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MonFeb 13

Oatmeal Monday – February 13, 2023

Oatmeal Monday, popularly known as Meal Monday, is celebrated on the second Monday in February and this year will be observed on February 13. It is celebrated as a reminiscence of old Scottish traditions. Before the invention of instant noodles and delivery services, university students in the 17th Century had to cook their meals with the supplies they brought from home. The practice of sustaining themselves with oatmeal and preparing food together became a monthly celebration known as Oatmeal Monday. Are you overwhelmed with a hectic week ahead of you? Take a break and celebrate Oatmeal Monday with your friends and family.

History of Oatmeal Monday

Oatmeal Monday is a traditional celebration of Scotland that dates back to the 17th Century. In the earliest days of formal education, students at the Scottish University were required to carry their fuel and food to the campus. With no canteen and cooks at their disposal, students cooked their meals. Their sustenance depended largely on simple and quick recipes like porridge and soup.

As their reserves started to run dry after a week or two, the university announced long weekend holidays as an opportunity for them to replenish their stock. The Mondays after these weekends were recognized as Oatmeal Monday, as students returned to campus with fresh supplies. Each Oatmeal Monday, a congregation was held in an open area to celebrate their safe return with the sourced bounty. In the early 18th Century, long weekends were a frequent occurrence. The universities of Aberdeen and Glasgow continued to celebrate Oatmeal Monday for the entire stretch of the 19th Century. As the procurement of food became easier, the observation remained largely based on the celebration of students preparing their meals together.

Universities all around Scotland reserved a Monday of each month to celebrate the day. This changed after intervention in 1896 when the University of Edinburgh proclaimed the second Monday of February as the official Oatmeal Monday. What was once a monthly celebration is now an annual observation. On the second Monday of February, we come together to express our gratitude for the availability and access to food and eat a bowl of porridge in the process.

Oatmeal Monday timeline

The International Prominence

Oats, a Scotland staple, is introduced to the western world by Scottish settlers.

The Whiskey Intervention

Oats harvest relapses as farmers shift their resources to barley production after the legalization of whiskey.

The University Rituals

Universities across Scotland observe Meal Mondays on the first Monday of every month.

The February Declaration

The University of Edinburgh announces the second Monday of February as the official celebration of Oatmeal Monday.

Oatmeal Monday FAQs

What is oatmeal called in Scotland?

The Scots refer to oatmeal as brose, which is a form of raw porridge. Oatmeal is the most popular choice of breakfast for the Scots. It is prepared with salt, butter, buttermilk, or milk.

What is the difference between oatmeal and oats?

Oats are cylinder-shaped whole grains in their raw form. Oatmeal is a processed version of oats, cut and rolled to fasten the preparation time. Oatmeal is processed for human consumption, whereas oats are generally used as livestock feed.

Can you eat oats every day?

Oats are recommended for everyday consumption. Being one of the better grains for your gut health, oats keep your digestive system happy and keeps you satiated for a long.

Oatmeal Monday Activities

  1. Go camping

    Keeping the essence of traveling with food alive, we would suggest a camping trip on the first weekend of February. Do not forget to pack up some oatmeal and fuel for a complete Oatmeal Monday experience.

  2. Plan a trip to Scotland

    Scotland is one of the premium tourist destinations in the world. A land of culture, history, and, of course, whiskey. Experience the joy of waking up in the countryside with the fragrance of freshly made porridge filling up your Airbag.

  3. Distribute cookies to your local school

    What better time to distribute cookies (and love) than February? Take a batch of chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies, and go knock on some school doors. If you are an alumnus, you get extra karma points.

5 Facts About Scottish Eating Habits

  1. The knack for experimentation

    A third of Scottish households try out a new recipe or dish every week.

  2. The need for porridge

    Scots eat slow-cooked and salted porridge every day.

  3. The love for Haggis

    Haggis (a sheep stuffing prepared with onions, stock, sheep offal, and oatmeal) is the national dish of Scotland.

  4. The desire for dessert

    Dundee cake, shortbread, and clootie dumplings are the main dessert items of Scottish cuisine.

  5. The buzz for booze

    Irn-Bru, a fizzy drink developed in the country, is the most popular non-alcoholic drink in Scotland.

Why We Love Oatmeal Monday

  1. Relive old traditions

    The cause of the celebration of Oatmeal Monday sits in contrast with the abundance of food in the 21st Century. Oatmeal Monday, a festival that goes back to the 17th Century, gives you a chance to relive the old days of Scottish glory, which includes the struggles faced by the intellectuals of that period.

  2. Reintroduce the brotherhood

    Oatmeal Monday gives us a chance to come together as a community and prepare food. As 17th Century Scots came together in their melancholy and limited means, we also seek to cross the barriers and seek power in our brotherhood and belonging.

  3. Revive the love for oatmeal

    Not a lot of food items can claim to be as nutritious and affordable as our good old oatmeal. Daily inclusion of oatmeal in your diet is a great leap toward a healthy body, without punching a hole in your pocket.

Oatmeal Monday dates

2022February 14Monday
2023February 13Monday
2024February 12Monday
2025February 10Monday
2026February 9Monday

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