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SatJan 18

Soup Swap Day – January 18, 2025

We are celebrating Soup Swap Day on the third Saturday of January, which takes place on January 18 this year. Soup is one of the best and most popular appetizers. The word ‘soup’ has its roots in Latin and is derived from the word ‘suppa.’ This translates into bread soaked in broth. Soup Swap Day is a national holiday where people join together for a soup party. Everyone brings their favorite soup and exchanges it with others. This is a perfect day in the middle of the winter chill to join together with family and friends and have a tasty hot soup of every type.

History of Soup Swap Day

Soups are one of the most popular appetizers. They are rich in nutrients and energy. It is also one of the oldest food items that we still consume even today. Soups started to appear in history around 20,000 B.C. It comes in mainly two types: clear and thick soups. We can prepare soups hot or cold, depending on the location and occasion. We can make soup with vegetables, meat, fish, and even fruits. Historians trace back the evidence for the existence of soups as far as 20,000 B.C. But most sources agree that the widespread appearance of soup started somewhere between 5,000 and 9,000 years ago.

Soups are mostly liquid and are usually used as an appetizer. We can make them by boiling vegetables or meat at a high temperature. This preserves the nutrient content of the soups. Soups are generally offered to people who have diseases like the flu. Soup is also a popular choice for people in cold regions. Soup-making ingredients are easily available on the market. You can make soup by adding water or milk to canned soup and heating it. Soup is one of the easiest dishes to make in the kitchen.

Knox Gardner started the practice of soup swapping with his friends back in the 1990s. Around 2006, the day gained some popularity thanks to bloggers and the internet. The practice has attracted a lot of attention, and people from various parts of the world celebrate soup swapping day. The day is ideal for getting together with friends or neighbors to swap your soup with others.

Soup Swap Day timeline

20,000 B.C.
The First Appearance of Soup

Archeologists find one of the earliest examples of a bowl used to make soup in China.

1400 A.D.
Soup Spoon

Europeans start using the spoon to drink soup.

The First Restaurant

Luxury restaurants in Paris inspire the development of modern soups.

Condensed Soup

Dr. John T. Dorrance, a chemist at the Campbell Soup Company, creates the first condensed soup.

Soup Swapping

Soup swapping day becomes popular among soup lovers.

Soup Swap Day FAQs

What can you add to soup to make it more filling?

Adding extra vegetables is the best way to make the soup more filling. There might be leftover or frozen vegetables that you can use for this.

Can soup be the main meal?

A soup with the right ingredients can be used as a main course. Soups can be enhanced with vegetables to have better nutrient content.

Is soup healthier than salad?

Soup is better than a salad in many ways. It can help you feel full and reduce the amount of food you consume. Soup is also a rich source of vitamins, minerals, protein, and other necessary nutrients.

Soup Swap Day Activities

  1. Organize a party with neighbors

    The most important aspect of Soup Swap Day is making soup and swapping it. Make the best soup you can and invite neighbors, friends, and family in the evening. Ask them to bring their soup and let your guests exchange soups with each other.

  2. Arrange a soup-making contest in your neighborhood

    A soup-making contest can be a wonderful addition to make the day even more thrilling. This might also result in the creation of new varieties of soups. Everyone can enjoy the soups made for the competition.

  3. Make soup for the homeless

    Everyone does not have the privilege of having a home to host events. Homeless people already have the challenge of cold weather to tackle at this time of the year. Sharing soup from parties with less privileged people is the best way to make the most out of the day.

5 Important Facts About Soups

  1. Hippopotamus soup

    One of the first soups ever recorded was hippopotamus soup, and it was around 6000 years ago.

  2. Expensive soup

    Kai Mayfair restaurant in London makes the most expensive soup in the world.

  3. Healthy and veggie

    Vegetable soup is generally considered the healthiest soup.

  4. Popular chicken soup

    Chicken noodle soup is the most popular in America.

  5. Largest soup

    DENK Communicatie prepared 7,042.3 gallons of soup, making it the largest soup in the world.

Why We Love Soup Swap Day

  1. Best for trying something new

    This is a day to try many types of soups. Different types of soups will be available to try and you can exchange them for the best soup you like.

  2. Can create closer bonds with neighbors

    Soup Swap Day is an event where neighbors, friends, and family come together. It is a time to share stories and create bonds. Who knows, you might even meet your future life partner there.

  3. Possible new soups

    This is a day to invent. With all the events and gatherings, people might try to create something new to impress others. You might witness the birth of a new soup or combo.

Soup Swap Day dates

2022January 15Saturday
2023January 21Saturday
2024January 20Saturday
2025January 18Saturday
2026January 17Saturday

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