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Dynamic Harmlessness Day – November 2, 2024

Dynamic Harmlessness Day is observed on November 2 every year. It’s a day to remember Jay Dinshah, the founder of the American Vegan Society. Dinsha coined the term “dynamic harmlessness,” which is used by people who practice non-violence. If you’ve ever wondered why vegans eat the way they do, this is the philosophy that led them to become vegans. So, let’s learn more about dynamic harmlessness and how to incorporate it into your daily routine.

History of Dynamic Harmlessness Day

November 2, the day after World Vegan Day, is Dynamic Harmlessness Day. After learning the benefits of sticking to a variety of plant foods and avoiding any animal products, the next step on the vegan path is to learn how to apply “ahimsa” in your daily life.

The Sanskrit word ‘ahimsa,’ which means “non-harming,” is the basis for the concept of dynamic harmlessness. While the term used to have negative connotations, such as “thou shalt not,” Mahatma Gandhi changed it to emphasize a more positive perspective of constructive action.

This is where the idea of causing the least amount of suffering comes into play, with the goal of removing as much pain, death, and harm as possible and replacing it with help, kindness, and goodwill. This is something that many vegans, including Jay Dinshah, can relate to.

Dinshah was the first to introduce the concept of dynamic harmlessness to the vegan community, and Dynamic Harmlessness Day promotes the practice. Dinshah and his wife founded the American Vegan Society based on these beliefs, and he has always advocated for a more positive rather than a negative approach to the world, encouraging non-harm when it comes to what people eat.

The American Vegan Society established a day on Dinshah’s birthday to promote his ideas to others because he promoted this philosophy throughout his life. As a result, dynamic harmlessness has become a popular concept among nonviolence advocates.

Dynamic Harmlessness Day timeline

Jay Dinshah is Born

On November 2, Dinshah is born.

Dinshah Becomes a Vegan

Dinshah becomes a vegan after touring a slaughterhouse.

The American Vegan Society

Dinshah creates the American Vegan Society.

Dinshah Dies

Dinshah passes away on June 8.

Dynamic Harmlessness Day FAQs

Who is called the ‘Father of Veganism?’

Donald Watson is called the ‘Father of Veganism.’ While Watson was not the first to advocate for a completely plant-based diet, he and his wife Dorothy invented the term ‘vegan’ back in 1944.

What did Donald Watson eat?

Watson began to reconsider his meat-eating habits. He became a vegetarian when he was 14 years old, making a New Year’s pledge to never eat meat again. After learning that the production of milk-related items was likewise unethical, he gave up dairy products 18 years later.

Can vegans eat eggs?

A vegan diet that incorporates eggs isn’t technically vegan. It’s known as ovo-vegetarianism. Some vegans, however, are willing to include eggs in their diet. Egg-laying is, after all, a normal function for hens that causes them no harm.

How to Observe Dynamic Harmlessness Day

  1. Learn more about Jay Dinshah

    Learn more about the life and accomplishments of Dinshah. Be inspired to use dynamic harmlessness to make a difference.

  2. Share a quote

    Write about what a particular quote from Dinshah means to you or how to demonstrate dynamic harmlessness in one's deeds. Offer to present it at a school or submit it to an essay competition.

  3. Spread the word

    During this holiday, you can also raise awareness. Use the hashtag #dynamicharmlessnessday on social media and tell your friends how to participate.

5 Important Facts About Vegans

  1. Return to the wild

    Vegans annually save the lives of over 30 animals.

  2. Carbon footprint

    Being vegan reduces your carbon footprint by half.

  3. By the gallon

    Vegans help save over 1,100 gallons of water daily.

  4. Beating the odds

    Vegans are less vulnerable to heart disease.

  5. 45 pounds

    Vegans save over 45 pounds of grain daily.

Why Dynamic Harmlessness Day is Important

  1. Celebrating Jay Dinshah’s legacy

    Dynamic Harmlessness Day is observed on Dinshah's birthday to honor this aspect of his legacy. It's a broad philosophy centered on actively attempting to "live up to the truth" and assist others, both human and nonhuman.

  2. Promoting healthy living

    It enables people to live a more natural and healthy lifestyle. This encompasses a wide range of topics, including good nutrition, the production of healthier foods without the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides, exercise, and rest.

  3. Promoting collaboration

    This observance helps in promoting the advantages of meaningful work through collaboration rather than rivalry. It provides helpful ways to do more good, organizing events that promote a positive ahimsa message, or transferring knowledge on the horrors of exploiting animals.

Dynamic Harmlessness Day dates

2024November 2Saturday
2025November 2Sunday
2026November 2Monday
2027November 2Tuesday
2028November 2Thursday

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