussel Sprouts Day FAQs

Is it ok to eat Brussels sprouts every day?

Yes, if eaten in moderation, they are safe to eat every day. However, any dietary changes should be checked with a doctor. Brussels sprouts are rich in antioxidants and help to reduce oxidative stress in your cells.

Can Brussels sprouts be eaten raw?

Brussels sprouts are extremely nutritious and can be enjoyed in many forms, such as roasted, steamed, or boiled. You can also eat raw Brussels sprouts.

What state grows the most Brussels sprouts?

The commercial production of Brussels sprouts in the United States is majorly concentrated in California.

Eat Brussel Sprouts Day Activities

  1. Make a Brussels sprouts salad

    For your lunch or dinner salad, add Brussels sprouts to it. Let your body absorb the many health benefits these little veggies have to offer. You can even experiment with a salad recipe and make Brussels sprouts the star — simply add salad dressing to enhance the flavor.

  2. Stock up on Brussels sprouts

    Head out to a store and pick up some Brussels sprouts. Keep them stocked in your fridge so you can eat them easily and add them to your diet. If you haven’t eaten Brussels sprouts ever, now is the time to start.

  3. Eat a green meal all-day

    On Eat Brussel Sprouts Day, take up a challenge to only eat green foods to detox your body. Make sure to add Brussels sprouts — you can have green salads, green juices or smoothies, and meals that have almost everything green in them.

5 Healthy Facts About Brussels Sprouts

  1. The bitter gene

    A Cornwall College study explains that a chemical in Brussels sprouts makes them taste bitter to people with a certain gene.

  2. Mini cabbages

    As Brussels sprouts belong to the same cruciferous vegetable family, they look like mini cabbages.

  3. Marble-sized morsels

    The smallest Brussels sprouts are the size of marbles.

  4. Golf ball-sized

    The largest Brussels sprouts are the size of golf balls.

  5. Overcooked Brussels sprouts

    Overcooked Brussels sprouts will smell of sulfur.

Why We Love Eat Brussel Sprouts Day

  1. They’re high in nutrients

    Brussels sprouts have low caloric content and are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They are also rich in vitamin K, which helps in maintaining good bone health.

  2. They’re rich in antioxidants

    Brussels sprouts have many health benefits, especially when it comes to their antioxidant content. They are high in vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps promote iron absorption and improve immune function.

  3. They’re easy to add to your diet

    Brussels sprouts are easy to add to your daily diet. You can incorporate them in a side dish, as a snack, or as an appetizer. You can eat them roasted, boiled, sautéed, or baked.

Eat Brussel Sprouts Day dates

2025January 31Friday
2026January 31Saturday
2027January 31Sunday
2028January 31Monday
2029January 31Wednesday

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