National Pizza Day 2018 – February 9

It’s hard to imagine that before World War II, pizza was little known outside of Italy or Italian immigrant communities. Allied troops, tired of their limited rations, found pizza—and once they returned home, the popularity of this bread-y, cheesy, saucy dish skyrocketed. Join us on February 9 as we celebrate National Pizza Day!

National Pizza Day - Survey Results

Additional Survey Findings

According to the survey, 3% of Americans would rather eat pizza than have a boyfriend or girlfriend. The response among females was slightly higher—4% would rather eat pizza than have a boyfriend, compared to 3% of males who say the same.

#1: Pizza Hut (31%)
#2: Papa John’s (22%)
#3: Domino’s (17%)
#4: Papa Murphy’s (10%)
#5: Little Caesar’s (8%)
#6: Sbarro (3%)
#7: Cici’s Pizza (2.8%)
#8: California Pizza Kitchen (2.8%)
#9: Round Table (2.6%)
#10: Chuck E. Cheese’s (1%)

#1: Pizza ranks the #2 most popular fast food in America behind hamburgers. (43% of Americans rank pizza as their favorite.)
#2: Pizza is my favorite food. (18%)
#3: I like to have a glass of wine with my pizza. (10%)
#4: My idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day is sharing a pizza. (9%)
#5: I don’t like pizza. (2%)

National Pizza Day Activities

1. Pizza Paar-tay!
I mean, why mess with a good thing? No matter what age you are, the words “pizza party” are guaranteed to delight and put a smile on everyone’s face.

2. Dare to Pizza All the Time
Pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Yes—that is the kind of perfect world we live in today. Crack an egg on it in the morning. Toss that salad on top for lunch. And why not go for the meat-lovers’ dinner?

3. Rediscover Pizza For the First Time
Chances are, you know your perfect slice down to the finest details. (Mine includes corn, pasilla chiles and feta cheese). But why not break out of the routine on National Pizza Day? We know you’ve been curious about that artichoke pesto pie at the place around the corner.

Take The National Pizza Day Quiz

Why We Love National Pizza Day

A. There’s Something For Everyone
Thin crust or deep dish? Sauce or no sauce? Classic mozzarella or that new provolone? Wood-fired or out of the oven? Part of pizza’s appeal is that it’s never the same and can easily be adapted to changing tastes, preferences, and diets.

B. It’s Festive
Admit it, you still remember those grade school pizza parties with a certain sense of child-like glee. Whether it’s the red, white and green of a classic margherita pizza or the sparkle of perfectly cooked pepperoni, pizza adds something extra special, wherever you are.

C. Perfect Salty, Sweet, Carb-Y Goodness
The interplay of cheese to sauce to crust creates an almost addictive food bomb of different aromas, textures and flavors. Other foods are hard pressed to do the same.

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