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National Cut the Cord Day – February 9, 2025

National Cut the Cord Day happens on February 9 every year. Created by Sling T.V., an Emmy Award-winning live T.V. service network, National Cut the Cord Day is an annual observance in the U.S. aimed at encouraging Americans to switch from cable to live T.V. streaming. The national day was launched in 2020 on Sling TV’s fifth anniversary. The T.V. service company believed that, as more Americans get to know the vast benefits of leaping expensive cable bills to the more affordable streaming technology, the future of streaming services looks brighter.

History of National Cut the Cord Day

For decades, television has been a major channel for broadcasting information, educating, and entertaining Americans. With the arrival of cable T.V. in the late 1970s came better opportunities: more channels, with most broadcasting in a particular niche, from entertainment to news, sports, documentaries, and many more.

While cable T.V. was a game-changing innovation on its own, the advent of fast-speed internet ultimately ushered in a new paradigm — streaming technology. By the mid-2000s, the Internet became a channel to access television programs. YouTube was launched in early 2005, allowing users to share all kinds of video content. In the same year, Apple’s iTunes service also started allowing subscribers to download some television programs and series. Subsequently (especially between 2006 and 2009), T.V. networks and other independent services provided access to users to stream shows and programs online. These included: Amazon Video (first launched in the U.S. as Amazon Unbox in 2006) and Netflix (initially a D.V.D. rental and sales company, and launched its streaming service in 2007). By 2008, Fox and N.B.C’s service Hulu was launched, and a year later, C.B.S. launched its own streaming service in 2009.

Over time, access to streaming services was no longer just restricted to websites, but the service also extended to digital media players like Apple T.V. (released in 2007) and Roku streaming device (launched in 2008). Between 2008 and the 2010s, access to streaming media also extended to smartphones and tablets through mobile apps downloadable from app stores. By 2018, Netflix peaked at 117 million paid subscribers and became the world’s largest streaming service. With the proliferation of digital streaming services, their relative affordability, and their compatibility with different devices and platforms, more users are expected to cut the cord in the coming years.

National Cut the Cord Day timeline

A New Word

Constantin Perskyi, a Russian scientist and soldier, coins the term ‘television.’

Netflix’s New Service

Netflix launches its online streaming service.

Supporting Web T.V. Creators, Cast, and Crew

The International Academy of Web Television — an organization to support writers, actors, and crews in web series and streaming television — is formed with its headquarters in Los Angeles.

“House of Cards” Premieres

Netflix premieres “House of Cards,” its first originally produced show.

National Cut the Cord Day FAQs

Do you really save money cutting the cord?

While subscription plans to digital streaming services seem to get higher over time, on average, baseline streaming subscription packages still cost less than cable T.V. In addition to that, you have better control over what to watch, and what to pay for, to a larger extent.

How do you cut the cord?

Switching from cable to digital streaming begins with making good research on which provider to use. Since there are many service providers to choose from, you may want to perform internet searches over the highly rated ones, and see which one suits your preferences in terms of content, and flexibility. The next step is to get the required hardware, such as smart T.Vs and D.V.Rs, and ultimately, pay for the subscription package.

Is cutting the cord really cheaper?

You’ll only be able to enjoy cheaper costs on streaming services if you focus on paying for your preferred content alone. However, if you aim to access every channel and T.V. show you’re used to with cable, you’ll most likely not save much with streaming after all.

National Cut the Cord Day Activities

  1. Join the streamers

    Celebrate National Cut the Cord Day simply by cutting the cord and joining the streaming movement. With lots of useful apps and online tools at your disposal, you can learn the pros and cons of each digital streaming service provider, and ultimately, pick your favorite.

  2. Ready the necessary items

    Thinking about cutting the cord but unsure of what you need to set up an account? Here are a few: High-speed internet service, a valid email address, a compatible device (such as a smartphone or digital T.V.), and a valid credit/debit card. Don’t forget to have an idea of channels or shows for you and your family.

  3. Join the celebration

    Are you an experienced cord-cutter? You can join the celebration by sharing your favorite streaming hacks, best shows and channels, and every other part of your experiences with cutting the cord. You can also join the online trend with #NationalCutTheCordDay.


  1. First YouTube channel with 100 million subscribers

    T-Series, a Bollywood music producers’ channel, was the first-ever YouTube channel to amass 100 million subscribers.

  2. Profits made by Google’s founders

    Each of YouTube’s three founders made about $400 million in profit after the website’s acquisition by Google in 2006.

  3. Indian subscribers of Disney+

    After the first week of Disney+ becoming available in India, it recorded about eight million Indian subscribers.

  4. Viewers of Game of Thrones

    Over 71 million viewers watched the first episode of the final season of “Game of Thrones” within 24 hours after its release.

  5. YouTube’s average streamers per month

    YouTube records over two billion users streaming a huge volume of content every month.

Why We Love National Cut the Cord Day

  1. Celebrating contemporary technology

    National Cut the Cord Day is more than just another made-up holiday. It offers us the opportunity to applaud innovative technologies — such as digital streaming — that bring comfort, fun, and convenience to our lives.

  2. Cutting the bills

    Research has confirmed that switching to streaming channels is cheaper and more convenient. On National Cut the Cord Day, more and more people can be advised to cut the cord and save more!

  3. Exclusive deals and special offers

    Who doesn’t love special offers? Many live streaming service providers, especially Sling T.V., the originator of National Cut the Cord Day, offer special deals and anniversary packages for old and new subscribers willing to cut the cord. It’s an effective incentive to encourage more Americans to cut the cord and enjoy the reliability and flexibility that streaming channels offer.

National Cut the Cord Day dates

2025February 9Sunday
2026February 9Monday
2027February 9Tuesday
2028February 9Wednesday
2029February 9Friday

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