National Apple Day – October 21, 2019

Mon Oct 21

Apple pie. Apple sauce. Apple crisp. National Apple Day celebrates the apple in all its various forms and reminds us that apples are shiny, tasty, and healthy. Did you know there are more varieties of apples than any other fruit? On October 21, grab a bag and celebrate all things apple with apple lovers throughout the world.

National Apple Day - History


Apple breeding

Newly discovered scientific facts made the apple breeding process considerably faster and more accurate.


Keeping them fresh

​Apple growers in the United States began using controlled atmosphere facilities that maintain the freshness of apples until they are brought to market.


The Victorians​

The British Pomological Association began testing new varieties of apples to determine suitability for English farmers.​

National Apple Day Activities

  1. Eat one

    Haven't had an apple in a while? Celebrate National Apple Day by heading to the store and picking up a fresh bag.

  2. Host an event

    Love apples? Get your friends and family together to celebrate all things apple. Serve some homemade apple pie. Spike the punch with apple schnapps!

  3. Pick some apples

    That is, if you can find a friendly neighborhood apple tree.

​5 Apple Types You Need To Try

  1. The Granny Smith​

    Named after Maria Ann Smith, this green apple originated in Australia.​

  2. ​The Honeycrisp

    A red apple developed by the Horticultural Research Center at the University of Minnesota.​

  3. ​The Fuji

    A hybrid of two American varieties of apples, it was developed by researchers in Fujisaki, Japan.​

  4. ​The Cameo

    Discovered by chance in an orchard in Oregon in 1987.​

  5. ​The Ginger Gold

    Introduced to market in the 1980s, it is one the 15 most popular apples in the world.​

Why We Love National Apple Day

  1. Eating apples is healthy

    Apples are filled with antioxidants. Eating them can reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases. They can also help you lose weight!

  2. Apples are flexible

    You can bake an apple pie, make an apple crisp, smother it with caramel, throw a sliced apple on your cereal, or smush one to make apple sauce.

  3. Apples have a history

    Remember the Garden of Eden? And don't forget Johnny Appleseed, the dean of apples in America.

National Apple Day dates
2019October 21Monday
2020October 21Wednesday
2021October 21Thursday
2022October 21Friday
2023October 21Saturday