​National Deviled Egg Day 2018 – November 2

Simply put, deviled eggs are hard boiled, cut in half, and filled with — well, that part’s up to you! Whether you use mustard or ground mustard, prefer chives or bacon, or hold the paprika or add extra, National Deviled Egg Day is for making and munching on America’s favorite potluck treat. Celebrate on November 2 with your favorite recipe, using trendy ingredients, or buzzing to the grocery store for some easy, pre-made eggs.

National Deviled Egg Day - History

​Add that mayo

Mayonnaise is commonly accepted as the binder in deviled eggs.

​"Deviled" made its debut

​This dish is officially dubbed “deviled eggs” because “deviled” foods are seasoned, fried, or boiled.

​500 AD
​An eggy original

​A collection of ancient Roman recipes included eggs seasoned with oil, wine, or broth — served with pepper and laser, a now-extinct plant.

​61 AD
​Deviled eggs are literary

​In Petronius’ “Satyricon,” a banquet includes songbirds marinated in peppered egg yolk and stuffed into peasant eggs.

National Deviled Egg Day Activities

1. Keep it simple
The classic deviled egg recipe includes mayo, Dijon mustard, and relish. Regional recipes add different seasonings or ingredients.

2. Try dessert deviled eggs
Chocolate deviled eggs sub the yolky center with a mixture of cream cheese, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, and heavy cream. Top with sprinkles and a pinch of sea salt.

3. Turn them into a salad
For Caesar salad deviled eggs, add olive oil, anchovies, and garlic. Top them with croutons, shredded romaine lettuce, and Parmesan cheese.

Around The World In Deviled Eggs

1. ​Western Europe keeps it classy

​Netherlands, Germany, and France add parsley and tomato to their deviled eggs.

2. ​Germany’s so extra

​German deviled eggs might also include cheese, capers, and anchovies.

3. ​Well, that makes it a meal

​Hungarian deviled eggs have yolks mashed with white bread soaked in milk.

4. ​Like a Swedish baked potato

​In Sweden, deviled eggs include sour cream and chives, and sometimes caviar and onion, and sometimes pickled herring.

5. ​Regional U.S. varieties

​Paprika is a southern deviled egg addition while the east coast prefers Old Bay seasoning.

Why We Love National Deviled Egg Day

A. They’re delicious
Deviled eggs are a creamy, tasty addition to any potluck or party. You can even find handy carrying cases so your eggs don’t slide all over the plate.

B. There are thousands of recipes to choose from
Use mayo or Miracle Whip. Top with dill or olives. Add salami or pepperoni, pork, or crab. If you can think it, you can add it to your deviled eggs.

C. They pack the protein
One egg has six grams of protein. Its protein punch is so high, it’s a standard other foods are measured against.

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