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Cardiac Rehab Week – February 10-16, 2025

Cardiac Rehab Week takes place during the second full week in February, and takes place from February 10 to 16 this year. The week aims to draw attention to the role of cardiac rehabilitation in reducing the harmful effects of heart disease. Did you know that cardiac diseases are some leading causes of death around the world? Cardiac rehabilitation helps improve health for those at risk. The other aim of this week is to thank those working in the cardiac rehab sector and share educational information.

History of Cardiac Rehab Week

The heart is one of the most vital organs that keeps us alive. It works beat by beat, second by second, for 24 hours a day till we draw our last breath. In fact, the number one cause of death among men and women is heart disease which claims approximately one million lives per year. For those suffering from heart disease, cardiac rehabilitation can be life-safer!

Cardiac Rehab Week was founded by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (A.A.C.V.P.R.). It focuses on teaching people about healthier lifestyles and better management of heart disease. The A.A.C.V.P.R. aims to achieve it through avenues such as education, prevention, rehabilitation, research, and management.

Cardiac rehabilitation combines a variety of activities like exercise, education, nutrition, and more to help those with heart conditions. National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week is celebrated by hospitals and medical institutions all over the world. It helps patients in hospitals to celebrate their recovery and make better life choices regarding heart health. Each year, the A.A.C.V.P.R. celebrates National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week on the second full week of February. Last year, in 2021, the theme for National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week was ‘Beating Strong, Living Long.’ The theme aimed to honor the patients, families, and healthcare professionals who are dedicated to saving the patients. Thus, making positive changes in all the areas of your life including nutrition and physical activities can make a drastic difference in your health. So, understand the risk factors, take necessary measures, and save yourself and your loved ones from heart diseases.

Cardiac Rehab Week timeline

Cardiac Rehabs

Cardiac rehabilitation programs are initiated for patients recovering from cardiac diseases.

The Establishment of the A.A.C.V.P.R.

The American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (A.A.C.V.P.R.) is founded.

The First Cardio Disease is Discovered

Researchers uncover the earliest documented case of coronary atherosclerosis.

Beating Strong, Living Long

National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week is celebrated with the theme ‘Beating Strong, Living Long.’

Cardiac Rehab Week FAQs

What are cardiac rehabilitation exercises?

Proper nutrition coupled with aerobic exercise, strength training, flexibility exercises, and resistance training are some exercises you would do during cardiac rehabilitation.

What are the stages of cardiac rehab?

The three phases of cardiac rehab are hospitalization, subacute — post-discharge, outpatient — exercise, and education program and maintenance.

How much should a heart patient walk?

A healthy step count is 10,000 steps per day. However, walking at least 2,000 steps per day can be beneficial for your health.

How to Observe Cardiac Rehab Week

  1. Spread the news

    The greatest way in which you can celebrate National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week is by helping raise awareness. Telling people about the role of cardiac rehab and how it can prevent the effects of heart disease.

  2. Share your story

    If you’re a survivor of heart disease, you can share your inspiring story to others about how cardiac rehab helped your recovery. Be a source of encouragement.

  3. Post it on social media

    You can use the hashtag #CardioRehabilitationWeek on social media to let your friends, family, and followers know about the effects of heart diseases. Creating awareness is always good.

5 Thumping Facts About Cardiac Rehabilitation Everyone Should Be Aware Of

  1. Stayin’ alive

    Cardiac rehabilitation has been proven to reduce all-cause mortality rates by 25%.

  2. Stick to the beat

    Over the average lifetime, our heart beats about 2.5 billion times.

  3. Pressure

    Cardiac rehabilitation can improve health factors like lipids and blood pressure.

  4. Help yourself

    Cardiac rehabilitation increases one’s ability to return to work or engage in leisure activities.

  5. Heart attacks

    Cardiac rehabilitation is recommended for seven types of heart conditions including heart attack and cardiac transplantation.

Why Cardiac Rehab Week is Important

  1. It is a much-needed observation

    The core aim of National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week is to improve the quality of life for patients and their families. Thus, it helps improve the lives of the people who are suffering from heart diseases.

  2. Many people work together on this

    The success of the A.A.C.V.P.R. and National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week is possible due to the activities of dedicated volunteers, healthcare professionals, staff, and cooperative people like you.

  3. Healthy heart, healthy life

    With roughly nearly a million Americans suffering from coronary heart diseases, National Cardiac rehabilitation Week is a great way to maintain a healthy heart and healthy life. It reminds us to look after ourselves.

Cardiac Rehab Week dates

2022February 14Monday
2023February 13Monday
2024February 12Monday
2025February 10Monday
2026February 9Monday

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