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SunFeb 9

Read In The Bathtub Day – February 9, 2025

National Read In The Bathtub Day is a yearly observance on February 9. Reading a book in a warm bath guarantees a calm feeling of relief as the literature therapeutically works its magic. You don’t have to worry about what noises are out there or any disturbances while you’re in the bath. You just get to focus on what you’re reading for as long as you want. The relaxation and scented bath would grant you an unforgettable experience!

History of Read In The Bathtub Day

The origins of reading in the bath possibly originated from the Roman Empire around 500 B.C. The Romans loved their baths, and they were the first to thoroughly embrace the culture of bathing. Those who owned the bathing facilities usually decorated the rooms as a mini or full library filled with scrolls. It was a way of fitting every luxury into one setting, possibly to save expenses. Following the collapse of the Roman Empire, sanitation and bathing disappeared subsequently in the Dark Ages.

People then went back to bathing in rivers or lakes and using perfume as a substitute. However, the tradition reemerged somehow and was adopted to this date. John Michael Kohler, Jacob Vollrath, and one other man started up a factory in 1873. The company focused solely on manufacturing iron and steel products but later on changed its approach when Kohler invented the first modern bathtub. In 1883, Kohler used a cast-iron horse trough covered in enamel and added four decorative legs for the bathtub to stand.

In 1928, The Crane Company introduced various colorful bathroom features that are prominent in our bathrooms today. The structure of the bathtub makes it a great place to lay back and enjoy a good book. However, the biggest con of reading in the bath is that water and paper are not friends. So reading in the bathtub is a somewhat risky routine. Because it’s unpredictable and you don’t know when your favorite book might just splat into the water. To slightly avoid this use a bath tray or caddy, to hold the book or other items like your phone, tablet, and preferred drink.

Besides paper, there is also online reading. Since the invention of technological devices, there has been a massive increase in bathroom reading. But electrical devices can be dangerous in the bathroom if not used appropriately. To make a DIY waterproof phone case, just put your phone or tablet inside of a plastic zipper bag and you’ll still be able to scroll through the pages as you read. You can also buy waterproof cases online or at most electronic stores.

Read In The Bathtub Day timeline

500 B.C.
The Roman Baths

The Romans create luxury tubs for soaking and reading.

The Kohler Company

John Michael Kohler and his father-in-law start up a farming manufacturing company

The World's First Bathtub

The world's first bathtub is invented by Kohler

The First Colored Bathtubs

The Crane Company designs the first modern colored bathtubs.

Read In The Bathtub Day FAQs

How do you read in a bathtub without getting the book wet?

Use a bath tray or caddy. These kinds of trays go from one edge of the tub to the other, with spaces to drop your book, or device while you reach for your drink. Make sure to keep a towel nearby to dry your hands.

Are there waterproof books?

Waterproof books do exist. There’s even a company called Bibliobath which sells books that look and feel like paper but are made from a synthetic material that resists water.

What are some recommendations to read in the bathtub?

You can try books such as “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” “China Dolls,” “Bridget Jones’s Diary,” and the list is endless.

Read In The Bathtub Day Activities

  1. Read a book in the bath

    Pick up that novel you saw in the bookstore, or download the latest thriller that is sure to chill you. What about one of the classics? Or comics? There are many options for you to choose from!

  2. Get a reading partner

    If you have a bathtub big enough for two, why not engage your friend or partner in an audiobook or a digital book. Decorate the bathtub or light scented candles around it to feel the beautiful glow. Enhance the bathing experience with perfumed bath salts or essential oils to enjoy the reading.

  3. Spread the word

    Talk about this day on social media. Share your reading list or your favorite bathtub content. You can also share tips to keep your phone, books, and e-readers dry while you wash.

5 Incredible Facts About Baths

  1. Baths can relieve cold and flu symptoms

    The steam from a hot bath can marvelously clear your stuffy nose or relieve your cough.

  2. They burn calories

    Amazingly, a good sweat elicited from a hot bath can burn as many calories as taking a walk.

  3. Baths can help you feel more awake

    A bath relaxes you but it won't make you feel drowsy, rather it'll keep you awake until you're ready to sleep.

  4. They can help you sleep better

    Immersing yourself in a warm bath raises your body temperature, and leaving cools it down — this will start up the production of melatonin as you get ready for bed.

  5. Baths are heart-healthy

    Research proves that even a normal warm bath can help lessen blood pressure and reduced blood pressure means the prevention of a heart attack, stroke, or other heart conditions.

Why We Love Read In The Bathtub Day

  1. Reading in the bathtub is healthy

    With the dozens of proven health benefits that come with soaking in the bath, we are grateful for this day carved out just for it.

  2. We get to finish a book

    If anyone is struggling to make out time for leisure reading, reading in the bath makes it a lot easier.

  3. Baths are fun

    Ever had a good bubble bath? Baths are fun, with sweet or happy smells. They leave you feeling refreshed and in a better mood.

Read In The Bathtub Day dates

2025February 9Sunday
2026February 9Monday
2027February 9Tuesday
2028February 9Wednesday
2029February 9Friday

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