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FriJan 31

Appreciate Your Social Security Check Day – January 31, 2025

Appreciate Your Social Security Check Day is held annually on January 31 to celebrate the checks that are sent out for social welfare across America. Apart from commemorating the actual benefits themselves, this day also celebrates the workers who ensure that the welfare recipient receives his or her benefits. If you are someone receiving this benefit, take a moment to appreciate the help.

History of Appreciate Your Social Security Check Day

Initially, the world had small guilds — groups of like-minded individuals or trade persons who banded together for economic and work security.

Around the 15th century, the state began to assume responsibility for the economic security of English citizens. Believing that this problem primarily affected those not financially strong enough, they dubbed the subsequent laws ‘Poor Laws’. When these English citizens spread around the ‘New World,’ they took their ideas and customs with them, including the ‘Poor Laws’. The first American colonial poor laws were fashioned on the originals. While help existed, no formal public institution existed for almost an entire century.

Social Security was around long before America adopted this system. In the 16th century, Revolutionary War figure Thomas Paine proposed a scheme for retirement security. He was one of the first people in the world to do so.

In the 20th century, entrepreneur and politician Dudley J. LeBlanc proposed a monthly stipend for the elderly in his campaign while running for governor of Louisiana. He went on to adopt this into his national platform too, after seeing its popularity with voters.

By this time, America was in the grips of the Great Depression. President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed a plan to provide Social Security to the American public. He sent a message announcing the same to Congress on June 8, 1934, and asked them to create a committee for studying the economic problem and providing recommendations.

Six months later, they presented a detailed proposal to the President and it was passed in August 1935. America now had a Social Security Act. Initially, this act was mostly providing aid to retired workers. This was amended in 1939, and dependents were eligible to receive benefits too. This began the transformation of the Social Security Act from a program for workers to a family-based economic welfare program.

Appreciate Your Social Security Check Day timeline

500 A.D. - 1500 A.D.
Organizations For Economic Security

The earliest organizations — called guilds — are formed by merchants or craftsmen, to mutually aid one another.

The English Poor Law

The first systematic group of English ideas highlighting the state's responsibility towards the economic welfare of its citizens is written.

Early 19th Century
Membership In Friendly Societies

One in every nine Englishmen is a part of organizations called 'friendly societies,' which are the precursor to the trade unions.

Early American Literature On Social Insurance

Columbia University Economics Professor Henry Seager publishes one of the first American books on social insurance; it is called “Social Insurance, A Program of Social Reform.”

The Earliest American Advocate For Social Insurance

Theodore Roosevelt makes a strong statement on behalf of social insurance while addressing a convention of the Progressive Party.

The First Social Security Check

Ida May Fuller is given the very first Social Security check on January 31, which amounts to $22.54; she starts collecting benefits at age 65 and does so until her passing at age 100.

Appreciate Your Social Security Check Day FAQs

What day of the month will I get my Social Security check?

Social Security benefits are deposited on the second, third, or fourth Wednesday of each month, as per the day of birth. For instance, those born on the first through the 10th are paid on the second Wednesday, those born from the 11th to the 20th are paid on the third Wednesday, and so on.

How do you get Social Security checks?

It’s a simple process. These benefits are directly deposited into a bank or credit union account.

Can you be denied Social Security retirement benefits?

People are denied Social Security benefits, and some common reasons include a monthly income exceeding $940, or even when the S.S.A. cannot locate you.

How to Observe Appreciate Your Social Security Check Day

  1. Appreciate that Social Security check

    Even a little bit of help goes a long way, we believe. Take time to show your gratitude for the aid you get, simply by using this help wisely.

  2. Learn about the history of this service

    Read about the Act, visit their website, or even look up various websites offering information. It’s a fascinating history.

  3. Spread the knowledge

    Help others learn about Social Security so they can avail of this service too. Talk to people about how these Social Security checks helped you, share details of how others can claim benefits, and find and share resources with those who need them.

5 Fun Facts About Appreciate Your Social Security Check Day

  1. Early benefits were lump-sum payments

    The earliest reported applicant was Ernest Ackerman, a Cleveland motorman who retired one day after the Social Security program began.

  2. Social Security for children

    Unmarried children whose parents are deceased, disabled, or retired get benefits under this act.

  3. $7.4 trillion in benefits

    Over the years, $7.4 trillion has reportedly been paid in benefits; the Trust Fund has more than $8.7 trillion in total, and the remainder will be used for future benefits.

  4. Losing your card isn't a (big) problem

    Rules state a person can lose their Social Security card 10 times during their lifetime, but only three times in one year, and still get a free replacement card.

  5. 40,000+ benefits claimed under '078-05-1120'

    An employee at a wallet manufacturer gave her Social Security card to create a sample for the company; her real number was printed on the fake card, leading to the incorrect claims.

Why Appreciate Your Social Security Check Day is Important

  1. The security of Social Security

    We don't mind paying Social Security taxes either, because of the security and stability this system provides. It’s money well spent.

  2. A helping hand when you need it

    Everyone has a steady income if they can no longer work for any reason. It also insulates us against emotional and financial difficulties to a certain extent.

  3. It gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling

    It is proof of a system that cares and has cared for a long time. And where would we be without it today?

Appreciate Your Social Security Check Day dates

2025January 31Friday
2026January 31Saturday
2027January 31Sunday
2028January 31Monday
2029January 31Wednesday

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