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National Corn Chip Day
WedJan 29

National Corn Chip Day – January 29, 2025

National Corn Chip Day is celebrated on January 29 every year. Corn chips are loved by people of different races and ages. It is crispy, crunchy, and made out of cornmeal. The chips are extremely spiced with salt flavor and packed in the bag for longer life. Corn chips can either be eaten alone or with different dips at any time. They’re tasty, they’re yummy, they’re crunchy and they’re called corn chips. National Corn Chip Day would not be complete without savoring that strong taste and flavor of the corn chip.

History of National Corn Chip Day

Corn chips have been available to eat since 1932. Charles Elmer Doolin is the man who popularized corn chips. Doolin owned a candy store, but he needed to increase his stock by including corn chips. Unfortunately, all the fried tortillas he attempted grew stale very fast. But as history goes, one day he tried out fried corn dough strips sold by a local gas station. He loved it, and as soon as he got the recipe, Doolin enriched it and immediately sold bags of it from his shop in 1932. In 1945, Doolin came to an agreement with Herman Lay (of Lay’s potato chips) to distribute Doolin’s Fritos across the country. By the 1950s, Fritos had evolved into a bestseller of corn chips across the United States. The two companies (Frito and Lay) were incorporated in 1959, after Doolin’s death, to be known as Frito-Lay.

Today in the U.S., Fritos is one of the oldest and most recognized corn chips. A corn chip is usually prepared from cornmeal and is fried in oil, or baked. Apparently, corn chips or Fritos are often confused with the tortilla chip as the two of them are produced from cornmeal, which is baked or fried in hot oil. It often has the shape of a small scoop of pasta and a strong aroma and flavor of roasted corn. The chips are seasoned with a lot of salt and are thick, crispy, and very crunchy. They’re healthy and perfect for every season but, like everything else, should be eaten in moderation.

National Corn Chip Day timeline

The Corn Chip Is Born

Corn chips are first made.

Corn Chips Are First Distributed

Doolin comes to an agreement with Herman Lay (of Lay's potato chips) to distribute Doolin’s Fritos across the country.

Fritos Become Popular

Fritos becomes a best-selling corn chip in the U.S.

Fritos and Lays Merge

The two companies (Frito and Lay) form a merger, after Doolin’s death, known as 'Frito-Lay.'

National Corn Chip Day FAQs

Are corn chips and tortilla chips the same?

Corn chips are made out of ground lime-cooked masa that is shaped and deep-fat-fried, while tortilla chips are made from pieces of baked tortillas that are deep-fat-fried.

Are corn chips good for weight loss?

They’re those myths that corn chips are very fattening, but that’s not 100% true. Corn chips can actually be a diet-healthy alternative when eaten in moderation. 

What are some dips used to eat corn chips?

These are some of the best-rated dips for corn chips: Salsa, Spicy Vegan Butternut Queso, Creamy Tahini Dip, Pepita Pesto, Roasted Garlic, Salsa Verde, Red Lentil Hummus, Roasted Red Pepper Dip, and Green Pea Guacamole.

How to Celebrate Corn Chip Day

  1. Eat corn chips

    Eat corn chips and have fun doing it. With the varieties of corn chips to enjoy from, you can buy a lot and mix them up. That way you get a different but similarly delightful flavor in every chip.

  2. Host a corn chip party

    With the idea of mixing up different chips, you can get different dips as well for a little party. Play games, live, laugh, love, and eat crunchy corn chips.

  3. Make it at home

    Got a little time on your hands? You can get to learn about corn chips and how to prepare them at your home. Don't forget the dips!

5 Amazing Facts About Corn Chips

  1. Chips and dip straight out of the bag

    In some regions, pouring the chili into a bag of corn chips and eating the mixture directly from the bag is a norm.

  2. Fritos were the first corn chips

    The first corn chip is the Fritos Corn Chip, initially sold in the 1930s.

  3. Frito Chili Pie

    'Frito Chili Pie' is a type of pie invented in the 1960s by Teresa Hernández, a cook in Santa Fe.

  4. Lay popularized Fritos

    Fritos became huge after joining up with Lay's.

  5. Fritos had a restaurant in Disneyland

    After Disneyland opened in 1955, Casa de Fritos happily opened its doors for visitors to have a taste of Mexican specials like tamales and enchiladas.

Why We Love Corn Chip Day

  1. Corn chips are healthy

    With just three basic ingredients: corn, salt, and veggie oil, corn chips are lower in fat than regular chips and can be a healthy option when enjoyed in moderation.

  2. We get to eat a lot of chips

    Maybe we're on a diet and badly craving chips. Corn Chip Day is an excuse to eat as much as we can, without feeling guilty. Did we mention how low it is in fat?

  3. It's a day to get together

    What shouts “party!” louder than a big bowl of chips? especially assorted chips. they can be sneaked into any type of party, and enjoyed.

National Corn Chip Day dates

2025January 29Wednesday
2026January 29Thursday
2027January 29Friday
2028January 29Saturday
2029January 29Monday

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