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Honduran Army Day – October 21, 2024

Honduran Army Day, observed on October 21 in Honduras is an annual event where the population of Honduras pays tribute to the country’s military personnel. A celebration that is observed in many nations, honoring our servicemen and women is a nation’s way of saying “thank you,” and that there is value in their commitment to our safety. The day is marked by local celebrations and a massive military parade in the country’s capital city. It’s an important day for the country, its past and recent present have been greatly influenced and shaped by military conflict, and this is a way for the people to stand behind, and for their armed forces.

History of Honduran Army Day

Several countries observe public holidays to honor their armed forces and their role in safeguarding the nation. In Honduras, the army has historically taken a rather proactive approach to this safeguarding, having been involved in several coups. One such intervention took place in 1956 and is used as the date for Army Day, as this was the first time the army had acted in such a way for the benefit of the nation rather than as an instrument of the government.

In 1954 Julio Lozano Díaz was the Vice President of Honduras. While President Juan Manuel Gálvez was out of the country seeking medical attention, Lozano assumed presidential authority. In December, he proclaimed himself the chief of state and he began instituting his policies. Lozano was forced to resign by the military in 1956 but won a democratic election. The result was deemed illegitimate and was annulled by the military junta, who kicked Díaz out of office on October 21st, 1956.

Honduran Army Day timeline

Independence from Spain

Honduras gains independence from Spain and is a part of the First Mexican Empire.

The First Honduran Civil War

Dr. Francisco Bertrand Barahona at the end of his presidential term, and in an attempt to retain power, appoints his brother-in-law, Dr. Nazario Soriano, to the presidency.

The Second Honduran Civil War

Political tensions, not yet resolved from the First Honduran Civil War, remain high and when settlement plans, Plan Paz Barahona, fail, tensions flares and the Second Honduran Civil War begins.

The Football War

Honduras and El Salvador fight in what becomes known as the Football War as a result of existing tensions between the two countries.

Honduran Army Day FAQs

Is the Honduran Army good?

The Honduran Army has been employed in many civil situations, and as military personnel, their responses to situations are not always following civil rights movements, there are a host of accusations of human rights violations that have been leveled at the military.

Is the Honduran Army for men only?

No, a significant portion of the army is made up of women.

Is Honduras still at war with El Salvador?

No, the tensions between the two nations have eased, as both nations are firmly tied to the U.S., and they retain a good diplomatic relationship.

Honduran Army Day Activities

  1. Say “Thank you for your service”

    It's not just that they’re prepared to fight and die for your safety and freedom. It's that thousands have already done so. When you thank a member of the armed forces for their service, you're thanking the entire institution, past and present.

  2. Watch the parade

    The highlight for many is the military parade through Tegucigalpa, Honduras's capital city. The parade features every branch of the military land force, accompanied by tanks and artillery carriers.

  3. Read up on the history

    Honduran Army Day has a rich history behind it. Read up more, you’ll be amazed by what you discover.

5 Facts About The Honduran Army.

  1. Special forces

    Honduran soldiers are not just prepared for battle — in Honduras, they actively participate in crime prevention and the war on drugs.

  2. Dynamite comes in small packages

    The Honduran army has a current armed land force of about 52,000 soldiers.

  3. Big spenders

    The Military Budget for Honduras, in 2022, is 0.392 billion U.S. dollars.

  4. The Honduran Army makes the list

    The Honduran Army is ranked 109 out of 142 countries for its military strength.

  5. Quality not quantity

    There are 19 commissioned tanks in the Honduran Military.

Why We Love Honduran Army Day

  1. It's for a nation healing

    For much of Honduras's past, even its recent past the country has been marred by conflict, both with neighboring territories and even civil war. This is an important way for the nation to come together and heal.

  2. It promotes the war against drugs

    The Honduran military is actively engaged in the war against drugs, as a serious national crisis, drugs and the eradication of syndicated organizations are handled by the Honduran Army, that being said, a day that showcases the might of their military is a clear warning to all cartels, and would-be criminals.

  3. There is a military parade

    The climax of Honduran Army Day is seen in the nation’s capital, Tegucigalpa. It is an amazing event to witness.

Honduran Army Day dates

2024October 21Monday
2025October 21Tuesday
2026October 21Wednesday
2027October 21Thursday
2028October 21Saturday

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